It was dinner and the food smelt funny, or so James thought. He swore he saw a hair, too. He also saw Lily sitting a few seats away from here. Notes, yes! Notes!

"Prongs," Sirius pestered flopping down next to James. "We're still turning Evans' hair purple, yeah?"

"Of course."

Remus rolled his eyes. "James, what is that?"

James smirked. "A note, dear Moony, a note!"

It began again.

'Shiny Hair-
The food smells funny.'

"Here we go," Lily sighed, writing a quickly reply.

Complaining about something else, what a surprise.'

. . .But the food smells funny! Ew, is that a hair? I think I found a hair.'

What did I tell you before? Bugger off. I want to eat my food without feeling the need to hurl it towards your head.'

Iwould treasure the hurled food always. But really. It even tastes funny!"

I really think it's just you. Or maybe it had something to do with what Sirius had just slipped into your food. You figure it out. Love, Lily.'

...That's ponce! I am betrayed. I'd watch it if I were you, Peter just tipped something in your goblet. Happy eating, James.'

"You ponce," James scowled at Sirius who beamed happily. James switched plate with Peter just before the boy sat down.

I seriously doubt Peter has the capability mentally to do something as sneaky as that without toppling the goblet over in the process. Dearest, Lily.'

Bugger, food stain. Aha! That's were you are wrong, dearest Evans. He just came back with an empty vial. I must say, you are looking a little peaked.'

Lily put her head in her hands. Only Potter. Only him.

'Mr. Potter-
Once again, would you kindly let me eat my food in peace. Much thanks, Lily.'

James fussed. No one listened to him. No one!

'Ms. Evans-
But I'm telling you! There is something wrong with the food, and it's not because of what Sirius slipped in to my food. I gave that plate to Peter...Remus says hello and wonders if he could kindly borrow your Potions book before the weekend.'

'Mr. Potter-
Maybe complain about the food to someone who truly cares, not that I don't in the least. Tell Remus hello, and that of course he may.'

'Ms. Evans-
I'd really wish you'd listen. Er. Read. Whatever. Everyone but you knows about the food! Of course, you're also the only one to have drank from a goblet in which Peter had tipped something in. Remus thanks you and would like to warn you not to take another drink of that goblet. Bugger. I really just wrote that…'

"We're not speaking, Moony," James grumbled, glancing at Remus.

Remus sighed. "You wrote it."

"Not speaking!" James cried dramatically, pretending to ignore the other boy.

I really wish you'd bugger off, and leave me and my untouched drink alone. Lily.'

So you'll go out with me then?'

Lily stared blankly at James.

'Not a chance Potter. Good day, Lily.'

The boy groaned.

'I am ever hopeful. James.'

'It will never happen, I really wouldn't waste my time if I were you. Lily.'

'I have all the time in the world to waste, haven't you noticed? Still hopeful, James.'

She balled the note up, throwing it at James.

'I'm sure no one could've missed that. Still annoyed, Lily.'

'Eurgh. This food is disgusting. We must stage a protest! Better food for.. er.. better minds!'

'I don't understand you in the least Potter.'

James snickered to himself.

I am hurt.'

It's your own fault."'


'Bugger off is more like it.'

'That's kind of dirty, Evans.'

Lily rolled her eyes. Only Potter.

'Only immature boy's such as yourself would take it out of context.'

'You've got food in your hair.'

'You've got food on your face.'

He rubbed at his cheeks.

'Peter is a sloppy eater.'

'By the looks of it, you are too.'

James smirked, quickly scribbling down another note.

'Oh look, dinner's over! Fancy I'll see you at breakfast then, eh, Evans?'

Lily paled. That meant more of these notes. Blast.

'Not if I can help it Potter. Good night, Lily.'

'I am crushed. 'Night, James.'

Sirius, who sat beside James snicker, before the final note was tossed. "There's love in the air," he sang dramatically before getting punched in the arm.

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