The Last Hope

Chapter One

Pay attention I shall only say this once.

Warning this story contains violence, abuse, Dark!Harry, and slash. Don't like don't read. That's why its M people.

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On with the story

Harry Potter sat staring at his trunk and wand as he had been for the last three hours. It had been just a week since he returned from his fifth and possibly worse year at Hogwarts. In one week his life had gone from unfortunate to pure Hell. Only an few hours after he returned, Dumbledore had sent him a letter telling him that he should not send or receive any letters for "security purposes". In other words, Harry was to be once again isolated from the wizarding world.

Vernon had also not heeded the words of the Order. Instead he had increased Harry's abuse by coming into the boy's room at least twice a day and proceeding to beat him with a hard and blunt object. He had also decided that Harry should be locked away so that he could not inform anyone of his predicament. The window was sufficiently barred, his door had received what Harry perceived to be six of seven more locks, and a cat flap was placed once more at the bottom of his door, through which he received cold soup and stale bread when Petunia remembered his presence.

To top everything off, Voldemort had been sending very disturbing images over their link every time Harry fell asleep. He usually woke up with painful screams and a heated Uncle huffing and puffing ready to beat the boy to unconsciousness, which he usually did.

Yes, to say that the boy was miserable was an understatement.

"At least I have my wand," Harry thought to himself once again. Of course he couldn't do anything with it. The Dursley's oddly enough had left him his belongings knowing that he couldn't use magic. They thought of it as good psychological torture. What they didn't know was that Harry had been contemplating for the last three hours whether getting expelled from Hogwarts was worth it compared to being nearly killed by his "family" the entire summer.

He was still contemplating when Uncle Vernon came in for another one of his daily beatings. The whale-like man came in carrying an iron poker ready to beat the boy senseless. Harry didn't even have time to cover himself before the fierce blows rained upon him.

"STUPID FREAK!" Vernon yelled at him "CORRUPTING MY HOUSE! UNGRATEFUL BRAT" the blows came down harder than before. "RUINING MY FAMILY WITH YOUR FREAKISHNESS!"

Harry felt one of his ribs snap and his skull crack. He tried to pull himself over to his trunk and grab him wand but Vernon kept beating him.


Harry grabbed his wand and pointed his wand at his beefy uncle. He thought of all the hatred, pain, fear and anger that he had felt in this house and said the only two words that came to mind.

"Avada Kedavra" Harry watched as a jet of green light hit Vernon right in the face, and his large body crashed lifeless to the ground. Harry felt his entire body tingle. Relief from the death of his tormentor and the euphoria associated with the use of Dark Magic washed over his body for a moment before he realized what he had done.

He had just killed his uncle using the worse Unforgivable known to man. Surely a Ministry would know within minutes and Aurors would come knocking down his down his door ready to arrest him.

'But it was in self defense' Harry thought to himself. No, there was no excuse the Killing Curse was a guaranteed life sentence in Azkaban. Even if it was in self defense and he was The-Boy-Who-Lived, that still wouldn't save him from serving some kind of sentence in the highly feared prison.

He had the leave before the owl came. He had to get out. Harry shrunk his trunk and broom and placed them in his pocket. He then left Number 4 Privet Drive broken and bleeding in a sprint without so much as a look back. He got pretty far too before he felt a stunning spell whiz past his ear.

"Shit," he said to himself, "Protego." He ran faster. The pain in his body lessened as his adrenaline skyrocketed. What he didn't expect though was the large arsenal of aurors that pursued him. He had an Impedimenta on his lips but unfortunately was hit by a Stupefy in the back of his head. His last thought, "I'm screwed."

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