Well come true believers and friends.

Still alive, barely but still writing which is important? Hope you like the twists that are coming. Any ways I'm gonna go on a little rant. So bare with me; Don't worry its not about what needs to be done editorial wise nor will I go into a tangent in the etiquettes of loathing Akane. I figure that since you come back and send some good feed back then I'm doing something right. So here it goes.

I had to re-watch the Tenchi OVA's and Ryo Oh Ki OVA's to complete or try to complete this fic and there was one thing that really bothered me. I find that I hate how the Tenchis mother was portrayed at the end of the Ryo Oh Ki OVA's. The portrayed her a loon which was direct opposite of how she portrayed in "Tenchi Muyo In Love." I'll keep this short. I love how Achika's character was done in that Tenchi movie and gives a slight insight on how Tenchi came to be a warm and kind hearted person. Not that that idiot that was used in the Ryo Oh Ki OAV's. What the hell were they thinking when they did that? Shouldn't they know that Tenchi fans who no doubtly had seen the earlier movies pick up the huge difference. This is why I still hate the fact that there were 3 different Tenchi incarnations and why I think the OVA's should be the only cannon, but should exempt how Tenchi's mom was made to be a nut job at the end of the Ryo Oh Ki OVA's and go with the one in "Tenchi Muyo In Love."

End of rant. Any ways hope you like this addition and I'll get on to adding more soon.

No Need For A Lunar Brother Chp 8:

The dream would start the same way. At most they seemed like bad flashes of random scenes you'd seen during a movie preview. One flash was what looked like a fortress of ice under siege and the only front line of defense were group of women warriors whose main fighting abilities were elemental based attacks. Another scene flashed this was of a man with shoulder length silver hair forcing himself upon a woman with nearly the same hair style like Sasami's, except hers were golden. The last scene was the most disturbing. Before the dreamer was a defeated woman with golden hair and next to him was the silver haired man from the flash before. In the dreamer's hands appeared a sword and the silver haired man commanded the he slay the woman. The dreamer had no control, tough try as he did. He raised the weapon as he stared at the defeated woman's defiant blues staring back at him. A loud cry came from the dreamer as he struck the golden haired woman and as the life fades from her eyes, the dreamer saw his reflection on her eyes as she fell and as the blade fell from his shaking hands…

"AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" came from Ranma as he quickly got up from his nightmare.

His heart hammered in his chest and he was drenched in sweat as he ran his hands through his long hair. Ranma looked at his hands that were shaking as tried desperately to remember what occurred in his nightmare. A knock came from his door and a familiar voice calling out to him.

"Ranma dear, are you alright?" came from Nodoka as she entered her son's room.

Nodoka knelt down beside Ranma and took him into her arms in a loving embrace and asked if it was the same dreams as before. After gathering himself Ranma slowly disengaged himself from his mother's arms before answering her question.

"No Mom. I'm almost used to the Neko-ken nightmares, but these dreams… They're like fragments of memories and in the end a vision of the future." Ranma said as he ran his hands through his hair once more.

"You could talk to me about anything my son and no judgment will be brought upon you." Nodoka said as she placed her arm over Ranma's shoulders and both she and her son leaned against the wall.

Ranma went on about what he could remember about the dreams that recently been haunting him the past few nights. He talked about the palace of ice or crystal, the group of women warriors defending it, the silver haired man who forced himself upon the golden haired woman. There was slight hesitation when Ranma talked about his role in the nightmare, but decided that it was best to tell his mother the truth.

"I killed her." Ranma choked out.

"Now dear, it was only a dream. Time and again you never intentionally hurt anyone with a good reason." Nodoka said as she rocked her son in her arms. "I know that you could never take a life in cold blood."

The knowledge of his mother's faith in him has calmed his clouded emotions down as he once more removed himself from her arms and gazed the clock on the desk. It was around five in the morning, about an hour and a half before Ranma usually wakes up to do morning katas.

"Why don't you go back to bed, it's still early and no one would be a wake for another hour or so." Nodoka said she fixed Ranma's rumpled futon.

Ranma had a far off look on his face before answering.

"It's ok Mom, I'm wide awake now and I doubt that I could back to sleep. I think I'll go workout by the water's edge and clear my head at the same time. Ever since my Jusenkyo curse has been… I'd like to say cured, but I wouldn't want to push my luck and I ain't much of water magnet as I use to be." Ranma said as he went to the closet to fetch his work out gear.

"Very well dear, just make sure you tidy yourself up when you come in for breakfast." Nodoka said as she saw Ranma leave the room.


Nodoka was just about to exit Ranma's room when a sudden voice caught her off guard.

"He knows you're trying to help, he wants to let you in, but he wants to take care of things himself. He loves you very much that much is undeniable. His pride however is very much still his one weakness."

