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Summary: sasukexsakura sakuraxitachi , sakura and itachi do a little something naughty and what happens when sasuke finds out what they did..argh suck at summarys so just read R&R

Sakura: 16

Sasuke: 17

Naruto: 16

Itachi: umm let's say 21

Weeee- thoughts

Chapter one

"Hi sasuke!" said the pink haired female as she walked up to team 7 usual meeting place.

"hn" replied sasuke. 'that's all I get. You think after all these years this guy would open up…oh well' sakura thought with a sigh as she leaned against the railing next to him. A year ago naruto finally kept his promise and returned sasuke from orochimaru (sp? I hope that's rite). He was put on probation for 6 months and then was aloud to rejoin team 7.

"HEY SAKURA!" yelled the last member of their team naruto, the loudest ninja of all of konoha.

"hi naruto" smiled sakura. ( a/n While sasuke was gone sakura started to warm up to naruto).

"hey bastard"


"DON'T CALL ME DOBE U BASTARD!" shouted naruto

"well then don't call me bastard, dobe."





1 hour later…

"B-B-bas-tard" stuttered Naruto tired from all the fighting.

"dobe" replied sasuke in his usual monotone voice (A/N OMG HES SO HOT heheheh)

OMG! Their never gonna stop are they? Its like they never grew up…but it is nice to be back together! Thought sakura

Then a puff of smoke appeared revealing a gray haired male. "YO!" smiled the grayed hair jounin , kakashi.

"YOU'RE LATE"! shouted both naruto and sakura.

"um..i got lost on the rode of.." kakashi started

"LIFE! YES YES WE KNO WE'VE HEARD IT SOO MANY TIMES!" again shouted sakura and naruto.

"yeah im sure you have..well ahem ok well lets get started."

after training (A/N hehe im to lazy to talk about the training session it really doesn't matter to this story…...)

"Alright good job guys.. same place same time tomorrow…" said kakashi and with that disappeared leaving a puff of smoke.

"RAMEN TIME! Bye sakura, bye bastard!" yelled Naruto and then ran off towards the ramen shop (A/N I forgot the name of the shop..hehehe). Sakura smiled that turned and looked at sasuke.

"sasuke would you like to walk me home?" sasuke turned around and looked at her. He stared at those beautiful jade eyes sparkling with joy. And that smile she always had on her face.


"o…sigh ok then maybe next time?"

"hn" and with that he walked away. 'is that all? Usually she'll keep asking over and over and over again until I finally say yes…what four years can do to a person.

Yeah but she is hot

who the hell are u

I am your inner self

Uh huh surre

Whatever…u know u like her

pssh no I don't

didn't u hear what I said I am you! I kno what u like and don't like and I kno u like sakura

shut up …

u like her u like her!

No I don't u ass

U just called ur oneself an ass


Hmm someones really touchy today ok well for now ill leave u alone but I'll be back!

Sasuke finally reached his apartment and stepped inside. I don't like sakura…do i?

'Argh sasuke is so…so' thought sakura as she stepped into the shower

'the same?'

'noooo I thought I got rid of you'


'well yeah i thought he would warm up too me'

'pssh haha that's was actually kinda funny like he would warm up to you'

'aren't u suppose to be supportive'

'o yeah ahem well hes not calling you annoying anymore'

'yeah you're right…' and with that she stepped out of the shower and rapped a towel around her. As she opened the door she saw someone with raven hair and piercing onyx eyes.

"s-sasuke" stuttered sakura with a faint blush creeping on her face.

"its been a while little cherry blossom" the person said with a cold smile…well smirk.

"you're not sasuke…you're.." sakuras eyes got wide as he took a step towards her trapping her in a corner. "…ita-" Itachi silenced her with a kiss.

O god I kno that sucked…but its my first fanfic trust me it'll get better I just didn't know how to start it..o and sorry for all the grammar mistakes ..im an aim kinda person soo...yeah not a lot of proper English..lol

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