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She was left on their door step 19 years ago; just a few months old. They adopted her when they knew they couldn't find her parents. She was the Takahashi's daughter, and His sister. So why is it when he come to visit home he was jealous of the guy she was making out with on the couch?

Character's Ages: Kagome: 19 Inuyasha: 24

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Under This Roof

The Wandering Thoughts


Everyone with in the room looked shocked by what just passed through Izayoi's lips. InuTashio looked at a lost to how his wife kept this information from him. Sesshomaru and Rin sat in a silent stump thinking over these events, and Inuyasha stared blankly at his mother.


Kagome paced, everything was spiraling out of control, all this information that needed time to process, didn't get time, and everyone was expecting her to just accept it. 'But I can't!' she thought and threw a pillow at the wall.

'Hey that felt good…' Kagome thought as she picked up a shoe next to her and threw it randomly; it hit her stuff animal shelf.

And that was how Rin found her, sitting in the middle of tornado wreckage. "Your doing?" Rin asked from the doorway

Kagome looked up small sweat beads rolling down from her hairline. "Maybe." She responded, "Family?"

"Interrogating Iza-mama, especially Tashi-papa, he's angry he wasn't informed of this." Rin answer, picking up a piece of light bulb glass from the floor, "Someone is going to get hurt from this."

Kagome nodded in answer, but didn't do much else besides leaning back on her elbows. Rin made her way towards her sister-in-law. "So, what's up?"

"Life, general, or figuratively?"


"Life's a bit screwed over, generally I feel pretty good after destroying my room, figuratively, it's an 'eh…' type of moment."

Rin nodded, and then started brushing Kagome's hair, with the hair brush found on the floor next to the stuffed bear with an arm and leg torn off. "Brutal, Sesshy gave you that bear for your thirteenth birthday."

"I'll get the seamstress to mend it if need be." Kagome got out as she let Rin continue her work. "So how's my fake niece doing?"

"She's not fake, she's still your niece; I mean you are legally adopted by the Takahashi family."

"That doesn't mean much it's just paper, come on how about all that history of treaties that get broken they were legal, and then it was only on paper and those broke off."

"That's government, sweetie. You have to understand that those people can't decide weather they want to be friends one day or enemies the next, you know that's how it is like in real life. But right now we are talking about the future of this family, and we really want you to still be in that future."

"Were you supposed to come up here and give me a pep talk or something?"

"No, I just didn't want to be involved in the Iza-mama interrogation." Rin replied now starting to braid Kagome's hair

"I want to go on a vacation, maybe get away for awhile to let it all sink in."

"That's a good idea, maybe Kyoto, Osaka, or Hokkaido, what do you say? It could be just the three of us: you, me, and Mitsuki." Rin asked

"That'll be nice." Kagome replied absently as she stared out of the broken window to the stormy gray clouds.

Inuyasha was pacing around the living room; around him he could faintly hear the voices of his brother and father questioning his mother. He honestly didn't know what to do in this situation. He could go up to Kagome's room and tell her to snap out of her weird depression. But she might just yell at him and run away again. Inuyasha groaned out loud and gained the attention of all the occupants in the room.

Inuyasha stopped pacing as he felt his mother's hand on his shoulder. She pushed him in the direction of her arm chair, and he immediately calmed down, what with her presence, scent, and motherly protection. He took a deep breath, and looked at her.

She looked pointedly at him, "Honestly Inu-kun I would think you know how to handle this situation. What happened to my son that was ready to face all this on S-day?"

"S-day happened," he replied and glared at Sesshomaru as if it was all his fault

Sesshomaru turned his head slightly to acknowledge the glare and then turned to stare out the window leading to the gardens. He understood how Inuyasha felt, and he did understand why he felt guilt every time that day came up. It was probably the worst birthday of his life, and the most traumatic for Kagome, ever since he always had a small family gathering at a nice restaurant or at the house for his birthday.

Rin bounced back into the room carrying a tray with drinks and pastries. "Ne, are we done questioning Iza-mama yet?"

"I hope they are," Izayoi replied as she stood up towards Rin and pulled her into a hug, "how's my first daughter in law?"

"I'm well, and I hope you are as well, I feel bad that we had to cut your anniversary vacation short," Rin said as she faced her mother in law

"It's no problem, if there's trouble within a family you need a mom to fix it, ne? I'm going to go see Kagome and see how she's doing." Izayoi replied as she turned and walked towards the staircase

Inuyasha, stayed in the chair that his mother placed him in, and dazed into space.

Fragments of all the memories of the two of them came in like a flood, rolling in his mind like some slide show.

Her first word, the things they did, everything leading up to his undeniable love for the girl that he was supposed to think of like a sister.

I'll be here for you until the end, that's a promise.

"E-new-wa-ja-nii-jan!" (AN: translated 2 year old speak Inuyasha-nii-chan)

"I luv you Ijuyasha."

"I'm the princess?"

"Let's do that again!"

"Don't forget, okay?"

"Wow! Thanks Yash!"

"I can't believe you forgot the promise!"

"Ha-ha, very funny…"

"Of course, I'm a Takahashi too!"

"I can't believe I never met your so called…"

"When did that happen?"

"Then you get Gold."

"You weren't supposed to go far away!"

"I-i-it hu-u-rts…"

"I'm sorry."

"Really? That's great!"

"You can't marry her!"

"I plan to attend…"

"Don't leave!"

"I miss you, too."

"You're a liar!"

I promise I'm not going to forget you.

Three soft taps on the door equals mom. The soft swoosh as the door is pushed open even when there was no answer and then light foot steps that made a path straight towards her figure lay on the ripped mattress, then the spray of cotton from the mattress as she sat next to her head. Her gentle fingers threading through her hair as they both stared into space. It couldn't be mistaken for anyone else, and the voice confirmed it all.

"Hi, how are you, would be too casual wouldn't it Kagome-chan?"

Kagome turned her head towards her adopted mother, and stared at her, admiring her mother's natural beauty and the power that seems to just draw all the attention towards her. Ignoring the question directed at her she asked, "So, why?"

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