Nodoka turned to see who said those words and saw grown up Washu standing by the door frame.

"Washu and you're in your udult form." Nodoka said in surprise.

"I told you, when it came with dealing with Ranma this form seemed more suitable. He's a remarkable young man though a bit gullible. He's been here for about a month and I can't help but care about him, not that I'm trying to take him from you or competing against my sister mind you. After all he's been through; he still let the needs of others go before his. You should be proud him." Washu said as she opened gate to her lad and motioned Nodoka to follow.

"I am proud of my son. He's gone through so much and often alone. At times I ask myself if I deserve such an honorable son. He's faced so much with little guidance or the kindness only a mother can give, I have nothing but pride in who my son has become" Nodoka said before passing through the gate.

In Washu's lab Nodoka saw that most of Washu's tech was nearly fully replaced or repaired and was currently sporting various information and pictures of Ranma, mostly of him working out taken at angles that would make most women swoon.

"Was there a particular reason that you brought me here Washu, or did you just want to show me how well you take elicit photos of my son?" Nodoka asked as she looked at sever videos of Ranma doing katas.

"What, can't a girl dream?" Washu said slyly as she brought up another screen with details about Ranma.

"I brought you up with what I know about your son and what I could drag out from Tsunami without her giggling and blushing like a schoolgirl. Honestly you think that an omniscient multidimensional being would have more self control." Washu said enviously.

"Is that a hint of jealousy I'm hearing or am getting old for my age?" Nodoka asked with a sly grin.

"What? I'm just saying…you know a little self control isn't much to ask for."

"You're straying from the point of why you've brought her here Washu." said feminine voice from a dark corner of Washu's lab.

"Tokimi what did I say about just popping in and out of my lab?" Washu said in jest to her.

"About the same thing you keep telling Mihoshi when she winds up in here. Now that bubble headed detective just happens somehow get to my private dimension. Honestly she's as much as bother as that fanged boy with the polka dotted bandana that somehow often shows up and catches me in the bath." Tokimi said as she transformed to her chibi self and floated over Washu's shoulder.

Washu hated it when Tokimi does that and made her feel as if Tokimi was literally looking over her shoulder like some parent making sure that she doesn't make any mistakes.

"You know I hate when you do that." Washu said to the chibi goddess over shoulder.

"Don't mind mere dear, you know I love to see how things work."

"Ladies you can have at you banter later. Washu is there something the matter with my son?" Nodoka asked in worried tone.

What Nodoka said kicked in as the two squabbling sisters ceased their actions.

"Well, what I thought was an oversight due to most of my lab being destroyed by Ranma. Ranma's genetic makeup is rather bizarre. For one thing, I can't seem to find any of Genma's DNA sequence in his genetic makeup, not even in the subatomic level."

"I'm not at all surprise that you'd find that Washu. Have you ever heard me mention that Genma was Ranma's father, ever?" Nodoka said with a straight face.


Out by the waterfront Ranma went through a few new katas he's been working on. He made up his mind that he'd abandon the "Anything Goes" style and would create his own style. As of late, with no interruption from the NWC he's been able to some independent studying. Among them was philosophy, Masaki-san had lots of them at the temple. He picked up a copy of "Tao of Jeet Kun Do" when he went to town with Sasami and found that Lee's philosophy and style mirrored some aspect of "Anything Goes" and retains the fighter's honor. He became a fan of mixed martial arts competition he saw on TV and often watches it with Ryoko and Mihoshi. As he was finishing his kata he was surprised to see Sasami not far away from the water's edge. She appeared to be talking to someone, yet Ranma saw no one with her. However he did feel another presence near her. It wasn't till Ranma looked at Sasami's reflection on the water that he noticed that something was awry.


Nerima much much later:

Nabiki walked to Ukyo's restaurant after and was surprised to see it closed during the lunch rush and a "For Sale" sign hanging by the door. Ukyou has been absent for nearly two weeks and Nabiki went to see what's the matter. Nabiki had a lot to think about since Ranma left. His absence has been felt literally around Nerima. Guys at Furinkan are glad the there was no longer a Ranma for them to measure up to, which is polar opposite reaction with the female populous. Girls were upset because there was no Ranma to fawn over for. The girls knew that he was betrothed to Akane but could always count on Ranma if ever they got into a jam, especially if that jam happened to be Happosai. Ramna's flaws were often over looked by his actions, which often enough were rather heroic to the girls. Among the girls crying in Ranma's absence were the many construction workers and companies that were currently unemployed in Nerima.

