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Ra-El Book 1: Chp 22 Trouble on Mt. Phoenix Pt 2 – Whoa-oh Oh Angel

"Your late. Have you landlings any manners," Saffron stated.

Ranma stood defiantly facing the Phoenix king, his eyes never averting his gaze.

"Speak boy, I give permission to address me."

Ranma clenched his fist as he shouted his reply, "Why…? All those people…"

Saffron immediately stood from his throne.

"Gods need no justification for their actions."

"Your no God, you're a murderer."

"How dare you?"

Saffron took off his robes and threw large fireball at Ranma. However when the fireball hit the spot where Ranma stood, he was no longer there. Saffron suddenly felt a sharp spike in ki behind him and leaped into the air just in time as a Ranma's fist busted through the backrest of his throne.

"You're fast landling, but not fast enough." the phoenix king called out as he flared six inflamed wings from his back.

Ranma launched himself into the air headed towards Saffron.

"Your arrogance knows no limits, now you dare violate my aerial domain."

"Shove it ya overgrown peacock, I'm here to avenge the Josenketsu Amazon."

The aerial battle looked like a real good version of a DBZ fight. Saffron was taken completely off guard at the ungodly speed and strength that Ranma possesses. Likewise Ranma was taken back by Saffron's resiliency and ki abilities. During the barrage of fist and feet attacks, both combatants landed a lucky blow to their opponents. Ranma connected with a clean hit to Saffron's face as the phoenix king blasted him with a fireball. Saffron knocked back a few feet, but remained airborne. Ranma was sent crashing through several marble columns and impaled trough one of the palace walls.

Their battle did not go unnoticed as those in tune with supernatural around the world felt their battle. Somewhere in Japan a man in a white gi and red headband practicing a rising uppercut beneath a waterfall felt a high level of ki used in battle somewhere. Somewhere in a parallel dimension a man wearing a golden helmet with an ankh or n'kh (Egyptian cross) on his chest was driven out of his trance when felt a the amount of ki that was being used. In India an anorexic bald shaman with three

shrunken skulls around his neck was levitating off the ground, when he suddenly fell as he felt the strength and intensity of someone's ki from far away. Atlanta Georgia, a bearded man in black spandex tending his garden also notices the fluctuation in power from far away. In fighting arena in South Town a man in a plated baseball cap jeans and red sleeveless jacket felt the flow of ki being used in great abundance.

Back at Phoenix Mountain the battle continues and Saffron's castle took most of the casualties. Both fighters held nothing back as ki blasts the strength of mortar shells were tossed about like simple thrown weapons. Ranma rushed Saffron with six hit combo to the midsection, chest and jaw, sending him crashing to the ground. Saffron quickly got up and wiped the blood form his split lip.

"Gods don't bleed Saffron." Ranma said as he ripped his shirt off since Saffron's mystical flames mostly burned it off him.

The battle between the two continued long after the sun has set and it wasn't till nearly before dawn that Ranma started to show some fatigue. He continued to fight even though he knew that his Kryptonian powers were useless against Saffron's magical attacks. Their battle all but destroyed the entire palace and the very mountain itself shook as the two traded blows. A mid the aerial combat Saffron grabbed Ranma's leg and whipped the young half Kryptonian to the earth. The force of Ranma's body hitting the place floor caused a huge crater with him at its center. Ranma slowly pulled himself out of the rubble

that Saffron blasted him in. Battered and weary, he staggered to his feet. Saffron looked down at this defiant youth and dove towards him. Saffron grabbed the weary Ranma by the neck and took off. He then slammed Ranma through a few columns and finally against the throne room wall. Saffron cranked up the magical flames the surrounded him and engulfed Ranma. Ranma screamed in pain, as the Phoenix king Saffron immolated him. Time slowed to a crawl as the world turned to darkness, Saffron disappeared and Ranma began to fall backwards. Someone grabbing his shirt by the dragon "S" shield broke his fall.

(AN: Yes, I know most of his clothes were burnt off during the battle with Saffron. So technically this is in Ranma's mind.)

"Get up! It is not your time."

Ranma barley raised his head and opened his uninjured eye and saw his father's glowing ghost Jo-El holding him up by his shirt.

"Get back there and fight." Jo-El said he let Ranma go.

