This is my second fanfic. Everyone seemed to like my first one, it's called true love, and you all should read it! I like this one as well, and I hope you guys do to! It's really good; at least that's what I think! Read and review!

Darien looked up from his case folder. His wife stood in front of him, her mouth still open from the dreaded words she had uttered.

"I just don't feel like this is working anymore." Serena sobbed, tears streaming down her face. "We barely see each other. There's too much work between our cases. We're never together. Think about what this is doing to Rini. Our precious little girl is suffering because during the day you're with her and during the night I'm with her. We aren't even together as a family.

"Dare, we don't even sleep in the same bed at the same time. We don't spend an ounce of time together, and it's not just your fault, I'm at blame too. A divorce is for the best, I'm sorry!"

Darien's heart broke as he watched, Serena, his only love, run out of his office in the Federal Bureau of Investigations.