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"Sir, I have completed my mission."

"You have done well, servant. You may leave."

Hearing the door click shut, the man allowed himself a single satisfied smile.

Big brown eyes looked out the window. They were pretty eyes that shined with unshed tears. Princess Lucita Toelle Ur Laputa had sworn to her grandmother that she would stay strong.

She whispered to herself, "Don't cry. You can't cry" before she broke down, unable to restrain her tears. Her grandmother had died today.

She had heard them talking. Them as in the castle servants. They pitied her. She laughed at the irony. Mere servants pitied her, the princess of the strongest city in the world.

She didn't blame them. As a child, her Uncle Muska, the Duke of Anemon would become King, her new father. She shivered with dread remembering their rare meetings with each other.

The sound of knocking on the oak door resonated through her bedroom. Sheeta sighed. "You may enter." A frail woman hesitantly walked in.

"Princess…your uncle, the Duke of Anemon, would like to speak with you."

"Very well, tell him, I will see him shortly," replied Sheeta who was already getting ready to meet the future ruler.

"Princess…" At her tone, Sheeta turned around curiously to face her, "Dark times are coming in your near future. I plead with you not to give up. Do not lose your sweet nature, and someday you will again find happiness."

Sheeta frowned in concentration. Dark times? She did not hear the woman servant leave. What did she mean?

Far, far away, in a mining town, a young boy was in a dangerous situation. Strange people in even stranger styles of dress were attacking his home. They were wearing the most unflattering orange bodysuits and yelled in croaky voices.

However, their weapons were state-of-the-art, and these people knew how to use them. The innocent town knew they were in trouble and were in doubt to why they were chosen to be at the end of this misfortune, but fought determinedly anyway.

"Pazu!" squeaked a small girl when she spotted one of the strangers approaching her. What Pazu saw, made him act in desperation. Grabbing a shovel, he threw it at the man. Luckily, it hit him in a very critical place and the stranger doubled over in pain. Pazu breathed a sign of relief, when the very same little girl he saved tackled him.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Pazu laughed,

"Come on Madge, did you really think I would let anybody hurt you? You're my little sister after all." Madge grinned at him cutely when her eyes widened.

"Pazu! Watch out for that…!" Too late! Madge's mouth dropped in horror as another orange-suited man dropped a rock on her brother's head. Pazu was conked out.

The man grinned a sinister grin showing a gold tooth protruding out of his mouth, as he stuffed the conked Pazu in a bag, slung him on his back, and still grinning, dropped on his knees and said, "So little girl, what are you going to do about this!" Laughing, the man walked away.

Madge finally coming to her senses ran off immediately screaming for her Daddy, with the belief that he could fix anything.

Sheeta was walking to her uncle's private chamber, still musing over the woman's words. Dark times…. In her near future….? She shrugged, oh well; there were more important things at hand now. She had arrived at the front of a grand oaken door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked, once, twice, before hearing a voice saying,

"Come in, Sheeta, I have been waiting."