Ranma fell back towards the darkness as he tired to reach for his father, but he was already some distance away. Suddenly an all too familiar warmth surrounded him as a pair feminine arms wrapped around his torso from behind. Ranma turned his head and found himself cheek to cheek with the glowing ghost of his beloved Tsu-Oap.

"Much as I like you be with me now beloved, your father is right. You're time is far from now, besides it would not be fair to her." the spectral shaman said.

As he lingered in her arms, Ranma's wounds began to heal. Tsu-Oap then released Ranma and floated a few feet from him. Besides her materialized the glowing phantoms of Jo-El and Kuh-Lon.

"He's too strong, I don't have the power to defeat him," Ranma with head down. "All my anger all my skills, they're not enough."

"It's not about anger... It's about peace..." said Jo-El.

"It's not about power...It's about grace..." added Tsu-Oap

"It's not about to know your enemy...It's about to know yourself." Said Kuh-Lon

"A power beyond equal requires a protector without measure." All three said in unison.

"A protector without measure can transcend beyond the knowledge bout themselves." As the last words came from their lips, all three specters vanished leaving Ranma in darkness.

"Without measure, beyond the knowledge about.., myself." Ranma said to himself.

Back in the real world Saffron was enjoying roasting Ranma, until suddenly a shockwave of ki energy emanated from Ranma and knocked Saffron a few meters away. Ranma fell facedown to the ground.

Saffron waited, but the boy remained motionless.

"Pathetic." the phoenix king muttered as turned his back to his fallen foe.

Suddenly Saffron felt a spike of ki from behind him; he quickly turned around to see Ranma barely on his feet.

"I must give credit landling, you are persistent." Saffron said.

"Without measure, beyond self." Ranma muttered.

Ranma suddenly took off and flew straight up as fast as he can.

"Flee coward, I win." Saffron shouted at the figure disappearing to the heavens.

(AN: Que Music and begin mid story AMV/F Anime Music Video/Fic. "Oh! Angel" belongs to SNK/Neo Geo and was featured as the ending theme credits to one of the Fata Fury movies. Sorry I can't remember which one it was.)

Whoa-oh! Oh! Angel!

Come greet the dawn, it's a brand new day!

Whoa-oh! Oh! Angel!

Let burn the passion that fires your soul

Ranma continued his ascent piercing through several layers of clouds and breaking multiple sound barriers. As he gained more altitude the temperature drops quickly and Ranma felt cold seeping throughout his body. He gritted his teeth and bare the cold and continued his ascent. Soon breathing began to trouble him as higher elevation leaves little oxygen to breath.

Each lonely night I get through without you becomes my victory

Each empty night I fight against the light that is my destiny

Yet, I know that having might don't mean you're right

I can't be both cruel and kind!

When nothing makes sense I look up at the cloud in the sky

They don't answer but I still ask why...

"Without measure, beyond self." Ranma repeated the mantra as he bared the cold and lack of air.

Stand tall you wont fall

Even a wolf gets lonely now and then

Now and then run into the sun

Sharpen your claws, bare your fangs and go on!

The blue sky soon gave way to darkness that was littered with stars. Ranma could not climb any higher and the lack of oxygen started to take its tool on his lungs. Ranma looks at planet before him in awe and as his consciousness slowly fades, the sun began to peek over the horizon of the blue sphere. The warm glow of the sun spreads across Ranma's body and suddenly he was no longer cold. The lack of oxygen no longer hindered him as well.

Momentarily the sun was in full view and blessing Ranma with its full radiance. Above the Earth's atmosphere Ranma's body could absorb the full effects of the Sun's radiation. Ranma has never absorbed this high-uncontrolled dose of yellow sun light before and just like with full Kryptonians too much solar exposure can be detrimental to their health. (AN: the Golden Age ones any ways. Please, don't ask. Apparently the current superman can no longer take a dip in Sun for a power up, as too much solar exposure can be detrimental to the Superman's health.)

Run your own race- why go for second place?

Go on and grab a star!

You can survive. You gotta stay alive!

Heaven is not that far.

When you're on the edge you pledge to live just for today

Ain't no sense livin' in the past

Look ahead and you'll see that tomorrow has already come

Time heals all wounds and love does go on!

