Blindsided by Raven Skye Blackhawk

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Chapter 1

"Oi, Kagome! You comin' over or not?"

Kagome tried not to sigh too heavily into the phone. "No, Inuyasha. I've already told you that I can't go today. My best friend is coming to stay with me for awhile, remember? I have to finish cleaning up the house. I'm really sorry, Inuyasha." She sincerely hoped he wouldn't get mad at her for telling him no.

It was Inuyasha's turn to sigh. "But Kagome," he whined pitiously in her ear, "you promised! I've been waiting to clean your clock at Mario Kart forever and now you go and turn me down. Damn, you're such a tease."

"Sumimasen, Inuyasha! My friend has decided to arrive sooner. Besides, you know that I'm terrible at playing video games anyway. But if teasing you is what I've done, then I apologize. I don't mean be a tease," she stammered, ducking her head despite the fact that he couldn't see her flaming scarlet cheeks.

Tease? she thought wildly. That's ridiculous! If there was one thing she could never be accused of, was being a tease. You'd need to be a ballsy type to be a tease and she most definitely wasn't ballsy. She shook her head and continued wiping down the bathroom sink, listening silently while Inuyasha continued to bemoan his misfortune.

Eventually, he emitted another sigh, full of defeat. "Oh, very well, Kagome. Very well. But this isn't over yet, my girl! I have just thought of a proposition for you." His voice sounded smug.

Kagome stiffened, her hand ceasing its back and forth movement. A proposition? "What kind of of proposition?" she asked warily. She did not trust that note in his voice. But that wasn't the only thing about him she didn't trust...

"Here's the deal. I promise to leave you alone today so that you can finish cleaning. But," he said, his voice holding hints of amusement and triumph, "you have to go out with me next Friday."

This stunned Kagome into immobility. Never would she imagine that someone like him would ever ask someone like her out on a date. She dropped the sponge, put a hand to her mouth and hoped like mad that he hadn't said what she thought he said. "I-Inuyasha? I'm sorry, I think my line broke up for a second there. Could you please repeat that?"

Inuyasha grunted in her ear but repeated his words. "I said that I promised to leave you alone today, but only if you go out with me next Friday."

"Oh." That was all she could manage at the moment. Her eyes went to her reflection in the mirror that covered a good portion of her spare bathroom wall. A very red-faced girl stared back at her. A very red-faced, trembling girl.

There was silence on Inuyasha's end for a second. "Kagome?" As time wore on, the smugness was replaced by worry. "Kagome? Are you there?"

She lowered her hand but said nothing. What could she say?

"Sweetheart! Are you okay?" The worry was beginning to verge on panic. "Kagome? Are you there?"

Thanking Kami that he wouldn't be able to hear her tears falling, she replied, "Yes, Inuyasha. I'm here." Just not okay, she thought glumly. Unable to look at herself anymore in the mirror, she turned away so that her back faced it. Inuyasha must be losing his eyesight. How could he bring himself to want to go out with her?

He let loose another sigh, this time a relieved one. "You didn't say anything for a minute. I was getting worried," he muttered irritably. "Well? So what's your answer?"

For a minute, Kagome felt sick. If she said anything about feeling ill, he'd be over in a flash, ready and willing to play nurse. He'd done it once before, back when-

"WELL?" he growled impatiently into the phone. "You know I won't leave you alone until I get an answer, so what's it gonna be?"

She couldn't stand the thought of having him come over and fuss over her, and if she didn't give him some kind of reply, he would bother her until she gave in. But why would he ask her out when there were tons of girls who'd willingly throw themselves at him? Girls who were beautiful and smart... Girls not like her. "Why are you doing this, Inuyasha?" she asked quietly.

He chuckled. "Why? Because you won't give me an answer, that's why."

"No. That's not what I meant. Why are you asking me out?"

Now it was his turn to be silent for a moment. At last he replied, "Because I like you, Kagome."

