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Harry's arms were wrapped around something warm. the same object was pressed against him from head to toe. Harry inhaled the scent and immediately recognized it. it was his enemy, his rival, and his true love, Draco Malfoy. he smiled inwardly and opened his eyes. and sure enough, there in the darkness were the eyes of the other boy, but they were closed. Harry's head swam in the scent of his lover. he tried to move without disturbing the sleeping boy's rest, but failed. Draco's eyes fluttered open and stared deep into Harry's emerald orbs. Once again, Harry felt the strong arms of Draco wrapping around his shoulders and waist, pulling him closer, warming him deeper.

"good morning, my love" Draco said after a long silence. His voice was silky, and seductive, it sent a pleasant shiver down Harry's spine.

"good morning." Harry said, his voice deep, and masculine, but also soft and caring. Harry planted a deep passionate kiss on Draco's lips, exploring his mouth and wrestling his tongue. Draco broke the kiss, to soon for Harry's likening.

"lets go take a bath." Draco said looking into Harry's eyes. he nodded in agreement and climbed out of bed and retrieved a set of his own, and a set of Draco's robes, which harry had taken to keeping in his trunk.

Harry smiled at his lover as they both disappeared under his invisibility cloak, walking quietly so they wouldn't wake any of the other boys. They made their way to the prefect's bath, Draco muttered the password and pulled Harry gently by the hand, casting every locking charm he knew, and a silencing charm as well. They cast off the cloak and held each other in their arms. They kissed passionately for a few seconds, Draco had taken the liberty of pulling off Harry's pajama top, and ran his hands over the muscled chest and stomach. Harry smiled inwardly, and pulled off Draco's shit and leaned into the warmth. Draco broke the kiss, and slipped his bottoms off and walked over to the bath and slipped in. he beckoned Harry to follow suit. Harry smiled and did, he walked over and slipped in, instantly leaning against Draco, kissing him deeply. Harry ran his hands up and down Draco's back and broke the kiss once more.

"I love you." Harry said

"I love you too." Draco said silently, kissing him gently.