Mia is calling the guys for a reunion. She calls Cye up first.

Cye: Hello
Mia: Hey Cye, can you guess who this is?
Cye: Mia! Whats going on , haven't heard from you in months.
Mia: You coming to tonight's dinner, right.
Cye: Of course I'm coming, we haven't seen each other in what a year, maybe in three months.
Mia: Cye, it's been a year, I called you three months ago because of this reunion. So are you coming or not.
Cye: Yeah, and I'll watch Kento for you.
(laughs) Mia: Then we'll see-ya.
Cye: Yeah, say hi to Ryo for me.
Mia: Sure, no problem. BYE!
Ryo: So is he coming.
Mia: Yeah, he's coming. By the way he asked me to tell you he said hi.
Ryo: So who's next?
Mia: Kento.
Ryo: Alright go for it!
Mia dial's the number to Kento's family's restaurant.
Kento's mom: Hello!
Mia: Hello, Mrs. Rei Faung is Kento there?
Kento's Mom: Sure he is. Is this Mia?
Mia: Yes, this is her.
Kento's Mom: Kento! Phone!
Kento: Thanks, mom. Hello.
Mia: Hey, Kento
Kento: Mia!
Mia: Man,Kento not so loud.
Kento: Sorry. So what are you and Ryo doing.
Mia: We were calling you to see if you were going to come to our little dinner tonight.
Kento: of course I am. I wouldn't miss seeing you guys again if my life depended on it. You know what I mean.
Mia: Yeah so are you comming or not.
Kento: Yeah be there within the hour.
Mia: Good, I got to call Sage and Rowen.
Kento: Good luck finding them. I've tried calling their houses the other day and they weren't home.
Mia: Thanks for the warning Kento.
Kento: No problem. Bye
Mia: Bye.
After Mia hanged up the phone she dialed Sage up. Meanwhile:
Kento: Bye,Mom. I'm going to Mia's house for dinner.
Kento's Mom: Okay, bye Kento
Kento walks out of the restaurant heading to his car. Next thing he notice that he's missing his keys to his car. As for Cye, well let just say he was on his way to Mia's, when he saw Kento's family restaurant and saw Kento walking back into the restaurant. Cye decided to park and see the Faun family and Kento at the same time.
Kento: Mom, I forgot my car keys do you where they are?
Kento's Mom: They should be by the entrance.
So he went to the door to see if the keys were there. No luck what so ever. Then all of a sudden Cye appeared in front of him.
Cye: Looking for these Kento?
Kento: Yeah! (Not looking to see it was till he grabbed his keys.) Cye!
Kento give Cye one of those really breath taking bear hugs.
Cye: Umm.. Kento, aren't we suppose to get to Mia's ?
Kento: Oh,yeah almost forgot told her I'd be there within the hour.
Cye: Speaking of witch I could give you a ride if you want me to.
Kento: You woudn't mind?
Cye: No, of course not. I was on my way to Mia's anyhow. By the way I need to talk to you about some feelings I've been having about Ro.
Kento: Like what?
Just then Kento's mom came in.
Kento's Mom: Oh, hi Cye-chan .
Cye : Hello Mrs. Faun. I'll tell you in the car Kento.
Kento: Umm...Mom I'm going with Cye.
Kento's Mom: Okay
Kento: Let's go.
Cye: Okay. Bye everyone
Faun Family: Bye Cye, Kento.
Kento: Bye.