Scarlet was a hybrid, a mix of Pikachu and Mew, they were an odd being with scarlet fur, this was why they were named what they were. Scarlet had been through a lot, but worse of all, they'd been through a lot of years. The years and years of training, of prophecies, of being told things will come, will happen, and knowing one day their fate would be sealed, had been too much. The hybrid had ran away from such issues.

Scarlet had so many apologies to make. So much had happened, all to find themselves, it had been long, arduous, and difficult. The cave was as it always was, everything was as it always was. Scarlet stared upon it all, remembered it all. Remembered discovering their true self, growing, seeing faces and knowing people. Scarlet dipped their head now as many birds flew overhead.

The pikamew's destiny was sealed the day they swore they'd fight to the death, and not even Celebi's daughter could halt this. So Scarlet had bided along, and waited. That was all there was to do. So it was all Scarlet did.

There was a crowd gathered round, waiting for their healer, their Scarlet. The Scarlet that had died. Scarlet was not that any longer, and made great effort to climb to the highest point and perch there, drawing their eyes with crimson fur. Scarlet knew the ending, the Pikamew knew everything, all about curses and fates and being denied. They all watched, waited, this was how it always was.

Clearing their throat, the Pikamew bowed their head, fur bright like the blood all over the sunsets witnessed far too often. Those dusty eyes grew wide as Scarlet began, and ended the conversations many might wish to begin with them.

"I'm sorry. I was never what you thought I was, this was all about me to you, but that was wrong of me. I was wrong. It took a lot of growth, but I understand now." Gazed upon like that, Scarlet tipped the long ears forward and bowed. "I can see the future, always could, and I can tell you it, or not. Either way. I'm still sorry."

Resting upon their haunches, the Pikamew began to take in all the questions everyone had for things. Beginning, middle, and end.