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"This is talking"

'This is thinking'

"This is flashback talking"

'This is flashback thinking'

Bold,italic, underlined words are being emphisized. Italic will mostly be used.

A soft groan reached Riku's ears, as he sighed. His 25 concious brain registered a large source of warmth coming from one side of him. Instinctivly he scooted closer, shivering as the cool morning air flowed over him. A touch of skin brushed over his arm, his eye twitching involuntarily. 45 He heard faint breathing, holding his breath a second to register that there was someone else with him. 85 Riku growled irritatedly, grudgingly opening ocean eyes; they widened almost comically, as his brain finished booting up.

100 awake, enjoy the real world.

He gave a short shout, tumbling off one side of the bed; the site before him was simply terrifying. Kairi was laying there, curled up slightly sleeping calmly. She was in a shirt and underwear, her shirt riding slightly to reveal the smooth skin of her stomach. The silver-haired youth wracked his brain despearatly, trying to pick through the fuzzy details of last night. He couldn't remember much...had he done something with Kairi?

"Oh shit..." he whispered harshly to himself. Another soft groan was heard, and Sora sat up from the other side of the bed, streaching and yawning. He rand his hand through his hair, blinking eyes in a lazy fashion. Where exactly was he? He knew that he was in his bed, that was for sure. But...He glanced down at the sleeping girl next to him, his eyes widening as well. He let his gaze travle upward a bit, catching eyes with Riku.

"Riku I-"

"Sora what-"

Sora blushed and Riku scoffed; they had spoken at the same time, neither getting out what they had wanted to say. Finally Sora spoke up.

"You go first, Riku..." he mumbled. Riku cast his eyes downward, nodding once.

"Sora...do you know what happened? I don't remember much...and why the hell is Kairi here? We didn't...I-I didn't...nothing happened with her, right?" he asked quietly, hesitantly. This wasn't like Riku, but Sora couldn't blame him. Even though Riku might not have remembered, Sora did. A mental image of Riku above him, moaning his name...

He blushed further. "So...you don't remember...?" he asked. He saw the elder male shake his head, and he blushed harder. How the heck was he gonna tell him that they had...had... 'I can't even think it...! Oh god, what am I gonna do...?'

"Do you Sora? Can you tell me?" Riku had gotten up now, getting back onto the bed as he leaned over Kairi; the girl was stil sleeping peacefully. Sora nodded once; he felt a little light-headed from the heat radiating off his face.

"I-I can't tell you...so...I'll do this..." He also leaned over Kairi, meeting Riku midway; leaning in, to the slight surprise of Riku, he kissed him gently. Riku immidetly returned it, feircer and more heated, pulling him closer. Weather it be a minuet or longer, their tounges fought for domminence, before both parted. Sora watched him hesitently, Riku blinking as his face matched Sora's in color.

"I...think I know what happened." he murmured, watching Sora with loving eyes. "Sora, we did it last night, didn't we?" It made the brunette jump to hear it said so bluntly, but he nodded quickly, casting his eyes away.

"Yeah...but why's Kairi here...?" They both met the other's gaze; neither could answer that.

"I got tired after...I had fun. So I curled up with you guys." a sleepy voice said from below. Both the boys looked down, before horror conveyed on their facial features. Kairi was awake. Shit.

"So, did you guys enjoy yourselves last night?" she said, sitting up and sitting in-between the two. "I could hear you from my room you were so loud! And I warned you to keep it down, didn't I? So this is what happens, I end up sleeping in your bed, Sora." She was grinning almost manically, as she looked between the both of them; they were extreamly pale.

"W-wait, don't tell me you...you...!" Riku stammered.

"Yep. You two were doing it like bunnies for pete's sake." she replied cooly. She plowed on. "But anyways, I think I should explain myself. I'll go down and make breakfast; you two should get dressed." She looked down at both of them, before giggling. "Or better yet, go shower. You're both all icky. It would do you good. And don't fool around; I am timing you, More than 20 minuets and I'll come upstairs and dump bucket after bucket of cold water on you two." She scooched past Riku, before sliding off the bed. "Have fun." Winking, she headed to her room to throw on some pants, before dashing downstairs.

"Do you ever wonder-" begain Sora.

"-How she knows so much? Yeah. But whatever, we should take a shower." Riku replied grimly, grabbing Sora by the wrist and dragging him off to the bathroom.

After a plate of food piled high, and much reassuring there was nothing in it but the all-natural ingredients of baccon, eggs, and sausage, they ate and gathered in the living room. After settling down, Kairi started.

"Alright, I'm sure you guys have questions. Please feel free to ask away." she said seriously, keeping rapt attention. Riku began first.

"What was the stuff that made us so...er..." He didn't quite want to finish the sentence, but Kairi got it well enough.

"It was the premature leaves on the Paoupu Tree. Used sparingly, they can make you really warm and fuzzy, but I used more so the effect was much stronger, as you found out last night." she replied quickly.

"How come we couldn't see it?" It was now Sora's turn.

"It mixes with the food quickly," she began, turning to face Sora on the couch. "dessolves if you will, so it's almost untraceable unless put through vigoruse testing." Sora nodded thoughtfully, as if satisfied. However, Riku still looked disturbed.

"So, why did you put that in our food?" She turned to him slowly, a devilish smile creeping up over her features.

"Why? 'Cause Sora was too scared to say anything, and you were being stubborn, refusing you didn't have any feelings toward him. In lamemen's terms: You were being boys. I just couldn't stand by and let a perfectly good relationship go down the drain." she said with an air of definance about her. Riku didn't respond, but Sora nodded again.

"Thanks...for the help, Kairi." he said, his bangs hiding some of the blush spreading over his cheeks.

She smiled. "No problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be off." She rose, walking off to take care of whatever she might of needed to do. That left Sora and Riku alone.

"...Riku. I-I just...want to know one more thing." he said quietly. Riku watched, blinking light-teal eyes now and again. "Well...um...last night. Did...did it mean anything..t-to you? Or was it just...for your own benifit..?" He watched his gloved hands, keeping his gaze away from Riku. Minuets passed, it seemed, as Sora waited, still no answer given to him.


He looked up, the only word he could utter was, "Oh!" before being tackled into the couch, Riku pressing his lips firmly to Sora's. It wasn't ment to be sensual, or loving; it was a reassurance. The brunette needed that right now, as he kissed back with just as much force.

"Sora.." he parted, panting the younger's name, as he layed benieth him, his lips bruised slightly from the force. "Sora, yes. Yes, yes, yes. It ment so much, and more. Sora...I want to be with you. That simple." Sora nodded, tears rolling down the side of his face, as he smiled.

"Riku-kun!" He tackled the older in turn, knocking them both back to the other side of the couch, hugging him tightly. "Me too, Riku-kun...me too..." Riku held him closer, hugging him tight.

As the scean played out, a small smiled graced the girl's lips, as she let her hand slide from the door frame before walking to go off. Her help was always needed and appreciated, she could see that plain as day.

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