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Chapter 9: The Title

Rose shivered in her history class on Tuesday, feeling eyes on her. 'That boy is giving me the creeps! He's been staring at me for nearly a week and it freaks me out! Not only does he stare during history, he's tried to come up to me a few times. He acts like a hunter stalking his prey, not like some boy with puppy-love.' The boy in question had very short dark brown hair, stood probably a little taller than Rose and had a look of a predator about him, his eyes were always narrow and his face was pinched. He'd approached her several times since Rose had caught him looking at her in class and mostly she'd just rushed away or dove for the nearest restroom. She also discovered that he watched her during lunch. Twice he'd managed to corner her, asking her if she'd go home with him, to "study." Rose didn't want to know his true agenda and had politely given him a firm 'no.'

The bell rang and Rose tore out of her class. After several yards of hurrying away she slowed to catch her breath. Her shivers returned a hundredfold when she felt someone breath in her ear and an arm go about her shoulders.

"Why are you rushing away so fast baby doll? You free tonight?"

Rose shouldered him away from her. "No, I am not free tonight or any other night. And I would appreciate it if you left me alone."

"I know you like it; you don't have to hide it. C'mon over."

"Hi Rose. Is this boy bothering you?" Julius materialized out from the crowd of students in the hallway, Petey and Blue flanking him. Rose let out an obvious sigh of relief.

"Bothering her? She's my girl, how could I be bothering her?" the boy cockily replied.

Rose gave the boy a disgusted look.

"Boy, you get your signals straightened out; she don't like you not at all!" Petey stated.

"Besides, this girl is a Titans' girl. No nobody with her without the approval of her brothers," Blue added

Julius nodded. "You mess with Rose, you mess with the football captain Gerry Bertier. You mess with my brother, you mess with me. You mess with the both of us, you mess with the Titans."

"You anger one, you get the wrath of all," Petey threatened.

"We take care of our own," Blue pointed out.

The boy seemed to be getting the hint. He looked almost scared as he turned up his nose and strutted away.

Rose let out a huge sigh of relief. "You guys have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you so much."

"Any time sister, any time," Julius said, putting an arm around her shoulder and pulling her to him briefly.

"Yeah little sister, any time you need the big bros you just holler," Blue confirmed.

"You want us to go an' pound him for you?" Petey asked, a wide grin on his face.

"You're so humble," Rose teased as they separated and headed off to their classes. Petey bowed.

"I hear you're part of the family now, eh sister?" Gerry asked later that day as he dropped Rose off after the study session. "Julius told me some jerk was botherin' you and he and Blue and Petey scared him off."

"Yeah, they couldn't have shown up at a better time."

"Well, like they said, you're part of the group; you ever need anything and we'll be there."

"Thanks, it's good to know."

"Becky was wonderin' if you could come over sometime." Gerry chuckled. "She's startin' to get sick of me goin' on about football. Asked if you could come over and talk about somethin' besides that with her. You're like the sister she's always wanted."

Rose smiled at the comment. "Yeah, I'm free pretty much every day of this week; around homework of course. I'll talk to Dad, maybe I could have supper with your family some night?"

"Sounds great. Becky'll be happy."

Petey and Blue continued to call Rose by her 'goddess' nickname, but intermittently used the sisterly title. It even began to wear off on some of the other boys too. Rose found it comforting and began to feel at home with the group.

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