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"Kairi! Kairi, come here!" Sora called, red evident on his cheeks as he ran a hand through chocolate locks. The girl looked up from her game, as her other friends groaned.

"Aw. And I was winning, too!" Shiari said, pouting as she watched Kairi. The girl smiled back at her friend.

"Don't worry; I'll be right back." She then flexed her arm. "Or I'll make Sora pay for keeping me!" Both of them giggled, as she waved before darting off. "So Sora. What do you need that's so important that you just had to interrupt my game?" She crossed her arms over her chest in mock anger, watching him squirm.

"Ah...w-well you see...I needed to tell you something about...Riku." he said nervously, blush freshening at the silver-haired youth's name. She raised a thin eyebrow, before letting her arms fall back to her sides; he sounded like it was very important.

Trying to take a more serious tone, she took his hand making him sit on the warm sand with her, before saying, "Alright Sora. I'm all ears...So, what about Riku? Is something wrong with him?" He shook his head quickly.

"N-no! No, not at all. That's actually the problem..." he said quietly. She listened intently, gaze traveling over his face; concern and worry was etched into his usually soft features, and perhaps a hint of curiosity. "I-I can't stop thinking about him...his image never...never leaves my thoughts." He then looked up, azure eyes filled with confusion as he looked her in the eyes. "I don't know what's wrong! Ever since...a week or so ago, since I've started thinking of him, it's been really weird between us. It's so hard to talk to him without freezing up, or-or saying a complete sentence of gibberish..." He then shifted his gaze to the sand once more, as he scooped up some into his gloved hand.

"I see..." she said, thinking this over. As quickly as she began to analyze this newly acquired information, she finished with a broad grin. "Well I know what's wrong Sora! You just have a crush is all." She turned a smiling face toward him, only to find that shock was the only thing conveying at this conclusion.

"C-crush...?" he croaked hoarsely, as if the word was not a part of his vocabulary. "A crush? I can't...but that's...you're kidding...it can't...we...I-I...Kairi?" he rambled, finishing with a weak look to his best friend. She sighed, scooching closer to sit next to him.

"Yes. A crush." she replied, looking at him; he met her gaze then shifted to look somewhere, anywhere but at her. "Why, is that a problem?"

"Well y-yeah!" he exclaimed, stammering. "He's a...I-I'm a..a..a boy!" Kairi scrunched up her nose in disappointment, and Sora blushed a deep shade of red, looking discouraged.

"Look Sora, it isn't anything to be ashamed of...it's okay to like Riku like that." she cooed gently putting an arm around his shoulders in a comforting manner. "So don't worry, okay? Everything'll be just fine. Sooo..." She hugged him tightly, and he gasped for air. "Buck up, will ya?"

He nodded, hugging her back. "Thanks Kairi..." he murmured, sighing. She pulled away, and smiled.

"No problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and finish my game." she said, standing up. He nodded again, getting up as well before smiling and darting off to go and swim. She watched him go, then turned to face the direction of the forest. She had some work to do...Plans began to work their way into her head, and she grinned almost devilishly. Oh, this was going to be sooo much fun...

Evening fell upon the island, as the three walked home in an uncomfortable silence. Kairi wouldn't stand for it. She needed to make sure these two could hit it off...she knew for a fact that Riku had a thing going for Sora. They just needed the right stuff, and Wham! it would work out.

"Sooo...Sora, Riku, how'd your guys' day go? Anything interesting happen?" she asked, looking on either side of herself; Riku on her left and Sora on her right. They both looked up simultaneously, locking gazes for a moment before Sora's eyes widened. He looked away quickly, face turning a pretty shade of scarlet. Riku raised an eyebrow in question, before looking ahead to the street. Neither of them would say anything.

Kairi tried again. "Riku, how many of the knuckle-head boys tried to beat you at sparring? They all lost, didn't they?" she said in a knowing tone. The silver-haired boy only nodded. The girl huffed again, then brightened looking at Sora. "Sora, did anyone challenge you to a swimming race? I thought Shiari wanted to race you earlier." He shook his head, face still painted a bright red. Watching him a moment more, she sighed loudly, putting her hands behind her head. "Gawd, you two are booooring!" They both looked to her, then looked away. This was so uncomfortable...

"Alright you two! Since you're both being knuckle-heads, I'm going to cook dinner tonight. And neither of you can help." She said. They were already back at the house they shared. Riku rolled his eyes at her commands, and Sora sighed quietly. "Besides, you guys would probably screw something up anyways..." She mumbled to herself. They both ignored her, deep in thought. She glared at them, the 'hmphed' before walking into their small kitchen.

"Okaaaay...we need...some of this..." She pulled out a few things from a cabinet, "...Some of this..." she then rummaged through a drawer, pulling out some utensils of sorts and other food stuffs, "...and a bit of the secret ingredient." She produced a bag, a small green plant of sorts nestled within the contents. It smelled delicious, quite an enticing aroma. She sighed almost dreamily, then smacked herself around a bit; she needed to keep her head on straight. Taking everything else, she began to make the stew and rice.