Tatewaki Kuno keeps bragging that he drove off the "foul sorcerer" by his prowess, though he blames the disappearance of the "tree born kettle girl's" on the missing Rnama. Kodachi comes by the dojo every now and then and literally kick Akane's ass demanding that she bring back her beloved or tell her where he is. Akane never had a chance nor can be helped by her sister as they are not fighters. She never asserted herself to furthering her martial art skills besides brick breaking and living in her delusional world that she's the best, which meant her ass got handed to her several times often by Kodachi when she drops by to demand for Ranma's whereabouts. The other times she gets her ass kicked is when another Genma appointed fiancé would come and ask for him and were told of what has happened to him and how treated by her and ultimately how he was betrayed by her. Lately Kodachi has been coming by less, must be getting board since Akane doesn't pose much of a challenge.

Akane was in a constant bad mood at home or at school. The hentai hord lead by Kuno returned at full force to no end in torturing her. The female populous of the school has given her the cold shoulder and find that her friends like Yuka and Sayuri are distancing themselves from her.

Hyuske and Daiske are taking up martial arts in memory of Ranma and try their best to keep things from going totally out of control. It was nice of them but most of the time they wound up getting drained by Ms. Ninomiya.

Xian-Pu hasn't been seen around Furinkan or the Tendo home for some time. Nabiki would sometimes see her on her bike on the street of all places when she's on a delivery. Her eyes and mannerisms no longer had the bubbly personality that even sometimes annoys mercenary Tendo. Nabiki guessed that she's staying around because she can't go home without him and would rather live in exile than in shame. The ones most affected by Ranma's absence Nabiki thought was in the Tendo home, her and her older sister. Nabiki misses the sibling-like ways she pushed him around but never meant any real harm, since he would always be there when she needed him. She's certain that Kasumi misses the little brother that she took cared of and the one who always be there when no one was.

Nabiki pushed these thoughts aside as she saw someone move about the restaurant through the window. The bell rang as Nabiki opened the door.

"We're shug…" Ukyou stopped midsentence as she saw who came in.

"What the hell do you want Tendo?"

"You've been gone two weeks…"

"And you what came to check on me because you care or you think that I could lead to Ran-chan? Think again sister."

"I didn't come here to fight or coerce you to give any information to where Ranma is. I haven't been looking for him since he left." Nabiki said as she looked down and clenched her fist.

"Why not?" Ukyou asked in surprise.

"I owe it to him. It was my family that drove him away." Nabiki said.

Ukyou saw and felt what Nabiki was going through and approached the girl. She pulled out a seat from one of the tables and motioned for her to sit.

"So did he get to you to?" she asked.

"You know Kasumi asked the same thing. No, not like that; He was like a little brother I could push around and could take it and we'd be ok again later and maybe have some fun you know. Akane always took things personally and was no fun. He… he fought back. He's not as dumb as he pretends to be." Nabiki admitted as she rubbed her temples.

Nabiki took a deep breath and gathered herself before asking her loaded question.

"Did you… you know, really love him. Ranma I mean."

There was slight gasp form Ukyo as the question was never presented before her.

"I guess you could say I fell for him. I've spent the better part of my life hating him, blaming the loss of my femininity to him, hunted him down and when I finally found him and was this close to getting even, he called me cute. It was like a burden was lifted off my chest, like I was once again worthy of being feminine again. He always tread me the same as before even after knowing I'm a girl, but he's always gone out of his way to make sure nothing bad happens to me. I guess that what I love most about him, no matter what he'll be there."

Ukyou then got up and walked to cashier's counter and took out what looked like a small model of an okonomiyaki cart and showed to Nabiki. She opened the top and revealed its contents. There were a few large stacks of yen notes within and folded letter.

"I got this in the mail two weeks ago and I was thinking ever since of what to do next." Ukyo said as she handed the letter to Nabiki and sat by her.

Nabiki began to read the letter and tears fell from her eyes as she read what he wrote. It detailed what Ukyo has been and always will be to him, how sorry he was for the misunderstanding and her suffering because of him. The money which far exceeds the cost of the yatai and dowry was to be considered a gift to who he considers a beloved sister and promise that he someday shall return. Nabiki folded the letter and returned it to Ukyo.

"What will you do now?" Nabiki asked.

"Well for starters forgive him; if anyone's to blame it should be that moron Genma. I called my father and told him everything and to my surprise Ranma gotten a hold of him too. I'll be leaving soon and probably set up shop somewhere else. My cousin Makoto is been bugging me to see her and help her track down her missing sempai. I figured, why not. You?"

"I got some things to work out here before I can do anything too drastic, but I'd appreciate if you'd keep in touch, for business reasons of course."

"Is that "Nabik" for you wanna be friends?"

"Sure." Nabiki said before bidding the Ukyo good bye.

"Nabiki, I'm really sorry for the trouble and damages I caused before and after the wedding fiasco." Ukyo called out before Nabiki reached the door.

"Just keep in touch when you leave and we'll call it even." Nabiki said as she smiled at her before leaving.