Soon the concentrated solar radiation takes it toll. As the solar radiation recharges Ranma Kryptonian cells began to over charge and his cellular structure starts to degrade. Ranma screamed in pain as hi body was being destroyed at their cellular level, but in space no on can hear you scream.

"...about peace..."

"..about grace..."

"...about to know yourself..."

"...without measure.., beyond self..."

These words suddenly echoed through Ranma's mind. Amidst the pain, Ranma focused his ki to reinforce his body. A blinding light encompassed his body and soon Ranma took the form of living ki flames. Picture this; Ranma current state resembles the "Human Torch" TM. (Marvell Comics) with a glowing dragon "S" shield on his chest. However instead of fire, he's made of pure living ki set ablaze by Ranma converting the solar energy the his Kryptonian cells were generating. Living flames held together by his will alone.

JLA Watch Tower:

"Sir! Unknown energy source has appeared over sector seven and increasing." one of the bridge officers called out.

Jon Jonz, know as the Martian Man Hunter approached the large central monitor.

"Bring it up on the main viewer Ms. Lockheart." He ordered.

Jon was shocked at what he saw on the monitor. There was a humanoid figure made purely of an unknown energy source orbiting above Asia. Jon tried to communicate to it mentally and was struck down to his knees at the amount of mental barriers and defenses the creature possessed.

"Sir, are you alright," Ms. Lockheart asked Jon.

Jon nodded his head as the young bridge officer assisted him to his feet. He then turned on his Com unit and called for back up.

"Superman, you are needed urgently on the bridge."

No sooner than the call went through, then Superman appeared in the watchtower bridge in trail of blue and red.

"What is it Jon… Great Rao!"

(AN: Until recently Rao was one of many gods in Kryptonian pantheon. It was later given as the name of plains areas on Krypton as sated in "The Complete Encyplopedia of Superman."

Superman was shocked at what he was on the monitor. The creature turned and almost looked like it was looking at the camera that was viewing it and suddenly shot off towards China in streak of gold.

"Superman do you know what that was?" Jon asked him.

"No Jon, but we have to find out what its doing here." The man of steel replied.

Superman and Jon began to give out orders to the staff on the bridge.

"Mr. Strife, prep a javelin." Superman ordered the security officer.

" Mr. Leonheart alert Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Batman to the situation and have them meet Superman there at the creature's destination." Jon called to the Com officer.

" Ms. Lockheart keep tabs on it and don't let it out of your sights." Superman called out observational officer just in time as he sped out the watchtower.

(AN: The Javelin is a transport ship for those who can't fly, let alone do it in the vacuum of space. Yeah, yeah they could of used the teleportation, but I made sure those who can use said abilities and or tech is either out or out of order as a plot device for JLA to take their time and not ruin the final confrontation between Ranma and Saffron. I also know it's ironic that I have "him" guest star as security officer, being and ex-soldier, and the "other one" as the communications officer since he's the emo loner type.)

The bridge officers went bout their duties and the last thing they saw on the monitor was Superman headed towards Asia in streak of red and blue. The Martian Man Hunter headed for sickbay to nurse the head the creature's defenses gave him and instructed the bridge crew to carry about their duties. Soon as the orders were carried out the bridge crew could relax a bit. The spiky blond haired security officer walked over to the observation officer's section.

"So T, we still on for tonight?"

"Sure C, Mr. Fair and Ms. Gainsborough will rendezvous with us when our shifts are done. However they did ask if they could bring a friend with them? A Ms. Heartilly, a coworker of Ms. Gainsborough in sickbay."

"Sure why not, but fifth wheel might drag things down." C said half-heartedly.

(AN: did the last few sentences have a few too many hearts in them. I wonder.)

"Don't be that way why don't you ask S to come with us to even the party."

""Mr. Hey you leave me alone." Are you feeling well T?"

"I have it on good authority that Mr. Leonheart and Ms. Heartilly are attracted to each other, but have yet taken steps to get to know one another." Ms. Lockheart said and gave him the puppy-dog eyes.

"Fine, I'll ask him. Where are we going any way?"

"I'm sure you guys will like it, it's called "Seventh Heaven" with a live band called "Avalanche" playing there tonight as an opening act for famous jazz-man whose only know as the "Missing Score."

