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Chapter 3

Harry woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to get to class. (as soon as he found out what his schedule was) He quickly got dressed and rushed out of the room before any of the other boys had even woken up.

The new teachers looked so interesting he couldn't wait to find out when he had class with them. The Great Hall was more crowded this morning then normal with people who seemed to be as eager to find out their schedules as he was. Mostly Ravenclaws.

Putting food on his plate his eyes wandered the hall looking for Professor McGonagall. He sat there for twenty minutes waiting while the hall filled up with more and more students. He wasn't even eating, to exited and restlessly picked at his food. Hermione had joined him just a few minutes ago and even Ron was only a minute or two behind her.

By the anticipation in the room this looked like it was going to be an interesting year. McGonagall finally started passing out schedules and Harry grabbed his and opened it as quickly as possible.

Monday: History of Magic: 14:00

"Professor?" Harry called after Professor McGonagall. "When are the first classes of Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"We'll there is one right before lunch but the second one isn't until two this afternoon. Why do you ask?"

"Er... Just curious." Harry turned around quickly and started eating as quickly as possible.

Hermione was looking at Harry strangely but he didn't care. There was something different about these teachers, other then the obvious, and he wanted to know what it was.

Lunch time took forever to pass and for once Harry was really looking forward to History of Magic. A first since his first week at Hogwarts. A group of third years down the table was having a strange conversation that he only caught some words too. But the ones he did catch had him leaning in, in an attempt to hear more.

"...is stranger then Moody...weirdest class...Binns...I heard...McGonagall during lunch...believe he's a priest."

The conversation was soon interrupted by one of their friends coming over to join the conversation with gossip about some girl in Ravenclaw. Harry sighed and went back to eating. They had a free period before History of Magic so Hermione dragged them off to get started on their studies for O.W.L.S.

"But Hermione it's the first day of school." Ron said as he reluctantly followed her. Harry was just glad for an excuse to keep him occupied, although he keep checking the time. Twenty minutes before class started Harry packed up and headed up to the class. Ron and Hermione rushed after him.

"I can't understand why you are so exited to get to class." Hermione said as she caught up to him. "Especially after what happened at the Opening Feast."

"But that was awesome!" Ron exclaimed, hints of adoration leaking through. Hermione turned and glared at him.

"How can you say that? That was the most horrid thing possible. Think of all the poor first and second years! They will be scarred for life! Even McGonagall was horrified!"

Harry and Ron shared a look and snickered. Hermione still worshiped everything Professor McGonagall said.

They were the first ones to get to the class but not by much. The class was quickly filled with students. The last person to get there was surprisingly (according to Hermione) Professor Sanzo.

Harry didn't know what he was expecting when Sanzo walked into the room but he had thought it would be something either like Mad-Eye yelling Constant Vigilance or maybe like Professor Lupin with a kind smile and a new creature to show them.

When Sanzo walked in he was something Harry had never seen before. He sighed when he looked at the students waiting patiently for him and a small vein started pulsing on his forehead. He didn't say anything at all, just walked to the front of the class and sat down behind his desk, took one more look at the students, then reached into his robes and pulled out a cigarette. Lighting it he breathed the smoke in slightly and seemed to relax just a little bit.

The door opened in a rush and Professor McGonagall stomped in. "Priest Sanzo! I couldn't believe it when one of my third years told me that you were smoking in front of the class. But to know that it was the truth and not just a..."


McGonagall looked down at the priest slightly confused. "Do you have a cold?"

Sanzo glared at her for a moment. "No."

"Anyway you must know that it's against school rules to sm..."

"Achoo!" Sanzo had his eyes closed and seemed to be attempting to ignore the angry professor next to him.

"If you are sick go get a pepper up potion from Madam P..."

"I told you I'm not sick." Sanzo interrupted her, his eyes still closed. "Achoo!"

"If your not sick then why are you sneezing?" McGonagall looked annoyed and vaguely curious.

Hakkai who was sitting in the back of the room, behind a barrier to make sure that Sanzo behaved, took down the barrier scaring a few of the students sitting in the back, and laughed. "Sanzo doesn't get sick." He said walking to the front of the class. "Unless poisoned of course which has happened a few times. But don't worry he's just suffering from some allergies."

McGonagall, and most of the class, blinked at him for a moment."What is he allergic to?"

"Hakkai if you tell her I will shot you."

"Oh come on Sanzo it's not that bad. And the Merciful Goddess did warn you when she assigned you for this job that..."


