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Chapter One: MagicSpace

Harry Potter sat on his bed that he had at the Weasley's, flipping through the latest hot magazine that was going around the wizarding world. Usually, Harry didn't follow the tabloids or the latest gossip about what the latest magical band did with the lead singers hair. He never really cared. Now, at around 3 o'clock in the morning, just after another one of the famous nightmares he couldn't get rid of, he needed something to take his mind off everything that had been going on in his head. So, he had grabbed one of Ginny's magazines from her bedside table, and started looking through. Nothing really caught his eye; the articles were about people he didn't care about, or about him, which was something he really didn't want to read. He avoided the articles, and just flipped through and looked at the ad's and the clothes.

But, there was one ad that caught his attention. It read: 'MagicSpace, the latest thing! Buy this small, magically-powered device, and chat with wizards across the world!' Hmmm, Harry thought to himself.

"Harry," Hermione mumbled, half asleep, "go to sleep!"

"'Kay, 'Mione. I'm going to sleep." Harry turned off the light, returning the magazine to Ginny's table, and lying back down, though he knew sleep would not come. He tossed and turned, unable to even become tired because of Ron's freakishly loud snoring, Ginny's talking about how hott Draco Malfoy was in her sleep, and Hermione grinding her teeth, a funny thing for a daughter of two dentists to do. Staring at the ceiling, he thought about everything.

After Sirius' death, he had felt like he was falling down a black pit. With his grades slipping along with her friendships, he'd felt even worse about himself. But, with Harry in the middle of his 7th year (it was the end of winter break), he had had more than enough time to recuperate and get himself back on track.

He'd also come to the realization that he was gay. Or bi, as he thought. And, as much as he didn't want to face it, Ginny was right; Malfoy had gotten rather attractive. So, he secretly had a huge crush on Malfoy, so what? It's not like he swooned at his feet like every girl in the school did (Yes, including Hermione. Harry had noticed her staring at him in Potions on multiple occasions...and drooling just a tad.). He kept his cool around Malfoy. Well, okay. Ron had caught him doing exactly what Hermione had been doing a couple times. Ummm, yeah, let's just go with a couple times. He really hadn't insulted him or pranked him in any way unless Malfoy did it first. Which usually happened anyways.

Now sleep definitely wouldn't come.

The next day, the Weasley's, Harry, and Hermione (who were considered part of the family) went to Diagon Alley. Harry decided it would be the best time to find a MagicSpace, since he really did want it. He found it in a little shop that seemed to had sprouted up over night. It had no sign, and no windows. The shutters looked as if they were about to fall off their hinges at any given moment, and the exterior of the building looked like it had been through a sand storm. It seemed to be there for the soul purpose of selling MagicSpace's. Harry bought one, and set on his way out of the store, a smile on his face.

"Harry, what is that?" Hermione inquired.

"I officially feel smart. I know something you don't!" Harry laughed.

"Ha, ha," Hermione mimicked as Harry stuck his tongue out at her. "Seriously, though, what is it?"

"It's MagicSpace. You can talk with other wizards over it." Hermione started inspecting it from all sides. Then she sighed, "Harry, I don't think this is a good idea. What if Voldemort–"

"What about Voldemort?" He snapped, "I'm so sick of living my life in fear of Voldemort. If he wants to kill me, he already knows where I'd be, he could have done it by now, anyways! What's the point of living in fear?" And with that, The-Boy-Who-Lived walked away from his friend, his MagicSpace in hand.

"Harry," Hermione called after him, "Wait, I didn't mean it like that! I just meant..." A sigh. "All I had in mind was your safety." Harry waved a hand of defeat, and went to find Ron.

Once Harry found Ron, he showed him the MagicSpace. Luckily, he didn't flip out like Hermione did.

"That's so cool, mate!" Ron clapped him on the back.

"Yeah, I saw it in a magazine article. All I have to do is set it up." Harry looked down at the rectangular Muggle-Laptop-Look-A-Like.

"But...what about Voldemort?" Oops. Spoke to early.

"Not you too," Harry groaned.

"I'm just saying, mate," Ron said, sympathetically, but he avoided the topic from there on out. They talked for a little more before Mrs. Weasley came over.

