Out of My Mind...Be Back in Five Minutes

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Paige Matthews smiled contentedly as she drifted out of sleep. She hadn't been this comfortable in a long, long time.

"Thank God I went to that sale over at Linens N' Things...this pillow is fabulous! Nice and soft, but firm and supportive...so warm, such steady, even breathing...a breathing pillow, who'da thunk?"

At that mental note, Paige's eyes snapped open. She was not snuggled against her new deluxe memory foam pillow; she was wrapped up around a man, her head nestled securely upon his shoulder.

"Okay...I haven't been in a situation like this since college...at that one party where I mixed the tequila and vodka with some Jack Daniels...Ever since then I've been perfectly aware of who I wake up next to, thank you very much...ugh. Shut up, brain."

Slightly groggy and very confused, Paige looked up at the face of her bedfellow, and felt her world start to fall apart.

"Oh, my...go..."

At the sound of her voice, he opened his eyes and smiled. "Morning baby." he murmured. And before Paige could react, Leo pulled her in to a warm, loving kiss.

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