"I see." Kagome grabbed a Kleenex and wiped her eyes.

"I don't think you do," Inuyasha said quietly.

"Oh, but I do, Inuyasha," she said just as quietly. "I'll talk to you later." She hung up on him before he could say anymore.

A minute later the phone rang, but she didn't pick up. It was Inuyasha calling her. Thank heavens for caller id, she thought, grabbing her car keys and purse and leaving the house.

On the way to the store, Kagome managed to calm herself down. She was pretty sure that he hadn't asked her out as a joke, or a bet (which he had actually done once and lost on purpose because he felt so bad about doing it to her; he'd confessed this to her just recently) or anything equally as hurtful. At least, she didn't think so, but she couldn't be sure. It had been a very long time since she trusted him with anything. During her teen years, she had put on quite a bit of weight...and that had made her the butt of Inuyasha's jokes. He had always been very athletic and it was his firm belief that everyone else needed to be as well, and of course he never missed an opportunity to remind her of just how fat she was.

Impatiently, Kagome wiped away some more tears as they began to fall. She had always tried hard to laugh off his cruel words, but failed miserably.

She had, at one point, tried to make excuses for his hurtful attitude towards her, but of course Hiro never believed her. Inuyasha never held back his words, be they pleasant or unpleasant. Subtlety was not his forte.

A hour later and a half later found Kagome pacing restlessly back and forth in her neat living room. Her friend had not yet arrived and she was very anxious. They should be here by now!

The sound of a car pulling up outside caught Kagome's attention. Instead of going to the nearest window, she ran to the front door and dashed outside. He was here at last!

"Kagome!" A tall man alighted from a late model Honda and ran up to her, arms outstretched. She threw herself into his waiting arms with a cry. "Oh, my tiny, tiny darling," whispered the tall man against her black hair. "How have you been? Have you been taking care of yourself? I've missed you so much!"

Smiling at the barrage of questions, Kagome buried her face against his chest and held on to him for dear life. After a moment, she pulled back and looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. "I'm just fine, Hiro," she said, giving him a watery smile. "I'm glad you haven't changed at all." Her eyes took him in.

Hiro had always been incredibly handsome. He possessed a head of silken, unruly chocolate brown curls and the gentlest pair of brown eyes she had ever seen. Since she'd seen him last, she suspected that he had grown a bit and put on a few pounds. But that was fine! From what she could see, he looked incredible.

Right now, those lovely eyes were studying her pretty hard. "You look... healthy," he remarked with some surprise. Then his lips turned upwards in one of his brilliant smiles. "I'm so glad. I'm so very glad. I was afraid that you would be wasted away, but I see that you're not. He must be taking extra care with you, beloved."

Nodding, Kagome blushed and looked away. "Yes. He makes sure that I'm eating enough... I tell him not to worry, but he does anyway." She paused and shook her head. "Anyway, let's get your stuff unloaded. I know you must be tired from the long drive." Kagome pulled away and headed for his car.

Watching her slim figure digging around in the trunk for his bags, Hiro frowned. She may be healthy looking, but Kagome was far too skinny for his liking. He remembered how she used to look many years ago and the comparison was quite startling. Back then, she had been plump, but she was also glowing with life... when Inuyasha wasn't being an asshole to her. That little glow had begun dying slowly but surely... and now... there was almost nothing left.

He went over to her and took his bags from her, which just so happened to be the heaviest ones. When she opened her mouth to protest, he silenced her with a stern look and a quick kiss on the forehead. But to keep the peace, he allowed her to carry in a couple the much lighter suitcases.

And so, Hiro moved in. He'd been thankful of his relationship with Kagome, or else he'd never have been allowed this opportunity. 'I'll look after her diligently,' he'd said, and he meant it. After all, Hiro had five years to make up for.


