Well not really a sneak peak but suuuuuuure

Ok so the sequel is gonna be about sakura comes back to konoha after 12 years WITH her daughter who has sasuke colored hair and jade eyes. So Naruto and hinata are about to get married, tenten and neji are married , and shikamaru moved to sand village with temari… and the biggest twist of all is sasuke's going out with ino.

But sasuke doesn't really like ino and all he's just goin out with so that the fangirls will leave him alone and ino would stop botherin him

So one day he sees sakura and starts following her everywhere, and ino gets jelous seeing this rite

And Itachi not in this story lets just say he moved to Canada or something…I donno give me an idea OOO sasuke could of killed him in that 12 year spand…

Soo yeah that's basically what gonna happen…I donno the story might change a little but its gonna be a sasusaku fic and a slight sasuino!

Ok soo any1 wanna give me a title for this? Im not a really good title person if u noticed in my last story lol so help me out…