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The Last Hope

Chapter Seven

Neville Longbottom sat across from the Headmaster nervously twiddling his thumbs. This was the first time that he had been to Grimmauld Place, and honestly, it frightened him. Not to mention the Headmaster looked like he was trying to stare into his soul.

At first, the clumsy Gryffindor was excited to have been invited to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, but upon seeing his friends, Neville felt sick to his stomach. No one seemed to be quite upset about the fact that Harry had been sent to Azkaban for life then kidnapped by You-Know-Who. He tried to find Remus, hoping that at least his old professor would sympathize with him, but the werewolf was nowhere to be found. Neville tried hard to avoid all the people he had once called friends. Unfortunately, they seemed to be everywhere he went in the house.

Of course he didn't really have that much time to run around because Professor Dumbledore quickly cornered him one of the rooms. After Neville sat down, he quickly became unnerved by the old man's crushing silence.

"Mr. Longbottom?" Neville started at his voice.

"Y-yes Professor?" He stuttered out.

"You may have heard the horrible news about Mr. Potter's conviction. I understand that the two of you were close, but you were unable to attend the trial." Dumbledore's voice actually sounded sincere.

Neville cast down his eyes. He had been unable to go to Harry's trial because he was visiting his parents. For the first time, his mother had said his name while looking straight at him and Neville wanted to stay longer incase she spoke to him again. Unfortunately, 'Neville' was all she said before turning away and completely ignoring her son's presence. Of course, his grandmother had told him everything about the trial. He didn't exactly like her tone, but he was afraid to confront his Gran.

"M-my Gran told my about Harry's trial s-sir."

"Oh that's good," the headmaster gave his grandfatherly smile, and Neville couldn't help but notice the twinkle in his eyes. "Then I won't have to tell you the more unsettling parts."

"W-what do you mean professor?"

"Well I hate to say this Neville," the elder man's expression turned solemn, but the twinkle was still there, "But Harry has been getting into the Dark Arts for a while now."

"No! That can't be true, professor." Neville jumped up from his chair. "Harry would never go into the Dark Arts. He hates You-Know-Who and everything that has to do with him. He couldn't even perform a Cruciatus on Bellatrix Lestrange."

Neville suddenly noticed that he had screamed at his headmaster and quietly sat back down while murmuring an apology with his head down. What he didn't notice was the flash of annoyance in the old man's eyes.

I know it's hard for you to come to terms with this Mr. Longbottom. As you know, Harry escaped Azkaban with the help of Voldemort." Neville flinched visibly.

"But Harry would never-"

"Let's not forget that Mr. Potter did admit to using the Killing Curse, a positively Dark Curse, on his uncle." Dumbledore interrupted.

Neville sighed. Professor Dumbledore was right. Harry did admit to killing his own relative, and he did hear rumors about Harry using other Dark spells. Of course, he didn't really know if those rumors were true, but every rumor starts with a little bit of truth, right?

"I understand sir," Neville said dejectedly, "But what does this have to with me?"

Dumbledore's smiled brightly at him.

"Neville I know you were a part of the DA last year, and I know you would be a great help in fighting Voldemort." Another flinch.

"But Professor, sir, I'm not very good at anything except Herbology."

"Yes Neville, but I believe that deep down there is great power just waiting to be awakened in you. With a some training, I could help you become an excellent fighter."

"You mean you would train me personally, Professor?" Neville perked up.

"Well yes of course." The twinkle seemed brighter now. "You must understand though, that you may meet Mr. Potter on the battlefield, but not as a friends."

Neville stared at the headmaster. If Harry had killed his own family, he wouldn't hesitate to kill his own friends. Now he understood why no one was upset about Harry's imprisonment. They all knew already.

"If Harry faces me as a Death Eater, then I will do my best to fight against him."

"It's good to know that you are firmly with the Light, Neville," Dumbledore said with a knowing smile. Neville would indeed be a very useful pawn. This time he wouldn't make mistakes. This time it would be perfect. He would win for sure.

Harry paced the nicely furnished bedroom furiously. How dare Voldemort torture him and his friend and expect Harry to join him. The man was truly mad if he thought that he would side with the Dark Lord after all that the bastard had done to make his life miserable. Not to mention the various times Voldemort tried to kill him. Besides, Harry knew the Prophecy. He had to kill Voldemort. For neither can live while the other survives. Right?

Harry's thoughts brought him back to Dumbledore and his fifth year. He had almost forgot how the man withheld extremely important information from him that would have saved Sirius, and then he completely turned his back on him during the trial.

