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She was left on their door step 19 years ago; just a few months old. They adopted her when they knew they couldn't find her parents. She was the Takahashi's daughter, and His sister. So why is it when he came to visit home he was jealous of the guy she was making out with on the couch?

Character's Ages: Kagome: 19 Inuyasha: 24

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Under This Roof

The Wandering Thoughts


"What do you mean she's not there?" Inuyasha replied through the phone

"What else could it mean Yash?" Rin replied back

"I don't know, maybe that she's not in the room, not in the house, not in the city?" He replied back his voice growing lower with obvious frustration


"She didn't" He left the sentence open for her to fill

"…," Rin sighed audibly, "Yeah, that's what she did."

"But she promised, she promised Rin." Inuyasha whined to her

"I know she did Yash, but well maybe she needed sometime alone and not with family." She replied back soothingly

He groaned, "Well then she doesn't have to think of us as family, but I want her to be here by my side!"

"Look Yash this is the time for you to be declaring your love, its time to make sure Kagome isn't running away and never coming back. I can deal with running away and then coming back but it's the never that gets to me."

"Okay okay, what was said on the note again?" He asked trying to bring his intelligence back and pushing his anger away

"Okay I'm rereading it 'Dear Rin and whoever else reads or hears this

Yeah I know I promised Inuyasha that I wasn't going to try anything, but really do you think I could keep it when the opportunity presented itself? Especially with me running away the first time around…

Anyway I'm not sure how long I'm going to be gone currently its only September, and I plan to be back before Christmas. This I can promise whole-heartedly because even though I can't stay with all of you at this moment in time I realize that I really do love you guys despite not being blood related, and that Christmas is the best time with you guys because it's a time that brings everyone closer together.

So I hope you guys will forgive this one act of selfishness and accept me back with open arms come Christmas. And don't worry I'm not going to go and get drunk, prostitute myself on some corner or alley, and I won't be coming back crying and saying I'm pregnant. :-)

Love Always


There you go Yash that's all she said, and that she'll be back by Christmas. But I can't stand the thought of come Christmas and she's not here."

"Well Rin, all I can say is that you can trust me to make sure that she's at least safe and coming back by Christmas."

"You're not going to find her and drag her back here are you? Because if-"

"No, I won't, promise, she won't even know I did anything." He interrupted

"Fine…I'll leave this matter in your hands then." She replied


Kagome stared out of the airplane window, and watched as the world slowly disappeared from view and changed to clouds. She gave a sigh of relief that she made it out of the house without notice.

It had been a hectic month and while she was glad that they still cared for her and that in their minds nothing changed, but something had for her, and she still needed time to readjust.

"Alright Ladies and Gents, you may now take your seatbelts off, and the attendants will be coming around for anything you may want or need." Came the voice from the intercom

Kagome unbuckled her seatbelt to grab her carry on bag from which she took her mp3 player out to listen to.

"Miss, is there anything I could get for you?" came the voice of one of the many attendants.

Kagome looked at her, "Ah, no thank you, I'm fine." The attendant left to go check on the person behind her, as she placed the headphones on and played her favorite play list on her mp3.

She leaned her head back as memories washed over her, even as she tried to keep it blank.


Sesshomaru paced back and forth in his office he had thought it was 'ok' to go back to work. 'But with my family I guess you could say nothing is ever okay…'

Sesshomaru picked up his phone and dialed Izayoi's cell phone.

"What's wrong Sesshomaru? You usually don't call in the middle of the day like this."

"Rin just told me that Kagome left."

"I see…I was expecting that. But I was also expecting that she would have left earlier."

"Yeah, and Rin also told me that Inuyasha was going to check on the vacation homes, and everything else within Takahashi hands." Sesshomaru informed her

"Yes I can see Inuyasha doing that. But I do wish for Kagome to call us herself." Izayoi replied

"So do I; Hey mom I'll call you later, I have a meeting to get to." Sesshomaru replied before hurriedly putting the phone back on its rocker and grabbing the files for his meeting.


Inuyasha sighed as he rubbed the space between the middle of his eyes from where his headache was starting. Apparently Kagome hadn't landed yet anywhere within Takahashi hands. But the moment she did he was to be notified.

He was about to get himself some coffee when the phone rang, he waited until the third ring before picking it up. "Inuyasha how's the search for Kagome going?"

"Mom?! How did you find out?"

"What, are you trying to keep it a secret from me?" Izayoi asked to her bewildered son

"No, of course not, it's just…well…you know…" Inuyasha trailed off helplessly

Izayoi laughed silently to herself, of course she knew what he meant it was just fun to mess with her somewhat adult son once in awhile. "Yes dear I understand, so what else do I need to know?"

"Oh nothing much, just the fact that I feel everything that was in my control is slipping out of my fingers, and that the world is like crashing around my head."

"Hm, I'm sure that's how Kagome felt when she read that in the file, or that time when I told her of your fiancée. Now that was a disaster, it's amazing how much chaos a 16 year old can cause in one week."

"Hm…yeah. Well, I'll talk to you later alright mom?" Inuyasha replied

"Ok, I'll talk to you later."




Author's Note:

Well…this is as far as I got before writer's block and no inspiration coming to me hit. I'm really lost, I forgot the whole point in writing this and I have no idea where I want this to go anymore. So I guess that means I'm either deleting this story, or I'm just going to leave it here. Because maybe, hopefully one day out of no where I'll start it back up because something came back to me. But right now I really can't continue without inspiration or good ideas cause then it's just going to be bullshit. And I don't want you guys to read that. But I do have that Card Captor Sakura story going, but I'm going to try to finish it before I post it. So you guys can read that when it goes up.

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