Disclaimer - Hunter x Hunter does not belong to me, all characters and such are the marvelous product of Yoshihiro Togashi.

A Note - The mind sure does wander in the hours before sleep, here is a random product of that wandering.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
(as answered by the cast of Hunter x Hunter because what else do they have to do between seasons?)

Gon: The chicken wanted to meet his father, the greatest rooster of them all.
(In the distance a gryphon could be seen flying by with what appeared to be a rooster upon its back.)

Killua: Because he wanted to, that and he smelled chocolate.

Leorio: There was a hot hen on the other side.
Killua: Such are such a pervert, old man.
Leorio: What! I'm not that much older then you.
(Note how he did not disagree with being called a pervert.)

Kurapika: That is where the bastards who killed his clan went.
(Everyone else slowly inches away from Kurapika.)

Hisoka: Someone very strong (and attractive of course!) was beckoning him over.
(Hisoka giggles and leers at Gon.)
(Gon breaks out in a cold sweat.)

Menchi: Having the chicken exercise prior to being eaten is the proper way to prepare the meat.

Buhara: I'm hungry, did you say there's chicken around here?
(He looks around hungrily as the chicken flees in terror.)

Illumi: That was the last location his brother was sighted at.
(Busily attempting to shove Killua into a bag to take back home.)

Kikyou: Who cares about a chicken? Where's my dear Killua! Mother misses you!
(At this point Killua pauses in his struggle against his elder brother and glares at his mother.)
(Killua's mother shivers in delight.)

Machi: To get away from a certain demented magician.
Hisoka: Your words wound me!
Machi: Good.

Kuroro Lucifer: He saw a lovely fur-lined trench coat on the other side.

Biscuit: Some gorgeous unpolished gems were just waiting for her on the other side.
(Eyes shining, she looks at the array of bishounen before her.)

Ubougin: It was the strongest chicken and no one could stop it! Can I fight it?

Shalnark: Because I controlled it to do so, though I don't think it particularly wanted to do so.

Shizuku: Hm? What chicken…I don't remember any chicken…