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Chp 1

His breath is the only noise that broke the silence of the Tendo Dojo as Ranma Saotome meditates.

"It's quiet here," he thought, "Unless Ryoga happens to wander in here, but I could always think in here."

Eighteen years he spent in the ways of the art and when it's forced has gone beyond the art. In his grasp were powers mortals can only dream of. However the cost had been too much. His manhood, pride, and most of all, his honor has been sacrificed all for the very power that he wields in his hands. Ranma took a deep breath and quickly exhaled causing the candle's flames near him dance violently.

"What's the point of all of this?" He thought.

"I can help you," came a voice from the deepest shadow of the dojo.

Quickly rising to face the immediate intruder, Ranma was pinned down by some unknown force. The shadow figure took from of a beautiful female of crimson hair and blue eyes that pierced the darkness.

"You wish to be free of this burden, do you not?" She asked.

"YOU! W-what do you want," Ranma demanded.

"Have you forgotten me already…? My Love," she answered.

Ranma fist clenched tightly, his aura flared its blue hue casting the remaining shadows away. What he saw shocked him.

"Forget it. I ain't marrying you or seal'n some deal made by that ass I'm cursed with to be my father, so get the hell away from me." Ranma shouted when he recognized the apparition.

This was his evil side; the one brought out when Happosai used an Amazon incense to bring out his female side. However instead of making him more feminine it separated his good and evil side, which of course Ranma became infatuated with and nearly killed him.

"You certainly have high opinion of yourself. I like that. However the offer I give had no stipulation of your acceptance of it."

In the Tendo house hold the normal Friday evening routine was shattered by a scream of pure pain, followed by a loud explosion that rocked the house to it's very foundation. The entire Tendo clan and one dumb panda hurried to the dojo to see what the commotion was about. What they saw, they will surely never forget. Before them where the proud Tendo Dojo (cough bullshit cough) once stood was now nothing more than a crater. Timbers that once held a structure of the fighting arts now laid to waste strung about at the wounded earth. In that scar lay an unconscious Ranma, most of his clothing burnt off; but the most notable thing is a large black mark on his forehead that looked like a black crescent moon on its points with two blue dots in the center of the crescent moon.

The normal human reaction after the shock and awe should be to check on the young Saotome, but this being the Tendo's the following reaction is considered the norm.

"Waaaaaaaaa! My dojo."

"Oh! My."

"This will cost you Saotome."

"Gwomf wrrr rrrwrrr wrrrrr wwwrrrr!" (My retirement)

"Ranma you pervert what have you done to my inheritance," came from the thigh thicken, built like a brick, stupid as a mule and just as strong girl.

To follow that, she whacks the unconscious youth with the mighty mallet of Perversion sending him right to the coy pond. Flailing out of the pond for fresh air Ranma immediately rushed towards Akane screaming,

"What the hell was that for?"

Seconds ticked by until Nabiki interject a fact that just becoming obvious to every one.

"Saotome, you're still a guy."

This little bit of information took about two seconds for it set in, then Genma-panda rushed to his side flapping a sign.

"You better have a cure for me as well boy."

Ranma continued to stare at his body his only reaction was tears falling from his eyes.

"Ranma! What do you have to say for your self?" Akane demanded.

Ranma remained silent, as ecstatic as he is for his fortune something clicked in his head. He turned to Akane and for the first time looked her in the eyes,

"Listen you obnoxious spoiled brat, this ain't my fault."

"What did you..." as Akane readied her mallet for another swing.

The following scene was also be burnt in the Tendo's memories. Ranma's left eye turned red and he quickly caught the mallet just before striking his head. When the mallet made contact with his hand it disintegrated to ash. Leaving a bewildered Akane and a very surprised Tendo family. Ranma's movement was a blur but it was evident that he struck Akane with an open palm strike sending her towards her father and both of them sprawling on the ground. Mysteriously dumping a kettle of hot water on himself from god knows where, Genma tried to attack his son for his blatant disregard of his fiancé.

"Boy, how c..."

Genma was not able to finish his rant or his attack as a black beam from Ranma's out stretched palm blasted him.

"No more," Ranma said as he calmed himself, his eye retuning to normal. Surveying the chaos and deciding that the damage to the Tendo's and Genma are temporary; he turned towards the house only to be blocked by Nabiki. Kasumi started to tend their father and sister.

"You don't expect to just walk away from this do you Saotome?" Nabiki said as she poked Ranma's chest. Ranma retaliated by grabbing her wrist, pulled her against him close enough for a lover's embrace

"These hands killed a God Nabs. Stuff like that happens when I get upset. Do you wanna see what I'm capable of when I'm royally pissed?" He said as he eased his hold on her.

Nabiki has never heard this from Ranma before, but she does know what his capable of and for the first time in her life she was afraid and some deep part of her subconscious she liked it. She looked at his eyes; its blue depths showed a storm of emotions each trying to gain control suddenly became clear and her hand was released.

