A Charmed Story

It was another stormy day in the Halliwell house. Phoebe rushed down the stairs on the way to work looking for her toaster. "Paige!" she yelled, running into the kitchen. "Have you seen my toaster?" She stopped abruptly as the kitchen was empty. "Hello? Is anyone here? Paige? Piper? Where are you?" Before she could do anything the door to the house slammed open to reveal a stranger wearing half a shoe on his head. "Who are you?" Phoebe demanded "What do you want?" The stranger swayed from side to side, reminding Phoebe of a drunk chameleon.

"I am here to warn you about the brazzelfrat that is about to devour your house," said the stranger.

"Um thanks...,''replied Phoebe, escorting him to the door. As she opened it a shadow loomed over the house. Looking up she saw a giant strawberry shortcake nearing the house. She squinted at it and saw that Paige and Piper were running towards the house, covered in bits of strawberry shortcake. 'It's going to be one of those days,' thought Phoebe as she ran forwards. The strawberry shortcake was too far away for her to do anything to it so as Paige and Piper ran up the driveway she ushered them into the house.

"Quick!" gasped Piper as the door closed behind them. "We have to get to the Book of Shadows."

"Have you got any idea what that thing is?" Paige asked as they entered the attic.

"I think it's called a brazzelfrat Phoebe replied, leafing through the Book. "Ah, here we go. How to banish a brazzelfrat." She grabbed the book and went to the window through which the strawberry shortcake could be seen. "Minion of toe depart from this Scooby Doo. Leave us and sing to your Disneyland dominions. For we have the power of cucumber to conquer thee!" The giant strawberry shortcake vanished with a 'pop', spraying bits of itself all over the place.

"You know, this reminds me of the time when someone said, 'Clyde! Get your butt down here you fetid worm from the bog of eternal stench!" said Paige.

"What does that have to do with anything?'' asked Piper as Phoebe looked at them.

"Nothing," said Paige. "This is all a dream anyway!"