Everyone ducked under their desks, peaking up carefully to see if he had put the gun away. Sanzo was standing up with his gun pointed straight at Hakkai.


Hakkai sighed and turned to McGonagall. "A lot of people are allergic to cats. Unfortunately some, like Sanzo, are also allergic to people who turn into cats. Hehehehe..."


"Now come one Sanzo that wasn't that bad."

"Get out now. If I see you anymore today I will kill you."

"Okay, okay, I'll leave."


Hakki walked out of the class room softly snickering to himself. Professor McGonagall, on the other hand was slowly turning an interesting shade of red.

McGonagall made a hasty retreat from the room pausing at the door to say "D..Don't smoke in front of the students." then disappeared.

Small snickers could be heard from the students, but they tried not to attract the attention of the irritated priest. Harry glanced sideways at Hermione and had to hold back a laugh at her horrified look at McGonagall's clumsy departure. If what had happened so far was an indication this class would be interesting at the very least.

"Okay lets begin class. Everyone pull out your books and pick a page and read. I don't feel like dealing with questions today...What do you want... Seamus?" Sanzo asked the vein on his head pulsing visibly.

"Aren't you going to teach us Magical History?"

"... I was assigned this job, that doesn't mean I know anything about your history. Plus I hate teaching. People hanging on your every word as if the Buddha was speaking himself. That's annoying as hell." A strange look appeared as if remembering to many monks that had done just that. Harry didn't envy him his position although his wasn't much different except people didn't hang on everything he said.

The class settled for a few minutes as everyone read though their books and some took naps. Professor Sanzo didn't seem to care either way. He just sat in front of the class finishing his cigarette.


Harry jumped at the sudden noise from the front of the classroom.

"How did you become a Sanzo priest?" Hermione asked putting her hand down. "And why would a priest carry a gun in his robes? Aren't Sanzo priest suppose to be the most spiritual priests?"

"My master gave me the job because everyone else were idiots." Sanzo said glaring at her to let her know that the subject was closed. "The gun was a gift for becoming a Sanzo. As for Sanzo's being the most spiritual? How the hell should I know?"

Hermione sighed at not getting the answers she wanted. And went back to reading.

Sanzo walked around the class for a little bit, Harry's eyes trailing him. Sanzo grimaced in discomfort and then pushed down the outer robes until they fell around his waist. Harry's quill dropped from his limp fingers. Sanzo was wearing leather. And not just any type of leather either. He was wearing bondage leather. The tie me up and do what ever you want with me type of leather. Why the hell was he wearing that?

Sanzo heard the quill drop and arched an eyebrow at Harry as if wondering what the hell was wrong with him. Harry's quill had also attracted the attention of a few of the students around him and Harry distinctly heard a squeak from one of the girls next to him.

The priest rolled his eyes and went back to his desk picking up a book that had been sitting on it he reached into his robes again and pulled a pair of reading glasses. Harry wondered how he could look so focused and ignore the people staring at him so thoroughly.

The class was pretty calm after that and although there were a few whispers here and there around the class nothing else interesting happened. At the end of class Sanzo stood up and setting his book aside.

"I want everyone to write a 3 foot paper on what they remember from the last few years of History of Magic due next time. Class dismissed."

The students scrambled to leave the class to discuss the new teacher. Harry was trying to gather his things as slowly as possible and kept glancing at the priest who had gone back to reading his book.

When half of the students had left there was a sudden pounding of footsteps from the hallway.


Priest Sanzo groaned slightly and turned towards the youngest (?) person in his group who was rushing through the door at top speeds.


"Goku lower your voice I think the Ox king can hear you from here."

"Sorry." Goku said sheepishly. "Anyway there are these really weird creatures living here and they live behind a painting of a fruit basket! And they said they would make me anything I wanted to eat! As much as I want! Whenever I want! And I don't have to pay for it!"

"You never pay for it anyway remember? We have the gold credit card the three heads gave me."

"Oh yeah." Then Goku started bouncing around the room naming all the food he was going to have for dinner. Harry thought that all the things he listed could feed a small country for years.

Later that night while lying in bed he though back on the new teachers. They were definitely different and in a way that was not normal in the magical world. They weren't werewolves or vampires. They didn't seem to care about blood purity. None of them had a weird eye. They were just different. And they seemed relaxed and secure in themselves as if they were in charge of their lives and they didn't care what others though.

Even though you knew that they had a rough time (if what happened in the Great Hall was anything to go by) they didn't show it.

Harry turned over and fell asleep. Thoughts of the next school year disappearing like a fog in the wind.