Title: Under This Roof

Rating: T

Summary: She was left on their door step 19 years ago; just a few months old. They adopted her when they knew they wouldn't find her parents. She was the Takahashi's daughter, and His sister. So why is it when he come to visit home he was jealous of the guy she was making out with on the couch?

Character's Ages: Kagome: 19 Inuyasha: 23

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He's Back

By: Meeh-san

"No one's home right?" Came a very male voice from the front hallway

"Right, just me, the servants have the day off its Tuesday." Came a breathless sounding female voice

The sound of the front hall way's door closing echoed in the house. Then the young mistress came from the hallway wrapped in a very intimate kiss. They walk closer to the couch, where they promptly fell over the arm rest of. Kagome on the bottom and Kouga on top, it would have been a very promising position, if a certain someone hadn't saw them.

Inuyasha unlocked the door to the main house. He heard from his parents that they were leaving for their anniversary yesterday, and then remembering how much Kagome hated being alone, especially during hurricane season, came back to the main mansion on the first flight from Hong Kong. 'Hm…wonder if she'll like the souvenir.' Inuyasha thought as he walked upon the scene. He gaped; there was his little sister on the couch, with a guy on top of her. 'Does she feel where his hands are going!'

"Bastard. Get off of my sister right now." Inuyasha grounded harshly

Said guy and said sister immediately pulled apart and leapt off the couch at opposite sides of the room. "I—Inuyasha, what are you doing here?" Kagome asked nervously

"Saving you from losing your innocence apparently." Inuyasha retorted, and then to Koga, "You," Inuyasha pointed, "outta my house wolf."

"Dog-turd, I'm not going anywhere without my woman." Kouga replied

"She ain't your woman then, now, or ever. Understood?" Inuyasha growled the ending, as if challenging weather he wanted to go against him

Kouga met the challenge head on, and got in a fighting stance. "Ready when you are puppy."

"You sure wimpy wolf?" Inuyasha replied also getting into a stance.

"Stop you two!" Kagome shouted, grabbing Inuyasha's arm

"Alright, if my woman wishes it so I shall stop." Kouga replied charmingly, sending a smile her way

"Right, um, Kouga I think you should go now." Kagome said trying to hold Inuyasha back

"Whatever ya want Kagz," Kouga replied

"I'll walk you out." Inuyasha grounded out

"No, no Inuyasha, I'm sure Kouga knows the way out." Kagome replied holding on tighter to his arm

"Of course he does, I just want to make sure he doesn't get lost." Inuyasha replied prying off her hands.

Inuyasha walked Kouga to the door, and then Kagome heard a few groans, the door opening, someone yelling 'I'll get you back!', and then the door slamming shut.

Inuyasha walked back not a scratch on him, and he was dusting off his hands.

"So 'Gome how you been?" Inuyasha asked like nothing happened and plopped down on the couch and turned the TV on.

Kagome turned on him; she couldn't believe how much of a jerk he was turning into. "I can't believe you Yash! How could you beat up my boyfriend, and then kick him out of the house! How could you!" Kagome yelled out and then ran to her room.

Inuyasha turned around in time to see a few tears run down her face, he could also smell them, he hated it when Kagome cried, he hated it ever since that very night nineteen years ago.

'I know what I gotta do,' Inuyasha thought and then went to go get something before going up to her room

Flashback World

Kagome ran down the stairs of the school building. Oh they were going to kill her. Yes they were they were going to kill her, if she was another minute late. But she couldn't help it, after studying she just took a small nap, if it was for Ayame, she still be sleeping.

Kagome rounded the corner and ran into someone. "Oh, I'm so sorry; I wasn't watching where I was going." Kagome apologized hastily

"Well if it isn't little Ms. Takahashi." Came a creepily familiar voice

Kagome looked up almost scared to see if it was true. 'Yup, it's true' came a sarcastic voice inside her head

Yamasaki Naraku, their family's biggest rival, and Kagome's worst nightmare. He brought fears that she only felt when there was a really bad storm outside. She hated the thunder, and lightening. She didn't know why she just did, and she was going to leave it at that.

"Urg, I'm in a hurry, and can't bother with you right now." Kagome replied getting up and trying to get away.

"Uh, uh, uh," Naraku said while wagging a finger at her with a creepy grin, "Now, now Ms. Takahashi, you musten brush me off without a good farewell. Now, you will suffer the consequences." Naraku finished as he grabbed her arm and pulled her closer.

