Four years later

"Good morning younglings."

"Good morning Master Luke!"

Luke smiled at the enthusiasm of his small class of younglings. "Is everyone ready for some saber practice?" he asked, knowing exactly what the answer would be.

"Oh yes, Master!" they replied, almost in unison.

"Alright then, lower your blast shields, younglings," he commanded. The children complied at once.

Luke brought out the remotes and activated them, set on the lowest setting of course, and released them into the room. Each of the younglings held their small weapon in their hands eagerly, readying themselves for the exercises to commence.

Luke walked about the room, encouraging his young students, giving pointers when necessary. He could not help but notice how much his own brother, Anakin Junior, stood out among the other younglings. His skill was almost as developed as Luke's at the tender age of four.

"Very good, Ani," Luke said to his brother. "You're getting better every day."

Ani stopped his exercises and took off his helmet. He looked up at his big brother, his large brown eyes full of hero worship. "Thank you, Master Luke," he said, suppressing a giggle as he always did when he called his brother Master.

Luke grinned at him, and tousled the boy's sandy blond hair. "Back to work now," he said. He bent down close so only Ani could hear him. "Later I'll take you out for some flying practice, would you like that?"

"Oh yes," Ani replied at once. "Can I drive this time?"

"I think so," Luke replied with a smile.

Ani grinned, and then replaced the helmet and recommenced his exercises.

As Luke continued to instruct his students, he reflected that soon there would be two more candidates for the knighthood. His sister Leia was pregnant with twins and due within the next few weeks. Han was already a nervous wreck, Luke reflected with a smile. He has no idea what he's in for with two Force sensitives on his hands.

"How was saber practice?" Anakin asked as his two sons met him in the vestibule of the Temple.

"It was fun," Ani told his father as Anakin picked him up.

"Fun?" Anakin replied with an expression of mock seriousness. "Now what would Master Yoda say if he heard you say that?" he asked his young son.

"He'd say a Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind," Ani responded at once, doing an imitation of the old Jedi master that caused both his father and brother to burst out laughing.

"Yes, that's exactly what he'd say," Anakin replied. "But you know what I'd say?"

"What, Daddy?" Ani asked with a smile.

"I'd say if you're not having fun, you mustn't be doing it right," Anakin replied with a grin, causing his young namesake to giggle.

"Luke said he's going to take me flying," Ani told his father excitedly. "And that I can fly this time!"
Anakin nodded. "Good, I think you're ready," he said. "I was flying at your age," he added. "And so was your brother."

"Were you, Luke?" Ani asked.

Luke nodded. "Yup," he replied. "I sure was."

"Did Daddy take you out like he takes me?" Ani asked.

Luke and Anakin looked at one another. Young Ani had not yet been told about his family's unusual history. They all knew in time it would be unavoidable, but for now, it was agreed that he was simply too young to understand.

"Yes, he sure did," Luke said, taking his brother from his father's arms and setting him on his back. "Now let's go, before Master Yoda catches us."

Ani laughed as Luke set off at a gallop with his little brother on his back. Anakin watched with pride as his two sons disappeared into the enormous corridors of the Jedi temple.

The temple was no longer a place of painful memories for Anakin; rather it was a place of hope and joy for what the future held for his family and for the Jedi Order. He had helped to remake that Order, now his own progeny would see to it that it continued, even when he himself had passed from this world into the oneness of the Force. He had made it work, when no one thought he could; and now, thanks to the example set by him and his beloved wife, all Jedi were permitted to have families. Leia was about to begin hers, and as for Lukeā€¦Anakin wasn't sure, but he had a strong suspicion that there was a special someone in his life. Luke will tell us when he's ready, Anakin reflected as he headed towards the landing platform behind the temple.

He nodded in greeting to two of the newer recruits, former members of the Rebel Alliance who had shown great promise as Jedi hopefuls. With peace now in the galaxy, the Force sensitive beings were coming from all over to the Temple, and the Order was growing in numbers each day. The enemies who had made the attempt on his life mere weeks before the birth of young Ani had been sentenced to the spice mines of Kessel, where they would spend a life time of hard labor for their treachery. All was well, all was peaceful; Anakin had never known such peace in his life, even as a young boy. It was a good feeling.

Getting into his speeder, Anakin watched for a moment as his two sons raced across the darkening Coruscant sky. He smiled, feeling their excitement as intensely as if it were his, and then headed for home.