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The Extras!

Everyone who didn't read chapter 18 gone? Good. First things first: the deleted chapters! You'll notice they cut off at random points. That's because I didn't like where they were going and therefore stopped writing them.

The Original Chapter 4

As the title says this was originally going to be chapter 4 and takes place as the heroes were trying to sneak into Meltokio.

The party slowly snuck towards the sewer entrance to Meltokio with Lloyd getting more and more apprehensive as they got closer.

"Ugh. I can smell the sewers from here." Lloyd shuddered.

"Get used to it." Zelos said. "I've lost track of all the times we've done this before."

"But still!" Lloyd said. "My center of balance has shifted and what if I fall into the…"

Sheena patted her shoulder comfortingly. "You'll be fine, and if worse comes to worse. Zelos' house has a shower." He glared at Zelos who had a devilish grin on his face. "Don't forget about what I said to you on the Rheairds!" Sheena yelled at him.

Zelos face contorted with disgust and shuddered at what people could say. I saw Zelos peeping on Lloyd in the shower… The red haired Chosen shuddered.

To spare you the details of them trekking through a sewer, nothing really of importance occurred.

Well, except this:

"Zelos! Don't you dare touch me there!" Sheena yelled. "Just because it's dark down here doesn't mean I don't know it's you!"

Uh… yeah.

Anyway, they were all about to leave the sewer when the group stopped to prepare a game plan.

"Okay." Raine said, illuminating the area with her staff. "Now, the Pope declared that 'Zelos and his attendants' were traitors, so all we have to do is disguise Zelos well and no one will look at us twice. Any ideas."

"Oh! I know." Genis began. "Let's put a paper bag over his head!"

"Shut up brat." Zelos muttered. "Aren't you supposed to be smart? Cause you're sure not acting like it."

"I've got it." Sheena said, rummaging through her pack. She produced a black cloak that flowed almost like a liquid. "This is a very important ninja stealth cloak, so please don't lose it. It should make you invisible in shadowy areas, but all you need to worry about it covering you're face with the hood.

"But then the ladies can't see my pretty face…" Zelos pouted.

"That's kind of the point." Sheena said, handing it to him. "Just get to your house as soon as possible and hide out there, but also suspect a trap."

"That's great." Zelos said unenthusiastically. "Can we get going now? I want to get a pair of shoes on that don't smell, quite literally, like crap!"

"That reminds me." Sheena said, holding up a card. "I summon the Maiden of the Mist! Come Undine!"

"What does the pact maker wish of me?" The Summon Spirit of Water asked.

"Um… can you clean our shoes?" Sheena asked.

"You summoned me for that?" Undine asked, and when Sheena nodded, sighed and said "Very well."

Undine raised it's hand (Summon Spirits don't have genders. Read the skits!) And a blast of water shot out and cleaned everyone's shoes from the foul smelling 'remnants' of the sewer.


The main reason I stopped that chapter was that I didn't like the concept of the cloak Sheena gave Zelos and I started getting confused about which Summon Spirits Sheena had made pacts with at that point in the game. Instead, I wrote a different chapter 4 that skipped the part where the hereos actually snuck into the city and just started at the mansion.

Unfinished One-Shot

This is an unfinished one shot that going to be a 100-review present. Therefore, this was written between chapters 9 and 10. However, that's nearly irrelivant because there's nowhere it fits into this story's timeline anyway (especially because Kratos is in it for some reason).

"Ahhh… Altamira. The greatest city on either world." Zelos said, looking around the gaudy resort.

"You're only saying that because of the girls in the bunny outfits." Sheena muttered.

"Eheheheheh. Can't fool you, can I?" The Chosen snickered. "Anyway, I say we hang out here for a while."

"We don't have time to hang out here!" Raine said to him.

"I agree." Said Kratos. "There is no benefit from staying here any longer than we already have."

"Aw, come on! You guys need some fun in your lives." Zelos said. "It's always 'Cruxis this' and 'exsphere that' we deserve a break."

"Actually Raine, I agree with Zelos." Genis said to his older sister. "I am pretty tired."

"Yeah! I think it would be fun to stay here for a bit." Colette said in her usual cheerful manner.

"All right, we'll spend the night here in the hotel, but then we're leaving." Raine said, defeated.

"Deal!" Zelos shouted. "Now everyone, let's go to the beach!"

"Okay." Said Colette. "We still have those swimsuits that nice lady gave us."

"Do what you will." Kratos said as he began to walk off. "I'm going to get a room in the hotel."

"Aww, come on Dad! It'll be fun!" Lydia said to him.

Kratos started slightly. He still wasn't used to being called Dad. He turned to his 'daughter' and said. "By the way, what are you supposed to wear at the beach?"

"I'll just wear the swim trunks the lady gave-ohhh, right." She said, remembering her current predicament. "I guess I'll just have to go buy something then."

"Need me to come with you?" Sheena asked.

"I'm fine. I think I've gotten the hang of this shopping thing." The red clad girl said as she walked away. "I'll meet you all at the beach!"


And so, while the others went to the hotel to change, Lydia traveled to the swimsuit store. She wandered aimlessly through the store, looking at swimsuits. Geez, there's so many! Maybe I should have accepted Sheena's help. How am I supposed to know which one to buy?

