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"Welcome students to a new year at Hogwarts. Before we get started on our excellent feast, there have been a few changes to our staff this year. First I would like to present our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Our own Professor Snape." Groans could be heard through out the Hall although the Slytherins were cheering. "Next I would like to introduce you to one of our old Professors who has graciously come out of retirement to teach our Potions class, Professor Slughorn."

Scattered clapping could be heard throughout the hall, mainly from those who had heard stories about him from their parents.

"We also have four new additions to our teaching staff this year unfortunately they were delayed in coming on time but they should show up later this evening. Please be respectful of them as one is a Sanzo Priest."

Gasps could be heard around the hall as they heard this. One of the Ravenclaws shot out of her seat looking at Dumbledore imploringly.

"Yes Miss Hawthorn?"

"Sir is a Sanzo Priest really coming to Hogwarts? There are only five of them in all Buddhism sir, it's the highest rank a Buddhist priest can gain. It's said to be a Sanzo Priest is to be blessed of Buddha himself."

"Yes Miss Hawthorn he is a Sanzo priest, now as we wait for them to arrive please sit down and enjoy the feast." Taking his own advice Dumbledore sat down and put some food on his plate as he engaged Professor McGonagall in a conversation.

The shocked silence that filled the hall soon dissolved as students turned to each other to discuss this new development.

"I bet there all 70-year old bald guys," Ron remarked as he grabbed some mash potatoes and heaped them on his plate. "And we will probably fall asleep in their classes. Just you watch." Harry secretly agreed but didn't say anything because Hermione glared angrily at their redheaded friend. "Ron, don't be so judgmental. So what if they will probably be old. I can't wait to find out what they will teach us. Holy men are usually very studied and they will probably have tons of information and interesting things to teach u…..s…" Hermione's voice trailed off as the doors to the great hall opened. Her voice was not the only one to falter. Silence soon engulfed the hall as one by one the students noticed the others staring.

Turning around in his seat Harry could only stare at the four cloaked figures in the entryway.

"Oh my it seems we've caused a disturbance." the one on the far right said.

"Don't we always?" said the one from the left.

"Wow Sanzo! Look at the spread! Can we eat it? Really? Really?" Exclaimed the shortest one from the left.

"Oh look the monkeys hungry again." The second from the left said as he rumpled the shorter ones head knocking back the hood to reveal a boy of about eighteen with golden eyes and reddish brown hair, that had what looked like an Aztec crown in it.

"Well at least that's better then you, you pervy kappa!"

"Shut up or die." The one in the middle said as he reached into his robes and pulled out a small box. Taking out something from it he put it back then put the thing he took out in his mouth.

The kappa reached over and held something out to the middle one who nodded in thanks pulling off his robes revealing a young man of about twenty-three with golden hair and drooping violet eyes. But even more of a shock for the students then his eyes, were his robes. The flowing cream robes with sleeves that fell past his hands and the scrolls around his neck. The robes combined with the red chakra on his forehead could only mean one thing….

This was the Sanzo priest.

"So Mr. Worldly-Priest should we sit down and let the monkey eat?"


The four walked forward not looking at anyone. As they passed Harry got a good look at what Sanzo had in his mouth. Leaning towards Hermione he whispered, "He's smoking a cigarette." Shock and disbelief colored his words.

Suddenly when they were two-thirds of the way across the hall they stopped.

"Shit! I thought we had gotten rid of these guys already." Said the second one from the left.

"So are these assassins or just the locals do you think?" Asked the one with brown hair.

"Like it matters."

"We do seem to be the main attraction today." Said the one on the right, taking off the cloak. The confused students stared as he turned around to face the doors. His green eyes looking at the door from behind half a pair of glasses, small white wings rose above his green shirt which had a cream piece of cloth tied diagonally across it. He looked no older then the Sanzo Priest.

"Arg. They're interrupting our dinner!"

"So it would seem Goku." The green eyed man said "Just please try not to hurt anyone to badly." His mouth curved into a kind smile.

The students watched in confusion understanding less and less of what was being said, when there came a sound of suits of armor crashing down and rapid movement.

Suddenly a group of blurs entered the room and some of them shouted "Ahahahaha! It's Genjyo Sanzo! We've been looking for you!"

The figures were moving to quickly to really see but Harry guessed there were at least twenty.

"Hakkai guard the students. We'll take care of them." Said Sanzo in a calm voice.

The one in green nodded and stepped back creating a barrier between the students and the fighting.

The one still cloaked easily slipped it off and stood holding a staff with a crescent shaped blade on one end and a gothic arch looking blade on the other. His hands blurred and he swung it and a chain came out allowing the crescent blade to slash through the invaders closer to the ceiling.

Goku held his empty hand out but it was soon grasping a red rod with gold ornaments at the ends. Twirling it Goku ran forward into the intruders trying to reach the Sanzo Priest. The sound of breaking bones soon joined the others.

Many of the older students had gathered the younger ones to guard their eyes from the destruction in front of them, while many others watched in morbid fascination. The staff seemed frozen in shock. Although Dumbledore was frowning at the scene in front of him there was still a twinkle in his eye.

The fight didn't last for more then forty seconds, and at the end the only ones standing were Goku, Hakkai, the man with the crescent staff who's hair and eyes shown red and the Sanzo Priest, who hadn't moved at all during the entire fight, his hand in front of his cigarette to prevent it from going out from the blood.

"Arg, they made me hungry for no reason." Goku exclaimed looking at the intruders angrily.


Turning towards Hakkai the Sanzo Priest opened his mouth to say something when one last intruder entered the hall.

"Sanzo you can't escape! We will get the Maten Scriptures and build the kingdom of Gyumaoh!"

Sanzo looked at the intruder and raised his arm to point at him; the long sleeves unveiled his hand, which was holding a small gun.