"I've heard of the place. "Death Penalty" and "High Wind" played there."

Back to Ranma and the AMV/F (just think of what previous passage you read since JLA Watchtower as a real long guitar rift in the song… Although it didn't really have one.)

Ranma rocketed back to earth much faster than he was capable of and in the blink of an eye was hovering above the battle worn Phoenix palace. As small smirk would be seen had his ki flame form had lips, but to him it was pay back for all the pain Saffron caused.

Stand tall you won't fall

Courage! You stumble and then

So That you run into the sun

Seek out those songs, which have not yet been sung!

Saffron felt Ranma's ki close by and when turned his gaze heavenward, he was shocked and repulsed to see his adversary achieve the one thing he could not. Above him was purest of flames derived from will and life force of this insolent landling.

"You! How can pathetic landling peasant like such as you achieve what was denied to me by divine right?" Saffron yelled.

Ranma gave no answer and stared the shocked monarch. Saffron was again socked but what he saw. A feminine pair of glowing blue phantom arms encircled the ki flamed warrior from behind. The Ranma turned to see Tsu-Oap once again cheek to cheek beside him.

"One more dance beloved and we shall set the past free." She whispered to Ranma's ear.

People do fall in love

Though the may swear that the pain won't let go forevermore

I'll burn the flame of your dreams in my soul

Ranma disappeared from Tsu-Oap's embrace and suddenly appeared with his fist connecting to Saffron's face sending him sprawling to the ground. Saffron quickly got up only to be knocked down a few feet away by Ranma's round house kick that was so fast the he could not anticipate it.

"That was for each soul you robbed from the Josenketsu." Ranma said.

Saffron tried to get up on his feet again just in time to see Ranma appear in front of him facing away and back handing several feet back.

"That was for a mentor you took before her time." He added.

Ranma once again intercepted Saffron with a snap kick to Saffron spinal cord.

"And that … IS FOR THE HAPPINES YOU DENIED ME!" Ranma yelled.

Through out all this Ranma knew that he was really doing no major damage to Phoenix King. He just prayed that his arrogance would get the better of him and take the bait. Saffron was getting angrier with every blow taken was soon to unleash hell to this landling. Now wrapped up was he in his future action that Saffron did not notice the temperature drop sharply around them. Saffron also did not notice the blue female apparition dancing in circular pattern around them.

During the barrage of attacks Saffron saw an opening in Ranma's attack so that he could counter, never knowing that this was part of Ranma's plan. Soon the battle turned and Saffron was now in control. Ranma was in the middle of all of Saffron's rage. Saffron was convinced that he was winning as he rained blows and flames at Ranma who was not fighting back. Saffron never notice the winds began to pick up nor that even though Ranma was taking everything he is giving to him, never notice the spiral pattern the Ranma was luring him in. The last strike sent Ranma sprawling into the middle of the spiral. Saffron picked Ranma by his neck and raised him.

"Is this the power of purest of flames made by will and life? You dare play with fire against a Phoenix God. Truly you are a pathetic…"

Saffron's monologue was cut off when he could somehow tell that Ranma was laughing at him.

"What's so funny?" Saffron yelled.

"This!" Ranma said as he suddenly grabbed Saffron's shoulders and head butted him.

Saffron was momentarily dazed and when he came to he noticed the temperature variance and spiral pattern that Ranma lead him into. However it was too late, Ranma already called out the battle cry and was in mid rising uppercut.

"Josenketsu Forbidden Technique: Hiryu Shoten Ha Revised – Final Vortex!"

The connecting uppercut sent the Saffron some forty feet into the air and formed around then a fifty story tall tornado. Saffron called all of his Phoenix power and involuntarily fed the tornado that was tearing him apart. Ranma flew up to Saffron and grabbed him and began to power drive to the ground in the eye of the vortex.

"Say your prayers ya overgrown feather duster."

"Gods do not beg."


Their bodies crashed in the ground in large crater, with the vortex still raging.

Saffron once again got up and was barely standing and so was the young half Kryptonian in front of him.

"Why? What makes you so special? My power is far superior than yours." Saffron yelled.

Ranma grinned and recited the seeds of wisdom from those who watches over him.