True, now that he thought about things clearly, he really didn't have to use the Killing Curse on Vernon. He could have just gone with a simple stunner and run. Well, he was fed up with everything. Deep down, Harry knew that he would have been sent back to the Dursley's had he just stun his uncle. Dumbledore would have maneuvered him out of trouble like always right? At this Harry didn't know. He was starting to see the man in a different light.

Still, that didn't explain we he had Avada Kedavra-ed Uncle Vernon. He had been criticizing the classification of Light and Dark spells since he started the DA, but when he tried the Cruciatus of Bellatrix, she said he didn't have enough anger in him to do it. Harry fell backwards onto the bad. He sure had enough anger now.

Harry sighed, and then, for the first time since Nagini brought him here, took a good look around the room. It was nicely furnished in greens, blacks, and silvers. Of course, he expected nothing else from a Slytherin. There was a dark wooden wardrobe and desk, and even two comfy green and black chairs facing a lit fireplace. The bed was much larger than he would have preferred. At least half a dozen people could fit in it. A small table sat beside it with a lamp on top. The bedposts had intricate designs of snakes carved in them that seemed to move every few seconds. The sheets were green silk, and extremely comfortable by the way. The walls were dark and were adorned by a few tapestries. Overall this was a hell of a lot better than the dungeon cell.

It still belonged to Voldemort though, so Harry refused to let himself fully enjoy the dark yet beautiful room.

The door opened suddenly. Speak of the Devil. It was Voldemort.

"Are you enjoying the room I have given you Mr. Potter?" Voldemort had that smirk on his face that made Harry just want to punch him.

"No, you bastard," Harry spat (not with real spit though, he felt it was time to put that to rest).

"And why not, Mr. Potter?" Voldemort's expression turned into some kind of mock frown.

"Why else, you son of a bitch!" Harry yelled, "Because it's yours and I hate everything that has to do with you!"

"Ah, so you do understand that these rooms belong to me." Voldemort crossed the threshold and went towards one of the chairs. "Which means that I can remove you from them if I please. Were you really so fond of the dungeons Harry?"

"I told you, you have no right to call me that." Harry seethed. "Get out of here, you fucking asshole." Harry grabbed the lamp beside his bed and threw it at Snake-face. The man just smiled and glided out of the room. The lamp shattered against the wall as the door closed.

Harry felt something inside him boil with a new fierceness. With strength he didn't know he had, Harry began to rip apart and destroy everything within his reach. He used his teeth to tear through the sheets and pillows. He ripped the tapestries from the wall and broke all of the bedposts. He used one broken post to beat against the wardrobe and smash the desk. He made dents in the wall and pushed the chairs into the fire.

When Harry was done, it looked as if a tornado had gone through the room. Soon he felt his energy drain and he promptly passed out on the dirtied floor. His last thought was 'Boy isn't Tom going to be pissed'.

"So Remus," Greyback grinned nastily at the younger werewolf. "You have finally decided to come back to the pack."

"Yes," Remus answered submissively.

"Why?" Fenrir questioned. "Did you finally see the you will never be accepted by wizards. That our kind will always be feared and never seen as equals. That you can no longer suppress your inner wolf. What is it that brought you here, Lupin?" Fenrir was so close that Remus could feel his breath hit his face.

"I wish to no longer be a pawn of Dumbledore's." He spit out the headmaster's name like it was poison.

Fenrir sniffed the other werewolf and circled around him.

"There is something else isn't there, Remus? The one thing you truly came for."

Remus hesitated. He couldn't lie to the Alpha. Greyback could always tell when he was lied to. Of course, he didn't know whether the fierce looking werewolf would accept his answer or not.

" I want to be with my cub again, and this was the only thing I could think of."

"Oh." Greyback frowned. "So you wish to join the Dark Lord through the pack."

"If I have to, then yes."

"I will not just simply let you rejoin, Lupin," Fenrir grabbed Remus' chin and dug his nails into the man's cheek, "You betrayed our pack when you became a member of the old man's Order. You will not be trusted so easily. If I choose to let you back you will belong solely to the pack. When we move, you will move with us. When we kill, so will you. Can you accept that, Lupin?" Fenrir's breath reeked of blood and raw meat.

"I will do whatever it takes to see my cub again," Remus answered without hesitation.

Greyback threw Remus away from him with a snarl. It took all of the younger werewolf's might not to fall.

"You trails will begin at nightfall."

Remus' eyes widened a fraction. Tonight was the night of the full moon, and he had no Wolfsbane potion. The possible trials he would have to go through frightened the werewolf. He would face them though. He would see Harry again if it were the last thing he did.

