Reunion of the ronins
Chap. 5 The Battle

By the time Sage entered the area the scream came from it was too late, Rowen was gone. What happend? Where's my friend?

Soon after the others came into the park they relized that Rowen was not with Sage.
"Sage were is Rowen?" demanded Cye. "He was kidnaped by someonewho looked like me." "Someone that looked like you . Impossible." Cye declined. "I'm telling the truth,Cye. The truth, Why dont you belive me." "Maybe its because the blood on your clothes give us some good reason that you were behinde his dissaperance." "Cye, why would I hurt him. Especially since I love him with all my heart. More than any of you could possibly imagine." " Hold on you guys. We have no hard proff that it was Sage that did this. I mean he is on our side... aren't you Sage?" Kento asked not to sure of him self. " "Kento, what kind of knuckle-brained question is that, I would never betray you guys. And if I left the thoght of hurting you guys wouldnt even enter my mind. Not even if you annoyed me to death with Ryo's ideotcy...No pun intended..." "Hey, Im not an ideot.."
"No Offence Ryo." " Uhh... None taken. But thats not the point. The point is all the evidence that we have leads to you." " But I didnt do any thing to him. You believe me dont you Kento? Kento? You believe me... right? Dont you?" " Sage, you know I want to but.." " Oh iI get it just because Im the one out here in the same place the freaking kidnapping appered,and the blood on my shirt all leads to me as the guilty one Huh. Well what if it was you, huh Cye." " Dont push youre luck Sage. Were only stating the facts." " Ok...well why dont you all keep an eye on me and the next time one of you dissapear youll know it wasnt me. Or better yet why not just lock me up." " Why would we do that Sage? We wouldn't be able to face ourselves or you for that matter." Kento said as Sage started to break down. "Just lock me up and lets call it a night." Sage said. "Wait a minute Sage if you actually think we would do that, you have another thing comming." Cye said. "What are you talking about?" Sage asked. "We would never do something like that, even though we are angry with you. You'll just have to stay in the house where we can keep an eye on you." "What you don't trust me fine I'm leaving and for good. This reunion was a bad idea. I wish we never came here. I'm leaving."

And with that Sage left. Now feeling guilty for what he has accused Sage of doing, Cye decided to go after him. But to Cye's surprise Kento had put his arm out to stop him. "Kento what are you doing, I need to go after him. He can't be out there alone, what if the same thing happens to him." "I did it because I know he'll be back soon, he just needs to blow off some of that steam. He'll be fine. Don't worry." Giving Cye a reassuring smile, whitch made Cye blush very havey.

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