"It's not about anger..,"

Ranma punches Saffron in the gut and Saffron doubles over.

"It's about peace."

Ranma leg sweeps Saffron.

"It's not about power..,"

Just as Saffron fell, Ranma did spin kick to launch Saffron up.

"It's about grace."

Ranma grabs Saffron in midair and shoulder throws him to the ground.

"It's not about knowing you enemy..,"

Ranma picks Saffron up and throws him against the vortex wall.

(AN: Just imagine guys this fight is all occurring in side an out of control tornado that is slowly leveling Mt. Phoenix. Kick ass.)

"It's about to know yourself."

Ranma does a spinning roundhouse kick to Saffron as he rebounded from the vortex wall.

"A power beyond equal..,"

Ranma prepares for his "Four Dragon Raid" technique.

"Requires a protector with out measure."

Ranma fire the dragon shaped ki blast at Saffron and was pinned by the vortex wall and continuing wave of ki energy.

"A protector without measure..,"

Ranma ceased his attack and let Saffron's body slump to the ground.

"Can transcend beyond the knowledge bout themselves."

Saffron was from defeated as he staggered to his feet.

"Peace. Grace. Knowledge About Yourself. Without Measure. Beyond Self. What fool taught you this? THIS ENDS NOW!" Saffron cried as he charged Ranma.

Ranma waited for Saffron to get to him and with one fluid motion, he threw a punch that stopped Saffron cold. Saffron noticed his charge was halted and Ranma fist buried in his chest.

"You still don't get do you boy, I'm immortal… wha… what are you doing?" Saffron said as he started to panic.

"Jo-Ryu-El Forbiden Technique: Negative Zero."

The ki flames that surrounded Ranma's body subsided and soon replaced by a ki of living and unforgiving ice.

"Noooooo! It will not end this waaaaayyyyyyyy…" Saffron screamed as he released all his full power the equivalent of an atom bomb.

As Saffron was going critical as his body began to freeze, starting from Ranma's fist in his chest. Ranma tried his best to contain the blast the Saffron set in motion. Having no choice Ranma used his remaining ki to collapse the vortex into itself. The explosion could be heard from miles around and several Richter scales were jostled as a result. Ranma's body fell at the center of where the explosion took place, on his chest the dragon "S" was glowing a bright and deep crimson and the hand that was once inside Saffron chest was now holding a ruby red egg the size of an ostrich.

Ranma's eyes were half closed as he saw a beautiful apparition hovering closely above him. The ghostly figure framed his face with her hands and touched her forehead to his.

"You did well beloved. You sought and carried out justice with out breaking your tenets. Rest now. Leave all this behind you." Tsu-Oap said as she gave her beloved one final kiss.

Ranma weakly retuned the kiss as his eyes drifted close. As the kiss continued the sun slowly rose over the horizon and as the sun washed away the darkness, Tsu-Oap's spirit fades slowly away. A single tear fell from Ranma's eye as consciousness left him.

Whoa-oh! Oh Angel!

Come Greet the dawn, it's a brand new day!

Whoa-oh Oh Angel!

Let burn the passion that fire you soul

(AN: Again just assume everything you read from "Ranma disappears from" was part of along guitar rift that was not in the song. I really felt like adding the lyrics to the Fic because it added a bit of drama. Plus you really got to hear the song. The lyrics are badass and had relevance to Ranma's disposition. Look for it on Youtube.)

A minute or two after the great battle royal, the sounds of rocks being moved can be heard not to far from where Ranma was. Two female figures came from underneath some debris that was once that Mt. Phoenix and Phoenix caste. The two girls whose eyes were covering two-thirds their faces looked in utter shock at the carnage that happened while they were trying to find their way out of the castle dungeon.

"Th…th…they really went all out didn't they?" Kiima asked.

Xian-Pu mechanically nodded her head as she surveyed the carnage. She suddenly grabbed Kiima by shoulders.

"If you haven't dragged me around all over that dungeon of yours we could have been up here and saw the fight." Xian-Pu yelled the winged girl while shaking her.

"I rarely go down to those dungeons. Saffron never kept any prisoners before." Kiima fired back.

"Then how did you find us when he got here?"

"I followed him through the holes he made on his way to you."

Kiima sensed the Phoenix egg calling to her telepathically.