A few weeks later, Kagome was sitting in her living room, resting. She hadn't been feeling well lately and been unable to eat much. As a result, Hiro had taken over the household chores with an iron fist. When she protested, he threatened impart her unwillingness to rest to others who would not take her uncooperativeness lightly. Needless to say, Kagome immediately relented. She did not want to have an unexpected visit by one who would fuss over her more than her own mother used to. That, she just could not handle.

At the moment, Hiro was in the kitchen making lunch for them. A delicious aroma filled the living room, causing Kagome's stomach to growl quietly. The nausea from earlier was gone, thank kami. Perhaps this time, she'd be able to eat more than a few bites.

Shutting her eyes for a moment, Kagome lay her head back against the pillows that Hiro had thoughtfully propped behind her. But a minute later, just as she was dozing off, there came a knock on the front door.

Kagome woke instantly and got up. Hiro was busy and listening to the radio and besides, she did not wish to disturb him. Walking slowly, she reached the door and opened it.

A man stood outside. A really gorgeous man. So angelic was he, that Kagome thought her heart had stopped beating for a moment. This breathtakingly beautiful male specimen was incredibly tall and elegantly slim, making Kagome feel so insignificant next to him.

At the top of this well-dressed man was a full head of shining gold hair that was held back in the front with a pair of expensive-looking mirrored sunglasses. Brilliant, feline-shaped emerald green eyes looked her up and down with all the passion of a pristinely dressed aristocrat eyeing a mud-covered peasant.

"Is Hiro around?" he asked abruptly. He asked in a voice that Kagome instinctively knew he possessed. A smooth man like him just had to have a voice to match, which it did. Like butter, it was. But there was something very familiar about him and she could do nothing except stare at him. He was just so dazzlingly beautiful.

The angel on her doorstep gave a little cough and she started, her eyes widening. "Gomen nasai!" she cried, throwing the door open and giving him a respectful bow. He brushed rudely past her and disappeared into the living room. When she straightened, she saw with some dismay that he had neglected to remove his shoes.

"Oi, Hiro! Where are you?"

Kagome rushed into the living room just in time to see a pair of long legs taking the stairs two at a time. "Wait! He's not-"

"Kagome? What's going on?"

Turning, Kagome saw Hiro coming from the direction of the kitchen. He was drying his hands off with a towel.

"I don't know. This man came by to see you and he just went upstairs to find you." A loud pounding came from above and Kagome flinched. Hiro put out his hand and grasped her shoulder reassuringly.

Heavy footsteps pounded their way back downstairs, nearly sending Kagome scuttling behind Hiro. The fair man descended the stairs and stood there for a moment before turning his piercing gaze on them. "There you are," he said with a small smile. "I wondered where my baby brother had gotten to."

"Yuki." Hiro's voice was less than welcoming. "How did you find me?"

Startled, Kagome stared over at the newcomer. Yuki? She hadn't heard that name in a very long time. Yuki was the name of Hiro's older brother who'd run away from home at the age of 16. Although she had never really met Yuki, she'd seen him several times before when she would go over to Hiro's house to play. He was either in his room with the door closed and music blaring or he'd be on his way out to do whatever it was that he did.

Yuki's smile got even bigger and to Kagome, it made him look that much more beautiful. "I have my ways," he replied complacently and reached into his trouser pocket. He brought out a slim, solid gold cigarette case and a matching lighter. "Do you mind? Thanks." Without waiting for a reply, he extracted a cigarette and lit up.

Hiro's body stiffened angrily. "Oi! No one said you could smoke in here, Yuki! Show a little respect."

The elegant creature laughed heartily, letting loose a stream of smoke through his nostrils. "Oh, my poor little brother! It's not rude to smoke in front of a female, you know. She'll get over it." His eyes slid over to where Kagome stood beside Hiro and gave her a look that seemed to dare her to say otherwise.

