Note – Yet another question, this one is probably more cute than it is silly :P

What is love?
(as answered by the cast of Hunter x Hunter)

Gon: Aunt Mito, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapica! I would choose all of them as my lover.
Killua: Do you even know what 'lover' means, Gon?
Gon: Sure, the women on Whale Island told me all about what lovers do, it sounds like fun!
Hisoka: Want to have some fun with me?
(The magician giggles madly as Gon backs away in horror.)

Killua: It is the feeling you get when you spend a warm summer evening outside with your best friend and a box of chocolates. Well, that is if the friend doesn't want any of the chocolate, of course.

Leorio: When a man and a woman love each other they…(He eyes Gon and Killua). Are you sure it is okay to talk about this in front of kids?
Kurapica (Whacks Leorio on the head.): Love! Not loving, you pervert.
Gon: What's the different?

Kurapica: Love is being with your family and knowing they are alive and well.
Gon: We'll be your family, and we are happy and well!
(Gon hugs Kurapica who blushes furiously.)

Kuroro: Being willing to do anything, even set in motion the destruction of the world, for your long gone friend.
Pakunoda: Dancho, we all know you want to destroy the world to have the trench coats all to yourself.

Hisoka: Love is like a house of cards. You can have as many as you want but you can discard of them if you grew bored.
(Hisoka grins broadly at Gon, Machi, and Illumi.)
(The three objects of his affection shudder and decide to mail the magician off to Istanbul.)

Biscuit: Love is when my heart gets all fluttery from the sight of sexy g…ems, yes, gems.

Illumi: A cage.
(The assassin promptly attempts to stuff Killua into a steel cage.)

Senritsu: The sound of your own soothing heartbeat is love.

Neon: Love is when father gets me whatever I want, even a human heart :)