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Chapter Two: Becoming Friends

Harry's day from then on in was pretty much MagicSpace, MagicSpace, MagicSpace. It was quite addicting, especially since he could talk with Phinny, and tell him everything. I mean, what's he gonna do? Jump out of the MagicSpace and go and tell Malfoy that Harry's lusting after him? Unlikely.

Once he had created and finally felt satisfied with his MagicSpace (which, I must tell you, took a very long time.), he decided to have a laugh and look around and see if anyone from school had one yet. First, just to be sure, Harry typed in Ron Weasley. None. Hermione Granger. Actually, there was one result...It was a girl in a...let's just not describe it and say it was a very SLUTTY outfit, with wild make up and hair. Harry prayed that this wasn't his best friend Hermione.

The next name he typed in, he couldn't help; Draco Malfoy. Phinny laughed at him, but Harry shushed him as the results came up. So the ferret did have a MagicSpace. He clicked on the picture of Malfoy, who, of course, was smirking, and looked around his profile.

"Sh...Should I ask him to be my friend, Phinny?"

'Yes. You should. He wouldn't know it was you, anyways.' Phinny replied.

"Yeah!" Harry said, mustering up the courage to just click that button. He inhaled. Clicked the button. Waited. Waited. Waited. Losing air...

Confirmed. Harry exhaled, breathing deeply.

'Don't kill yourself, there,'Phinny joked.

"I'm okay," Harry panted.

Suddenly, he got a message from Malfoy. It read:

'Who the bloody hell is this?'

Wow, classic.

"What do I say?" Harry panicked.

'Tell him...' Phinny thought for a second. 'Tell him that you're a wizard from where he lives and he wanted to get to know people.'

"Okay...But Malfoy will probably tell me off." Still, Harry replied saying that his name was Sean and that he wanted to get to know people. An instant reply again.

'I'm Draco. Draco Malfoy.' Harry could imagine Draco smirking at this. To feed his ego a little, he replied by saying, 'Wow, a Malfoy. Are you in Slytherin?'

'Of course he is. What's the point in asking?' Phinny pointed out.

"A conversation starter. I don't know what else t–"

"Harry!" Hermione called from in front of the door, "Harry, who are you talking to?" Concern was tangled into her voice.

"Uhhh...No one, 'Mione!" He called back as he stuffed Phinny under his pillow and grabbed a book off the floor. Just then he heard the jingle that meant Malfoy had replied. Damn.

"Alright...Can I come in?" She asked.

"Yeah, c'mon in." Harry made himself more comfortable. Now he wouldn't be able to use MagicSpace for a little while.

Hermione entered the room, dropping her jacket on her bed and took off her shoes.

"Where did you go?" Harry asked, not taking his eyes off the book.

"Uh, Ginny and I just went for a walk," she panted, not looking up at Harry.


"What have you been doing?" Hermione asked, pulling her bushy hair back out of her face.

"Just been reading." Harry held up his book.

"Harry, that book's upside down."

"Oh, heh, right." Harry turned the book right side up.

"And," Hermione squinted a little, "it's on periods."

Harry turned green. Why was this on my floor! He thought. Upon resuming his normal color, Harry chuckled awkwardly, "Well, you know, I've always been curious!" But threw the book down all the same, shoving it towards Ron's bed "It's his," He whispered, pointing to Ron's area of the room.

"Right. Harry is there something I should know that you're not telling me?" Hermione came over to sit next to Harry.

"No, 'Mione, I'm fine." Harry raised an eyebrow in her direction.

"Are you sure? I mean, you've been acting very strange."

"I have? No I haven't. Pssh, I'm fine, really." Awkward.

"Okay..." Harry could tell she didn't believe him. "Well, I should probably help Mrs. Weasley with dinner."

"Okay. Make sure she doesn't dabble some Vodka in it."

"Wh–What?" Hermione spluttered.

Harry laughed, "Nothing." And though Hermione looked like she was just about to sit down again and question him about Mrs. Weasley, she just raised an eyebrow at him and left.

Harry pulled Phinny back out, who had been complaining the whole time about being stuffed under a pillow, but still let Harry use him.

He read Malfoy's reply:

'Of course. Are you going to Hogwarts for 7th year?' For a second, Harry panicked. How did Malfoy know he was in 7th year? Did he know he was Harry? If he did, why would he be nice to him? Then it dawned on him; his age was on his MagicSpace.

'No, I'm going to a school in America.' Harry replied, after debating with Phinny about what he should say in return.

'Oh. So, why don't you have any pictures of yourself on your Space?' Draco replied.

"He wants pictures of me!" Harry asked, startled at Malfoy's words.

'Well, it is nice to know what a person looks like when you're talking to them.' Phinny typed.

"But...But, what do I do? I can't very well send him a picture of me."

'He didn't ask you to send him a picture, did he? He just asked why you didn't have any.'

"Oh. Oh, right." Harry muttered.

'I just made my MagicSpace and I haven't gotten around to my picture's yet.' Which was sort of true. Harry had just made his MagicSpace, and he hadn't even thought about pictures to put on it.

This was the first time that Harry didn't get an immediate answer in return. Since he had nothing better to do, he went and looked at Malfoy's MagicSpace again.

Go figure he'd have it, Harry thought to himself, The stupid, selfish, spoiled, purebloo–he's bi!

"Phinny..." Harry leaned closer to the screen, "Are you sure that's right?"

'Is what right?' Phinny asked.

"It says here that Malfoy's bi. I–Is that right?" Harry studdered.

'That's what it says.'

"Holy shit! Malfoy is biiii! Malfoy is biiii! Malfoy is biii!" He sang, doing a victory dance.

'What makes you think he'll give you the light of day?' Phinny pointed out. Harry sat back down and pouted.

"Thanks for raining on my parade, Phinny."