"I won't hurt you or Kasumi Nabs," he said, "You two are the only ones next to Mom I consider family." And with that he stepped aside and continued to the house.

Nabiki could only stare at his retreating figure, when Kasumi approached her and placed comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I think something died in him today." Nabiki said.

"I believe what ever it was sister, it had died quite some time ago... And he has finally accepted it." Kasumi replied in a manner that was unlike her.

In the Tendo guest room Ranma gathered what little belongings he had and took one final look at what had been his home. No, a home should have some fond memories and treasured moments. This place had too little memories and even fewer moments to be fond of. Only one little bit of business to be dealt with and he could kiss this nightmare good-bye. Ranma tore the lose board near the dresser and took out a wooden box and made his way down stairs to say good-bye. When he got there, Kasumi and Nabiki were waiting for him.

"Can we do nothing to change you mind Ranma-kun?" Kasumi plead, while Nabiki stared at him defiantly.

"Kasumi, I can't, there's something wrong with me. Staying here can't fix it. Something happened in there tonight," he pointed at the remnant of the dojo, "and even though my curse is cured, I can't help but think of what it will cost me this time. I can't let it do anymore damage than it already did. Thank you for all you've done Kasumi."

Ranma wrapped the weeping girl in his arms and it was struggle for them to let go. Ranma turned to Nabiki, she wouldn't face him so he tossed her the box he took from upstairs and she instinctively caught it.

"That's for you and Kasumi only Nabs. There should be enough to rebuild the dojo or to start a new life for the both of you. Please find happiness."

And with that Ranma walked out of the Tendo's life. Nabiki opened the box, its contents made her break out in tears and she fell on her knees. Kasumi rushed to her and looked at the box's contents and was shocked at what she saw. There was enough money to start a new life as Ranma said and several pictures of Ranma, the infamous Ryu and playboy Ken Masters at several Streefighter Competitions. On one of the picture Ranma wrote,

Kas-chan, Nabs

I won't be staying long. Too many things have gone wrong and if I stay, I'll just be prolonging doing something I know I'll regret. I urge you to find what little happiness you can in this life and not to be bound to an empty existence. Kas-chan, open your heart to the Doc he's been in love with you since forever. Your happiness is important too. If not for him I would easily accepted an engagement to you. Nabs, cash ain't gonna keep you warm when neither the night gets cold nor will it comfort you when you feel empty. I see the heart through the ice. Had you been honest with me, you'd be leaving with me to. I'll be renouncing the Saotome name and use my mothers name from now on. If you ever need me for whatever reason, I'll do my best to be there. I... you are my family; my sisters and I love you.


Ranma Masaki

The letter was dated two months ago. Apparently Ranma foresaw this day to come, yet had not acted to it, until now. The two Tendo sisters hoped that Ranma could find the peace he so hungers for and to one day see the young man that brought a small ray of light in to their lives. As the Tendo doors close for the rest of the night, all that reside within knew that something very special would no longer be there come morning.

Somewhere near Juban prefecture a certain redhead gained consciousness and crawled out crater and looked at her now corporeal body. Her harsh laughter filled the immediate surrounding area. To test her new physical body she launched a punch to wards a brick wall near her, resulting to her satisfactory predictions. The disintegration of what was a brick wall.

"Soon Ranma Saotome, soon. You will incur the wrath of a woman scorned."

Downtown Juban two hours after the incident at the Tendo home Ranma wandered about outside the train station, wondering about where to go to now that he threw away his old life.

"Nope, not gonna go to the old ghoul, U-chan'll defiantly take it the wrong way if I just show up asking for a place to stay. That park bench'll do for the night, but I know that the cops'll never let set camp on the park, not in place like Juban." Ranma thought.

"But what will I tell mom when I show up at her door at this time of night."

He muttered out loud.

"She'd say, welcome home son. I've missed you so." A feminine voice said from behind him.

The following reaction is very normal someone who has been for lack of a better description, has been the prey of who ever has dropped by in Nerima Japan who had dealings with one Genma Saotome. Ranma leapt thirty feet in to the air and latched to one of the many columns of the station. Looking down form where he's perched, doing a rather good impression of Spiderman, Ranma was indeed surprised to see his mother there, kimono and family honor blade in all. Mrs. Saotome smiled at her young son and beckoned him to come down.

"Come now son, we mustn't keep the taxi waiting." She said.

Landing next to her, Ranma just stood there and looked at his mother. Being very unsure of how to break the news to her and even unsure of what the out come of this might be, Ranma hesitated. Facing crazed martial artist, gods, ghost and psychos are far easier to deal with than an upset mother.

"Mo… how…who…?" Was all Ranma could muster just then?