"Excuse me, do you need any help?" A store woman asked with a completely fake ear-to-ear smile.

"Umm… yes, uh… I'm having trouble deciding what swimsuit to buy, could you help?"

The woman appeared slightly annoyed, but quickly covered it up with her all too false grin. "Of course. From the look of your figure, I'd recommend…"


"Would you stop ogling me?" Sheena, in her dark red one-piece growled at Zelos.

"I can't help it!" Zelos said as he was smacked on the head.

"What's taking Lloyd so long?" Genis asked. Everyone was in their swimsuits on the Altamira beach save for Kratos, who was staying in the hotel, and Lydia, who sure was taking a long time at the store…

Suddenly, every male on the beach turned their heads towards the entrance. Genis' and Zelos' jaws dropped, and even Regal turned slightly red. Standing there was an embarrassed looking Lydia in a bright red bikini. "Whoa…" Genis said, and was promptly smacked by Raine.

"Stop staring!" Raine yelled at her younger brother.

"Hey Sheena, I don't think you have to worry about me ogling you anymore." Zelos said, eyes never leaving Lydia.

"Wh-what's everyone staring at?" Lydia asked, joining her friends.

"Um… Lydia?" Raine asked. "Did you need to get such revealing beachwear?"

The brown haired girl blushed. "The woman at the store told me to buy it… should I go get something else?"

"Nah, I think this looked fine." Zelos piped up.

"Of course you think it looks fine…" Sheena muttered under her breath.

It wasn't long before the male onlookers realized that the girl they were staring at was with Zelos, the Chosen, and reluctantly went back to whatever they were doing.


"So, what's it like being a chick?" Zelos asked.

"Well… it's definitely different…" Lydia began.

"I'd guess that much." Zelos laughed.

"…but you know what? I think I'm getting used to it. I mean, it's not that bad now that I've adjusted my balance…"

"Your balance?" Zelos asked. "Wait, wait, wait. You mean to tell me that you're so well-endowed in the chest that it affected your balance?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lydia said, flushing.

"Nothing, nothing." The Chosen said casually.


Sheena sighed as she watched Zelos and Lydia talking. She really missed the times when Lloyd was a boy. Before, she was able to talk to him whenever she wanted, but now, she was spending all of her time with Zelos! …Not to mention the fact that Lloyd had a better figure than her now!

Oh, who was she kidding? She had feelings for the brown haired boy. Unfortunately, Lloyd was a girl now, and that didn't help things at all!


Presea walked up to Genis, who was digging in the sand. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"We're building a sand castle." Genis said, turning a bit red.

The pink haired girl cocked her head to one side and stated. "A fortress made out of sand would not provide the sufficient protection from foes a castle offers."

Genis blushed. "It's-it's not a real castle! You build a small model of a castle in the sand! It's supposed to be fun!"

"…oh." Presea said. "I apologize. It sounds amusing. May I help you build one?"

"S-sure!" Genis said ecstatically.


Raine smiled as she saw the two young children playing in the sand. Good for them. They are far too young to engage in all of the conflicts we have to face. Genis needs some time to just be a kid. Not to mention the fact that he's getting to spend time with his dear Presea. She was saddened by how obvious his affections were, and yet how Presea seemed to be oblivious. Such sad irony.


I don't really have much to say about this one except that I like Presea's comment about sand castles.

Sequel and Spin-off Ideas

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm terrible when it comes to sequels (as in, I almost never start them, much less finish them). Therefore, if any of you want to write one of these (or have an idea of your own), ask me in a PM and I just might let you. Besides, I know that some of you out there are better writers than me and you'd do my work far more justice than I ever could. Even if you aren't going to write any of these, I'd appreciate it if I could know which ones you think would make good stories.

1. When fighting Abyssion, Lloyd is slashed by the Soul Eater sword. The attack splits his soul in half, resulting in both Lloyd and Lydia being alive as seperate people. There's no time to celebrate (or panic), however, because Abyssion flees into the demon world of Niflheim. The eight Reunification Heroes, as well as Kratos and Lydia chase him into Niflheim, where they're going to have to defeat Abyssion and other demons before they escape into Symphonia. Takes place after Gender Bending and Tales of Symphonia. Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance. Probable pairings: Sheena/Lloyd, Zelos/Lydia, Genis/Presea

The Amazing Chris has begun writing idea 1. It's called Soul Splitting and I command you all to check it out. It's linked in my profile and it's on my favorites list, so go read it now! And don't forget to review it!

2. What would have happened if Lydia had chosen not to take the cure? The remaining story of Tales of Symphonia, told with a new spin. Alternate universe. Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance. Probable pairings: Zelos/Lydia, Genis/Presea

LunaLocket is writing idea 2. It's called From Hero to Heroine and you all should check it out. It's linked in my profile and it's on my favorites list, so go read it now! And don't forget to review!

3. Zelos throws a party and everyone's invited! As a prank, Zelos has flowers from the Ymir Forest potted and positioned all around his house. Chaos ensues. Spin-off one-shot sequel to Gender Bending. Genre: Humor. Pairings: I don't know, but they'd probably be crazy.

4. I'm not really sure what would happen, but it would be a humorous short story taking place after the gender bending flower affected Yggdrasil.

Special Thanks

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