Gender Bending

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Chapter 1

The reunification group flew over the world of Tethe'alla on their Rheairds, with the wind blowing through their hair.

"Excuse me…" Raine began. "What is that down there?"

The Tethe'allians (is that even a word?) sighed. Lately, the half-elven professor had spent her time asking the members of the party from Tethe'alla for information and the historical significance of… well…everything.

Sheena gazed down from her Rheaird at the forest that Raine was talking about. "I believe that would be the Ymir Forest."

"Ymir?" Raine asked, with a glint in her eye. "What is its significance?"

"It has been the home of the elves as far as our world's research has gone back." Regal explained.

The glint in Raine's eyes became more defined. Lloyd, Genis, Sheena, and even Colette gulped. They knew that look; Raine had entered Ruin Mode.

"We must land there now!" Raine said, angling her Rheaird downwards.

"But it's getting late." Zelos said. "Unless we hurry, we won't be able to find a town before nightfall."

"So?" Lloyd asked. "Sheena, Genis, the Professor, Colette and me-"

"Colette and I." Genis corrected, but the auburn haired swordsman paid no heed.

"-spent a lot of nights out of towns during the Regeneration Journey. Why do you want to find a town so much?"

"Well first there's the fact we get real beds, not to mention all the fun things to do at night…" Zelos began, already fantasizing about the fun he could have with the girls in the towns of Tethe'alla.

"Like what?" Lloyd said, oblivious. "Hide and seek or something?"

Zelos was about to explain what he meant when he got ugly looks from Sheena, Raine, and Regal. "You're completely oblivious, Lloyd." He said.

"Let's just land here." Sheena said. "We can just sleep by the forest for the night."

"Or we could ask the elves to give us a place to stay." Colette suggested.

"Don't count on it." Sheena muttered as they all descended towards the forest.


"I'm afraid only elves can enter this forest without permission from the King of Tethe'alla." The guard in front of the forest said. "And did you know you look a lot like the wanted crimina-"

Raine handed the guard 50 gald and the party walked quickly away.

"I'm so getting fired for this." The guard said as he somewhat reluctantly pocketed the bribe.


"Well that didn't work." Genis said, as they began setting up camp in a field outside the forest.

"Professor Sage, why is if so important for you to see this forest anyway?" Colette inquired.

"On Sylvarant, there is a legend about the mystical forest of the elves. It's said to be filled with magical artifacts and even plants of great power, as well as it's mystical water."

"That's what they say about Ymir on Tethe'alla too." Sheena said. "I've heard that the water is supposed to always be clean enough to drink, and bathing in it is supposed to cure most ailments.

Zelos got a glint in his eye. "So, say if Sheena was to get poisoned and we just happened to lose our Panacea Bottles…" For this, he received a smack on the head. "Agh!"

"Whatever." Lloyd said, oblivious as ever. "I'm gonna go get some firewood."

"You do that." Zelos said, grumpily rubbing his head.


"This sucks!" Lloyd complained to no one in particular. He'd only been able to find a few measly sticks of firewood, and just right next to him was a forest filled with trees that he couldn't go into.

It couldn't really hurt if I went in there and got a couple of tree branches, right? Lloyd thought. The guard was far away, at the entrance to the Ymir forest. Lloyd looked from side to side and stealthily snuck over to the edge of the forest. Then he saw why they only needed a guard at the entrance. The forest was filled with water, and any land or bridge was in the far distance. "Damn it!" Lloyd said.

However, Lloyd realized that there were trees at the edge of the forest. If he could just climb up onto them, he could make his way farther in, or he could get firewood off of the tree he'd be on…

"What could possible go wrong?" Lloyd asked himself, taking a running leap. Of course, when you say that, you're just asking for trouble.

Aided by his Exsphere, the red-clad swordsman was able to clear enough water to grab a hold of a tree. It wasn't that he was afraid of the water like Raine or anything, but everyone would know what happened if he came back to camp dripping wet. Besides, it would get the firewood wet and make it useless.

Anyway, Lloyd scrambled up the tree and grabbed a hold of a branch that seemed like it could support his weight. He was pulling himself up when he noticed an odd flower growing from the tree branch. The flower had alternating blue and violet petals. The blue petals were short and wide, while the violet ones were long and thin. Lloyd leaned his face closer, examining the flower, when a cloud of violet pollen came out of it into his face!

"H-hey!" Lloyd coughed. In his surprise, he fell out of the tree. He managed to recover by kicking off of the tree back to the ground outside of the forest. To his dismay, he realized that he had left his previously collected firewood (what little there was) in the tree. "Dam-" Lloyd coughed in mid-swear. He was dizzy all of a sudden and his whole body hurt. 'Wh-what's going on…?"


"Where's Lloyd with that firewood?" Genis grumbled. "If he doesn't get here soon I'm gonna have to use magic to cook, and I'm already low on Mana."

All of a sudden, Lloyd stumbled into camp, clutching his stomach. "Guys…. help m-" Was all he got out before he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.


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