"I've just had an idea," James said, jumping up from his seat.

Sirius rolled his eyes. "I'm sure you have, Prongs, ole pal," he said, snickering. "Is it going to turn out like that last one of yours? Getting yourself and Wormtail in pretty little dresses?"

James leered at his best mate while Peter, from his bed, have a faint squeak and toppled off of the bed. "No, Padfoot, no. This is a much, much more brilliant plan."

"More brilliant than that plan when your goblet exploded in your face, James?" Remus asked, strolling in.

James was exasperated. "Yes! Even much, much, much more brilliant than that!"

"What about-"

"Peter, don't you dare," James said quickly before he scrambled out of the room, heading for the common room.

Remus cocked his head to the side. "What's he on about then?"

Sirius shrugged. "No clue, Moony. Maybe he's finally decided to stop asking poor little Evans out?"

"Or maybe he's come up with the master plan that'll land him a date with Lily?" Peter piped up. The room went silent and the poor boy shrunk against his bed. "Or not."

Meanwhile in the library where one Lily Evans happened to be working on a paper for potions when a folded up piece of parchment decided to smack her up side the head. After staring at it for a moment she unfolded it.

'Do you like scary movie?'

It didn't take the redhead long before she spotted Potter sitting idly back in a chair. So she wrote a note back, knowing full well where this would lead.

'Yes I do. No I'm not telling you.'

James was smacked on the forehead with the note. He groaned at the reply he got.

'You really are no fun, you know that, yes? What's the harm? It's just a question! Well sort of.'

'Potter, you ramble. Please stop, it hurts my brain. And there is no reason for you to know which movies I like!'

Lily was uneasy about where he was coming from. James was pouty because she wouldn't answer him.

'Fine. Do you have a dog, a pair of red shoes? Do you have an aunt and uncle that own a farm somewhere? Evans, you've got to answer something!'

'I'm fairly certain that if I did, James, then the color of you skin would be green and I'd be wishing I were home.'

'Hey! My skin was hexed green last year! D'you remember? Peter's not that good with charms - wait, are you saying that if you did, I would be a girl? That's cruel, Evans, very cruel!'

James didn't stop pouting. Lily just groaned at how pointless all of this was. She's rather be talking about ice cream than this!

'Yes! I'm saying that if I did have an aunt and uncle that lived on a farm, and a dog that you would be a green skinned girl! Who cackles like Severus.'

'Thank you, Lily. Thank you so very much. My life has lost all meaning now because I would be a girl who cackles like Snivellus. Woe is me. Anyway, yes! I need a scary movie!'


'It's a surprise.'

'Potter, you are aware that boys are not allowed in the girls dormitories, yes?'

'…Bugger. So. Um. Will you go out with me?'

Lily threw up her hands, glaring at the raven-haired boy. "No, no, no! For the love of Merlin, no!" She cried before collecting her things and making a dash out of the library.

James slumped on the table. Frowning to himself. "Well bollocks."