Mrs. Saotome smiled at her son and raised her hand to touch his face, but was a bit thrown back at his reaction. Ranma covered his face with his arms and took a step back. Mrs. Saotome watched horrified as her son quaked in fear of her, she then did the only thing she knew that would assure her son that she loves him. She threw her arms around him, held him tightly and wept.

The drive home was longer than usual and they seem to heading out of town.

"Mom, aren't we going home?"

"No son. Nabiki called me and told me what she could and I would like to hear the rest from you." Nodoka said.

So until they reached their destination, Ranma went over what happened that made him leave the Tendo's.

Flashback (FPS perspective)

I was at the dojo the only place where I can be alone, most of the time. I loose myself in meditation there often. The dojo for the most part was dark; the only light came from a small circle of candles that surrounded me. I enjoyed these very few moments of peace and quiet. I watched the candlelight's dance like fighters doing their katas when I felt a breeze pass by or when I let out a breath.

This night, things were different; I could feel it in the air. I ponder on my life and ask myself why did this have to happen to me. Suddenly the room turned cold and voice came from nowhere offering a release. I quickly stood up and flared my aura and lit the room. There I saw her… Me. She was the evil within me that was given ethereal form when Happosai used Amazon incense on me that would awaken my feminine side. I became enthralled with her and it nearly killed me.

I warned her that what ever her intentions were, whether it is with me or not, she will not stay. She laughed and said that the help she offered was not mine to turn down. I tried to lunge at her but she fore saw my move and had pined me down by some unknown force. She quickly crossed the distance between us and brought her fist right through my chest. The pain, it was more than I could take. Ryoga, Saffron, Happosai, and not even the Neko-ken hurt me as much as this. I was getting weaker and she just stood there and grinned at me. When she with drew her hand, she was surprised that she found something within me to hold on to, and let alone take. She was holding some form of crystal.

I got do something, so I reached within myself for power to defeat her, beyond the Neko-ken and Saffron. Then it happened a power deep within me awakened. (Ranma's right eyes turned an eerie blue glow the left red. A strange symbol began to burn at his forehead and the back of his shirt tore as a white wing emerged from the left side of his shoulder blade; on his right five iridescent wings of light appeared. ) So much power I couldn't hold it and so I let go and I aimed at her and let her have it. After all that the world around me fell in to darkness.

(At the very same time this happened the following phenomena occurred that no one could explain and warranted further investigation.

Within the Gates of Time a green haired guardian spat a mouth full coffee at the Mirror of Time when the image of Neo Tokyo disappeared and replaced with a Lunar test pattern screen.

In a trans dimensional space in on some poor boy's closet, a little red headed girl ran around her lab in a panic to retrieve her files and salvage her main compute after a sudden power flux that happened a few hours ago nearly blew up her entire lab up. )

Fin Flashback

Ranma finished his tale and waited his mother's response. He hated to show weakness but he broke down in front of her.

"Mom, I left because I can't take it anymore. The Saotome name has been run to the ground and I can't save it. That bastard Genma keeps burying it before I can barely scratch out." He said.

"Then let the name rot my son." Nodoka said firmly.

Ranma looked at his mother through his tear stricken eyes confused as his mother handed him two old looking scrolls. He hesitated but when his mother smiled at him and nodded her head, he took it. He read both its full contents that stated the contract from Genma and Sound and the Seppuku Pledge. He looked at his mother confused. Nodoka asked the driver to stop and to him to wait for them and offered triple the total bill. Nodoka exited and asked Ranma to follow her, they walked far enough in the woods so the driver would not see them.

Ranma saw his mother drew out the Saotome honor blade. Ranma thought the worst and fell to his knees as he looked at his mother in the eyes. Nodoka did not draw the blade from the scabbard she placed it front of Ranma. He was about to pick it up, when a blue bolt of energy blasted it. To say that Ranma was shocked would be an understatement as he knelt there looking at his mother. She stood there in what looked like a battle kimono in blue, white and black hues and similar markings on her forehead like Ranma's minus the crescent moon; however she had two other markings on her cheeks which looks like a line and an upside-down triangle.

"I said let the name rot my son," Nodoka said, "I've so much to tell you of your true heritage."

"Mom?" Asked with a hint of fear that the Seppuku pledge could not match.

"Listen Ranma; Genma has sullied his name and his name alone. You see, we never really married," Nodoka said with a faint giggle.


"Come now my son, you need not worry your self about that fat bastard. We are going to see you grandfather and your cousin to fill you in you heritage."

Nodoka knelt beside her son and took him in her arms and for the first time in his life Ranma never felt so safe and so loved.

"My son, I know your life was never easy you were taken from me against my will. Now I give you your life to live as you see fit."

She took the scrolls that held the Seppuku and marriage pledge in her hand and I a flash of light they disintegrated.

"Come now my son there is much you need to know," Nodoka said as she helped her son up.

They returned to the taxi and continued on their way to wards family.