Seeing his eyes hardened, Kagome stepped back and bowed her head to begin mentally preparing herself for a verbal onslaught that she was sure was coming. She'd learned how when Inuyasha would say cruel things to her. She'd she would be able to handle anything negative that anybody ever said to her. Although sometimes, it didn't always work. Especially if it was Inuyasha saying it.

"Yuki, you baka, this isn't my house," Hiro said, stepping in front of Kagome, shielding her from his brother's hard gaze. "It's Kagome's. Therefore, you should ask her permission to smoke."

Even though his back was to her, Kagome knew that Hiro was staring his brother down. She'd seen how hard his normally warm, gentle brown eyes could be. They would grow cold whenever she would tell him what hurtful names Inuyasha had deemed fit to call her back when they were younger.

But then again, this was his older brother. She should be respectful to him, as he was the elder person in the house. "Hiro, it's fine. If Yuki-sama wishes to smoke-"

"No, Kagome. This is your home, which you were generous enough to share with me. I won't let Yuki disrespect you just because he's got his tighty whities starched to within an inch of their life." He sent a nasty look his brother's way and added, "And for pity's sake, don't call him Yuki-sama. He's done nothing to deserve that title."

"Um, okay, Hiro, but no, really! It's okay, Hiro! Just let me... get a container to hold" She smiled impartially at the brothers and rushed off to the kitchen. Locating a small glass bowl, she returned to find Yuki lounging on one of the couches and Hiro standing off to the side, glaring at him. While she was gone, she'd heard Hiro's voice, loud and angry, admonishing Yuki for his rude behavior.

Yuki, on the other hand, was talking in a placating voice in an attempt to soothe his irate brother. When Kagome returned, she set the bowl before Yuki and bowed before moving away. Yuki merely watched her with mild contempt as she went to stand beside his brother. Inhaling deeply he said, "Where'd you find her, Hiro? So subservient, isn't she?" He exhaled and gave Kagome an unpleasant smile. "How would you like to come work for me, girl? You have a so-so body and a decent enough face." He paused for effect, his eyes going to Hiro's pinched face. "I'm in need of a new maid."

Kagome said nothing, but Hiro lunged forward and hauled Yuki up by his collar, defly removing the cigarette from the offensive blonde. "Get out. Right now." His face was mottled with anger as he dragged his brother out of the living room and straight to the front door. "You will never disrespect Kagome again, you son of a bitch," he hissed between clenched teeth as he shoved Yuki out of the house.

"What's gotten into you?" Yuki rasped, rubbing his throat.

The dark haired young man grunted. "As if you haven't figure that out by now. I love you, Yuki, but damn it, I won't have you being rude to my best friend."

"Best friend?" Yuki frowned and straightened his clothes. As he did so, he caught a glimpse of that timid female hovering just behind his brother and this time, he got a good look at her. "Well, I'll be damned. You're that little girl that used to come over to the house to play with Hiro, aren't you? Yeah, I remember you." Lighting another cigarette, he shot a charming grin her way. " about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Hiro asked suspiciously. His fingers itched to slug Yuki in his smug face. "What about tomorrow?"

Yuki slid his sunglasses down onto his nose. "So she can start working for me as my-"

The front door slammed shut, but not before he caught a good glimpse of Hiro's fury-mottled face. Chuckling, Yuki turned away and walked to his car. Of course he never meant to piss Hiro off, he thought as he got into his expensive sports car and started it up.

As he drove away from Kagome's house, he shook his head. He knew that Hiro had been communicating with a girl for the past few years while he was going to college, but Yuki hadn't known her identity. What he did know was that Hiro deeply cared for the girl, loved her even, and would worry about her constantly. Whenever he would ask Hiro who he was talking, the boy would always reply, "My best friend". But he never put the best friend and the girl Kagome together. He believed that they were two different people.

"Well," he muttered to himself as he shoved the car into fifth gear, "at least she isn't his girlfriend. I'll be damned if that pitiful creature becomes part of my family."