Severus Snape had been sitting in a comfortable chair in front of the fire drinking his elf -made wine when he felt his Mark burn harshly. He did not hesitate to Apparate to his Lord's manor. He only wished that he had more time to think about this Potter situation.

He arrived swiftly in the Meeting Hall, and he wasn't surprised to see that only the Inner Circle had been called. Like always, Severus was the last arrive. He acknowledged the others with only a simple nod and waited for the Dark Lord to appear.

The wait was short. The Dark Lord stalked in, and the Death Eaters bowed in subservience. He took seat on the throne with a scowl on his face.

"Rise," he commanded, "Bellatrix, come forward."

Severus sneered inwardly as the deranged witch rushed over to the Dark Lord and kissed the hem of his robes.

"Yes Master," her eyes were sickly affectionate. It made Severus shiver.

"The new recruits from Azkaban, how many seem worthy to join my ranks?"

"Only a few of them have true skill, Master, but with the training Rabastan, Rodolfus and I are putting them through, the others will be ready soon as well."

An image of the Lestranges' training came to Severus mind and he inwardly flinched. Their training consisted of torturing muggles until they lost all inhibitions and sparring until all limbs were numb. It was efficient yet extremely horrifying.

"Make sure they are ready before the next raid," said the Dark Lord.

"Yes, Master." She kissed his robes again and backed into the circle.

"Lucius." The blonde stepped forward with a bit more dignity than his sister-in-law.

"Yes, My Lord?"

"How goes my control of the Ministry?"

"The incident at the Department of Mysteries," every Death Eater who had been there seemed to shrink at this, "was only a minor setback. The new Minister is easily swayed by money and fame. He will do anything to get galleons in his pocket and his picture on the front page of the Prophet. Your hold on the Ministry is now stronger because of Potter's disappearance."

"Speaking of which," the Dark Lord interrupted, "How is the old man faring, Severus?"

Severus stepped forward gracefully and bowed. He noticeably neglected to kiss the Dark Lord's robes, but nothing was said. The Dark Lord never demanded for his robes to be kissed. It was just something done out of fearful reverence. Severus had more respect for the Dark Lord and himself.

"My Lord, the old fool has already begun to lure another to put against you. I believe that he has sought out the Longbottom boy." Severus scowled inwardly. Merlin, he hated that boy.

"Ah, so history is repeating itself once more," the Dark Lord muttered. "How has the rest of the Order treated this?"

"The werewolf has left the Order for good. None of them seem to have cared for Potter except two my Lord. All of the Order members' children believe that the boy was on your side from the beginning."

"They are fools, and they will pay for their betrayal." The Dark Lord's scowl turned into a smirk.

"Mr. Potter is still reluctant to join me, but his divisions between Light and Dark are beginning to blur. Once he sees the truth, the Dark will be undefeatable."

Severus glanced around and noticed that each of the Inner Circle members were smirking. Well Bella was grinning. Crazy bitch, she was probably thinking about all of the muggles and mudbloods she would torture.

The Dark Lord dismissed his Inner Circle and called for Severus. The Potions Master's back straightened once all of the others left.

"Yes, My Lord?"

"You mentioned that all but two Order members have forsaken Harry. Who were you speaking of?"

"The Weasley twins, My Lord," Severus began. "They are the only ones who are not under Dumbledore's control and wish to aid Potter."

"And what of the werewolf?" The Dark Lord inquired.

"No one has seen him since his departure from the Order. I assume that he has gone to seek out Fenrir Greyback."

"Why would you assume that?"

"He knows that the only way to get to Potter is through you now, My Lord. Greyback is the leader of the pack that has openly joined the Dark Side. The only reasonable solution for the werewolf is to join his pack."

"I see," the Dark Lord pressed the tips of his long spidery fingers together and seemed to stare through Severus. The Death Eater waited patiently for his Lord to speak. "We may be seeing Mr. Lupin soon." The Potions Master just nodded. "About the Weasley twins."

"Yes, My Lord."

"They will need to prove themselves. Use them as spies until I call for them. I am sure their skill will be particularly useful."

Severus nodded once more. He hated to admit it, but the twins were extremely talented. To have them work for the Dark Lord would surely be beneficial for the Dark Side. Once dismissed, he turned to leave the Meeting Hall with his robes billowing behind him. The Potions Master passed a window on his way out, and while glancing at the full moon, he wondered how Lupin was coping without the Wolfsbane Potion.

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