"Alright...almost done..." she murmured. The stew looked quite enticing, and the rice nice and fluffy. She sprinkled some of the ground-up plant over all the food, and it disappeared. The food looked as normal as it could get. She smiled, satisfied, then set the table, bringing out the food, then called Sora and Riku. They both came down, and sat, Kairi giving them big helpings, and herself just a small amount. They sent her questioning looks, and she stopped a moment. What was she supposed to tell them...?

"Girl problem." She replied simply; they didn't dare bother her about it. After eating, Kairi cleared the table then did dishes.

"Kairi, what's with you tonight?" Riku asked, watching her scrub a plate. "You're never this generous." Uh oh...Riku was suspicious.

"Oh stop. I can be nice sometimes, I swear." she said airily, waving a soapy dish. "Just chill." He glared at her, but said nothing more as he walked off. After cleaning the dishes, she wandered out to the living room, where Riku and Sora were sitting. Neither were talking, both looking everywhere but at the other. 'Hmm...looks like it won't work for a while now...man. Uhm...oh! I know.'

She smiled at them both, then yawned, streaching. "Guys, let's go to bed. I'm super tired."

"Really? Me too." Sora said quickly, grinning. "C'mon, let's go." He got up, heading for the stairs. Riku followed with a nod, Kairi bringing up the rear. Sora headed to the room in the middle, Riku on the left and Kairi on the right. She poked her head out of her room, before saying, "Good Night Riku, Good Night Sora. Try to keep it down, okay?" She then quickly withdrew from the hall, closing and locking her door. She listened to Riku sigh, before the door closest to her opened then closed, and a moment later the farthest away. She smiled. It would be a few hours until it started to work, so the only thing she could do was go to sleep, and hope she was woken up to listen to them.

Soft thumping and creaking awoke Kairi with a start. She groaned slightly then sat up, before letting her hand travel down into her underwear. She ran her middle finger between swollen lips, and she shuddered slightly; she was really wet.

"Erg…" she hissed, withdrawing her hand and gazing at the juices that covered it. "I totally forgot it would affect me too... " She grimaced as she got up to go and relive herself in the bathroom, when she heard a gasp from Sora's room. The door was open a crack, and she stopped to look. Riku was sitting on Sora's bed, leaning over him; Sora had his eyes closed, and he was completely nude. Kairi's eyes widened; 'Oh my god...' She inched pass the door, then leaned against the wall before sliding down, her legs spread. She slipped her underwear off, before running her fingers through the lips; it was so slick already, as she played with the little nub groaning slightly. The more she heard Sora moan and Riku murmur to him, the more she played with herself and the wetter she got.

"Mmmmmnngg..." Kairi listened to them talking, and suddenly Sora came, screaming Riku's name. She paused her motions, hesitating slightly before leaning over to peek into the room. What met her sights made her head spin. They were kissing deeply one moment and then the next moment Riku's shirt was off and Sora was going down on him. Without thinking, a finger slipped into her wet entrance, as her other hand played roughly with her clit. She listened to Riku's groans, and the slurping of Sora as he took in as much as his mouth deemed possible. Soon enough Riku came, and Kairi was that much closer, as she pumped with two fingers now, waiting to add three. "Oh god...mmmnng...so good..." she moaned, mewling quietly. She panted and thrust, body shaking slightly with the feelings running through her body as she made soft noises of pleasure.

"Sora, Sora, Sora...I think it would be better if I showed you..." she heard. This was it.

'Go Riku...' she thought, adding a third finger, then a fourth, as she let her other hand travel under her shirt to massage her hardened nipple. She could hear the bed creaking, as Sora moaned, groaned, and mewled loudly, no self-control present at all. The same could be said for Riku as he screwed the boy mercifullessly.

A sudden sensation began to build in Kairi, pooling in her lower regions; she closed her eyes tightly, pumping quickly, going deeper with each thrust.

"Ahhh..nnngg! S-Sora...Riku...!" she called the pressure beginning to build...there were white spots forming behind closed eyelids..."Nnngg ahhhh...mmmnn...!"

She faintly heard Sora; he sounded like he was going to cum any second now. She thrust as hard as she could, and then suddenly...!

"Oh!" Her orgasm hit her hard in wave after wave of pleasure, mewling and groaning quietly, gritting her teeth together as tears formed at the corners of her eyes. She came almost simultaneously with Sora, as he came for the third time that night. Kairi laid there a long moment, riding out the last waves of her well-deserved orgasm, before groaning quietly from sheer exhaustion. Moving to lean up against the wall again, she slowly took her hand from between her legs, looking at it; it was covered in her cum as she brought it to her face and licked it.

"Mmm...tasty..." she said quietly, licking the sticky substance a few more times. She got up, almost in a trance-like state, going to the bathroom. Peeing and cleaning herself up quickly, she wandered back to Sora's room. Her body felt really weighed down, as she trudged quietly in. Climbing in bed, and settling herself down between the two of them, she fell asleep quickly, a smile present on her face.