"Let Go Of ME!" Kagome yelled out struggling against his chest.

Naraku slid a finger down her cheek to her jaw. He cupped her chin in his hand bringing her face closer to his.

Then Kagome felt someone grab her from behind and pulled her, as she saw someone else punch Naraku down.

Kagome felt like crying, someone came to her rescue.

"You alright Kagz?" Came the voice of the one who punched Naraku, He looked up and she was looking into her brother's face, Inuyasha.

She turned around and looked into her eldest brother's face, Sesshomaru. They came for her, after they saw how late she was being. She hugged them both, thanking them.

Then Inuyasha asked again, "You ok Kagome?"

Kagome looked at him and nodded, but not before hugging him again.

A Teacher walked by, causing Inuyasha's puppy ears to twitch at the foot steps.

"Takahashis, what are you three up too?" The 3 siblings turned their heads to look at him innocently, the teacher then looked at Naraku on the ground, "and what is Yamasaki on the ground for?"

Again the three siblings looked innocently at him, before Sesshomaru answered. "He was touching our sister the wrong way, sir."

"I see, I'll take him to the infirmary then, you three go along now." replied their teacher who was a Neko youkai.

Kagome knew her brother acted innocent around teachers, being the perfect student and everything. Angels. They even looked it, with the silver hair that glowed and the golden eyes. They defiantly looked the part.

What Kagome didn't understand, is why she didn't look like them. She had black hair and blue eyes, not anywhere near silver and golden. But she didn't dwell too much on that.

Flashback World End

Inuyasha came to Kagome down and knocked in his special way

"What do you want?" Kagome replied knowing it was her brother from the knock

"Can I come in 'Gome? Please?" Inuyasha asked trying for his best sorry voice

"Just leave me alone!" Kagome yelled at the door

"I'm sorry Kagome; I didn't know he was more important than me." Inuyasha replied in a dejected voice

'Grr…He's making me feel like the bad guy damn him' "Come in Yash." Kagome said from her bed

Inuyasha came in and sat on the bed next to her. They were silent for a few minutes before he stuck out a hand in front of her with a velvet box in it.

"Take it, a souvenir and sorry present." He replied looking away

"He he, your so cheap Yash." Kagome replied as she opened it then gasped

There was a necklace heart shaped, it was originally silver, but it had a emerald color band wrapping around the outside of the heart, and in the middle vertically had her name.

"Oh, Thanks Yash! You're the best brother in the world. My favorite brother!" Kagome replied hugging him

"Feh, just don't say that around Fluffy." Inuyasha replied there was also a small pint of pink visible on his cheeks. If only his little sister noticed!

"Yeah, he probably wonders what you did to make you better than him, and then top it with something better."

"Yeah, then I'd have to top it. But, it's good he has a wife now, thanks to you. If you hadn't set him up with Rin, he'd still be bothering me."

"Hey, I didn't do it for you! I did it for Fluffy, he's totally Rin!" Kagome replied

Inuyasha grabbed the remote from the night stand and turned the TV on. He passed a international celebrity gossip channel, and saw his parents kissing on the beach, which then switched to a reporter talking about it.

"Sessh, you'd think we see enough of our parents," Kagome replied

"Yeah," Inuyasha replied before making himself more comfortable on the bed, he then switched the channel to a weather one.

"Weather caster Singh Wendy." Said another reporter

"Hey Yash didn't you used to date her?" Kagome asked

Inuyasha eyed the brunette, "She looks familiar."

"You're so insensitive sometimes," Kagome replied

"What's that supposed to mean?" Inuyasha replied

"Never mind just watch the TV."

"There will be bad showers starting tonight around 1 in the morning. It should last through out the next few days. It seems that it is due, because of Hurricane Ginger, coming closer to Japan. We have yet to figure when they will end." She ended

"Hm…looks like there's a hurricane coming." Inuyasha replied. The looking at the time he got off the bed. "Well, Kagz it's late I'm going to bed now, Kay?"

"Alrighty, Night Gold. I love you." Kagome replied snuggling into her blanket

"I love you more Blue." Inuyasha replied walking out and towards his room, where he promptly fell onto his bed.

'If only you knew how much more Kagz, if only you knew.'

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