"I'm sorry but I have to go." She said as took off.

Xian-Pu followed her to the crater that Ranma was in. When she got there, she was puzzled why Kiima was blushing as she clutched a large red egg. When she saw that Ranma in barely any stitch of clothing, she ran in front of Kiima to block her view.

"Hey that's not for you to look at." She said.

That was enough to pull Kiima out of her stupor. She took to the air and gave her parting words to Xian-Pu.

"I will make amends to what the Phoenix people has done to your people. I beg you hold me to that."

With that Kiima headed east towards the horizon. Soon another figure came from the heavens that caught Xian-Pu's eyes. A male foreigner dressed in blue with a red cloak that rested at his shoulders landed not far from her. As soon as he arrived a craft hovered above them. The craft made no noise, but momentarily the doors opened and more foreigners came from it. A raven haired woman flew from the craft and landed next to the one in blue and red, followed by a brown haired man in a glowing green aura, a man in a red body suit who came out of no where, and another man who was dressed like a demon.

The group made their way towards her and Ranma. Xian-Pu quickly went to a defensive stance and raised the sword Ranma lent her earlier. She gave them a warning, which she though all but the one in red understood.

"What did the purple haired chick say did she say?" the one in red said.

"Roughly translated, "You no take, is family. You take, I kill"" the demon said.

"So this is the guy dubbed "The Son of Japan" and Bishonen Weekly's "Teen Steel." The red said sarcastically.

Whack! Came from the raven haired woman slapping the one in red on the backside of the head

"Ow! What the heck is that for?" Said the red suited man.

"You read Bishonen Weekly?" The demon asked.

The man in blue and red glanced over the young girl's shoulder and saw the modified red lowing symbol for the house of El on the young man's chest.

Quotes from Book II

"Welcome to Themiscia warrior."

"Aw man I sorry. I didn't mean to…. I don't have to marry her do I."

"Damn it why are the cutes ones either in committed relation ship or related to me."

"Ma, Pa I would like you to meet some one."

"You idiot you said he'd ask for something big like my immortal soul or my first born child."

Preview of two new Fic I'm working on


"Sentai Hashin! Wild Seiya Red!" A young male pigtailed teen called.

"Sentai Hashin! Kindhearted Seiya Yellow!" A young redheaded female teen called.

"Sentai Hashin! Justice Seiya Green!" A taller male teen called.

"Sentai Hashin! Wise Seiya Blue!" A blue haired female teen called.

"Sentai Hashin! Lovely Seiya Pink!" A short black haired female teen called.

"Super Sentai! Seiyaman." All the teens said together.

"Pink! What the (censored) Pink?" the short-tempered short black haired female teen called shouted.

"Videl. Calm down." The Green Seiyaman said

"How the hell am I supposed to calm down? I'm the (censored) Pink one."


Ranma doubled over in pain, he then ripped his shirt off and felt that something was coming out of his back. Ranma was on his stomach clutching his midsection. Suddenly something came from his back. It looked like a red egg that was floating on Ranma's back. When Akane went to touch it, she knocked back by an unknown force. The egg proceeded to hatch into bright light. When the light faded every one in the Tendo Dodjo was surprised to se what they saw. There, holding Ranma protectively and giving Akane a wicked stare was a facsimile of Ranko. Only this Ranko had black hair, a pair of cat ears, and a pair of red wings, strange facial marking and a tail. On her forehead appeared to be a mark in the shape of a cat's eye and the ones beneath her eyes were three scratch-like marks.

"This is a problem, Saffron's command parameters had seem to rewritten itself and fused it self with Ranma. However Ranma what happens here is entirely up to you." The All Mighty said.

"What do you mean? If there is a problem, can it be fixed?" Ranma asked as he tried to untangle himself from Neko-Angel Ranko's embrace.

"It means you get to choose between going all goody goody with Him, or you can be really naughty with me." Hild said as she tried to shove Ranma's face to her cleavage.

"Mother cut that out." Urd yelled as she and Neko-Angel Ranko shoved her off Ranma.

"My little Udrie called me mother." Hild cried she shoved Urd's face to her cleavage.

Ranma and Neko-Angel Ranko both sighed knowing there is another God or Demon having a field day with his life.