"Boys!" She cooed, "we'll be leaving soon. Where's Hermione? Oh, probably off at the book store. That girl can read!" She giggled to herself.

"Um...Ron?" Harry asked, uncertainly, "I think you're mum's like, pretty much drunk."

"Thanks, mate!" Ron said sarcastically.

Once back at the Burrow, Harry went to the room he shared with Hermione, Ron, and Ginny to start setting up his MagicSpace. It was a small rectangular object that opened up to show a screen and buttons with all the letters from the alphabet, plus numbers and other buttons that read words that Harry didn't quite know the meaning of (not that he'd ever admit to it). He touched them uncertainly. They made a small click sound when he pushed them down. His eyebrow raised in uncertainty. He pushed it again. It went click. He pushed it again. Click. And again. Click. He giggled in spite of himself.

The directions said to tap it with his wand. Then, it would turn itself on and start running MagicSpace. He tapped it with his wand. 'Merlin, I feel like a git,' he thought to himself. Suddenly, words came up on the screen. Startled, he screamed like a little girl and fell off his bed.

"Owww!" He moaned, rubbing his arse.

"Oh, my, Harry, honey, are you okay!" Mrs. Weasley yelled up the stairs.

"Oh, she is so drunk," Harry mumbled.

"What did you say, dear?"

"Ummm, nothing! I'm fine!" Harry replied, standing up. Things were blurry. Hmm, he thought, Damn it! My glasses fell off again. He moved his foot. Crunch.

"Fuck." He bent over and picked up his smashed glasses. He mumbled a spell, and his glasses went back to normal. Returning them to their normal place, Harry went back to his MagicSpace. Words were already sprawled across the screen:

'Welcome to MagicSpace! MagicSpace will help you communicate with wizards all around the world. You may set up your MagicSpace and include things about yourself so that people can look at it and learn things about you. Please fill out the information below:

Name:' Harry thought for a second. He wasn't about to put, "Yeah, my name's Harry fucking Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, yada, yada, yada." Then Voldemort would definitely find it. After pondering for a seconds, he started typing.

Sean Shore.

'Password: Malfoysucks'. He giggled. First of all, how juvenile was that? And second, how big of a lie was that? Malfoy didn't suck. He had a crush on him, for Merlins sake.

'Confirm Password: Malfoysucks'. He giggled again.


Country: England

Gender: Male

Now, please click 'Continue'.'

He looked at the MagicSpace like it was crazy. It wanted him to do what? As if reading his mind, more words showed up on the screen.

'Do you see the small rectangular thing under the keys?' It typed itself.

"Yeah," Harry mumbled to himself.

'Good,' It typed, 'Now, put your finger on it and move your finger around while touching it.' Harry did as he was told, and gasped when he saw an arrow moving around the screen.

"No way!" He screeched.

'Yes way,' it typed.

"Whoa, okay, how did you know I was saying that?" Harry frantically whispered, slowly scooting himself away from his crazy MagicSpace.

'This is your wand. Well, in a sense. Once you tapped the MagicSpace with me, the unicorn's hairs, phoenix hair, whatever, that's in your wand's soul (in your case, a phoenix feather) was transferred into here, and that would be me.' The phoenix's soul typed.

"Bu–But!" Harry spluttered, "That's like a slave! I couldn't do that. I just couldn't."

'No, actually, it's quite unlike being a slave. You see, it's rather nice here. I'm the one with slaves. And I get to sit on a red velvet pillow that has a phoenix on it while they feed me grapes. All I have to do is help you begin this and help you when there's a problem, but other then that, it's Pamper-Heaven.'

"Oh..." Harry said, thinking for a second, "Hey!" A huge grin was spread over his face, "Can I can you Phinny?"

'I guess so,' Phinny typed.

"Yay!" Harry squealed, doubling over in a giggle fit.

'Do you want to get back to making your MagicSpace yet?'

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Harry replied, once he could control his laughter.

So, on the went with making Harry's MagicSpace appealing to people, and on went the beginning of a friendship between wizard and phoenix, or...er...yeah, just phoenix.