You Make Me Love To Hate You

Hi there. I am here to tell you a story about a girl and how she found her one and only. You might be thinking why you would want to read a story about a girl and her life story. If so you can just stop now, yet for those who are still interested in this story, please continue. This is her life, and this is her story.

Chapter 1 - When Fate Work Its Charm.

It was a beautiful day of autumn. The leaves were just changing into a glorious mixture of red, yellow, and orange. The air was fresh and chilly while the grass was damp and mellow. There was only a few people in the park either for a walk or just to go to work.

A girl in her early twenties was also there. Even though she was shorter than the people were at her age, she has a divine body, like a goddess. Her skin was soft and smooth; furthermore, her skin was like the colour of a porcelain doll. Her hair was blackish-blue, yet if shone in the sun it will show the colour of the dark violet. Her eyes were the colour of Amethyst, so bright and brilliant, which twinkles with mischief and cheerfulness. Yet if you were an adept analyzer, you would see that deep inside her she was lonely and was looking for a companion, a half, a soul mate, whatever you may wish to call it. She was wearing a white loose polo shirt with navy blue denim jeans and purple converse shoes. In addition, she was carrying a cute pink and purple side bag. Her name was Tomoyo Amamiya Daidouji.

Her forehead was dripping with perspiration. She was running, while muttering profanities under her mouth, and she does not show any intentions of stopping soon.

"Oh man, oh man, OH MAN!" fumed the amethyst-eyed girl. People, who were preoccupied in the park, lifted their head towards her direction, yet she took no notice. She was used to this, of course. Everywhere she went, before this occasion, numerous of people would stare at her with their full attention. Little boys and girls would gawk at her, men would drool because of her, women would envy her, even elderly people would smile her way. Who wouldn't? She was like a goddess in their eyes. If only they knew the real her.

"Why does this always happen to me?" Tomoyo continued. She glanced at her watch.

"I am going to be so late!"

She continued to run, even though her legs felt as though it was about to fall off any moment then.

"Oh my Kami-sama! If I don't make it there in time I am so gonna get Sakura for this!" She ranted, "Why didn't she just tell me earlier? Tell me about bad memory! Maybe I should take her to the doctor to give her some prescriptions for some kind of memory antidote or something like that!" As she continued people were staring at her, yet she still did not care. She just continued her little outbursts.

On the other side of the park was a young man. He was walking; he just did not know that the way he was heading was going to change the rest of his life. He was tall for his age and had a well-toned body. His skin was pale white. His arranged hair was black yet, if shone in the sun, it shows the shade of navy blue, making it looks as though he had midnight blue hair. His eyes were the colour of sapphire, yet there are times when it looked more cerulean than sapphire, which was hidden behind a pair of thin-wired, oval glasses.

He was wearing a long brown jacket that reached up to his knees. He was wearing a navy blue turtleneck sweater inside his jacket, accompanied with blue denim jeans and a pair of black a white adidas shoes. His name was Eriol Hiiragizawa.

He was whistling and minding his own business. Actually, he was mostly staring into space. People were staring at him with admiration, even though he doesn't notice a thing. After all, he was quite handsome.

Hence, maybe that was why he did not see where he was actually heading, that is until he bumped head on with who ever were in front on him. He landed on his bottom with a thud, while dropping his glasses at the same time.

"Ouch!" yelled Tomoyo, while rubbing her bottom. "This is not my day."

While getting up on her feet she thought she heard a crack beneath her left foot. She brushed off the dirt on her pants, yet her white polo shirt was ruined. It was smudged with dirt and a... lollypop?

"Oh God, people can be so irresponsible sometimes," stated Tomoyo matter-of-factly.

She threw the lollypop away into the nearest rubbish bin.

"Who ever it was that bumped me better say sorry or else they wished they hadn't been born!" said the now annoyed Tomoyo.

"Damn it!" yelled a voice behind her. "Who the hell stepped on my glasses?"

Tomoyo turned around and was greeted by a handsome young man. Yet she was not flattered. Who would when their patience was dangerously low? Yet being the sincere and kind Tomoyo as she was, she immediately felt guilt, now that she knew what had cracked under her foot earlier. She walked up to him, thinking she was ready to accept any criticism he threw at her. On the other hand, so she thought.

"Gomen ne, I think it was I who accidentally stepped on your glasses," apologised the guilty girl.

Without even looking up to see who the person was, he started throwing insults at her. His courteous manners just went out of the window when he found his glasses shattered to pieces. It was his treasure since it was a present. He was not treasuring it because it was a present, but because it was some one, he once loved, who gave it to him.

"Sheesh! Are you blind or something! Watch where you are going. If the reason is that, you cannot see then go and get yourself a guide dog or something. On the other hand, maybe you should walk somewhere else where you will not be able to bump into anyone. If not, maybe you should go ask your mummy to holdyour hand while walking! Moreover, don't think you don't need to pay for all this crap just because it is an accident. But then again, I don't need your sympathy because money can't always fix everything!" he insulted.

When he finally looked up at his poor victim, whom he had just insulted, he wished he had not. The girl in front of him was looking furious. Very furious. Despite her look of anger, she was quite beautiful. Especially her eyes. As Eriol continued gawking at her I would swear there was a look of fire burning in her eyes, Tomoyo was fuming. Never in her life was she insulted. Even if she was insult, she was never insulted this badly. A Daidouji never let anyone insult them and get away with it without a beating.

"EXCUSE ME!" Tomoyo started, "I came here to apologize for my clumsiness and here you are insulting me like there was no tomorrow. Heck, it was a pair of glasses for god's sakes. I could easily replace them if you want me to. Moreover, for your information I am NOT blind nor am I a child who needs looking after. AND this is a public area, so there fore I can walk here whenever I like. And if YOU were not looking where YOU were going, I do not think I will bump into you and accidentally break your glasses. Therefore, in the end, this is YOUR entire fault that your glasses are broken. Yes, I DID step on your glasses, ACCIDENTALLY, but it was YOU that made all of this to happen. Therefore, don't you DARE blame me like this was entirely MY FAULT! AND I wasn't planning to get AWAY with it. I WAS planning to REPAY YOU when you started to BLAME it all on ME like it was MY FAULT. "

At the end of all this Eriol was no longer gawking at her but he was bemused. Never in his life had he met some like her. Was she not only insulting him, but blaming him for all of this, as well! Who cares about her beauty! Who cares that he was the one who insulted her first! She broke his most precious glasses! How dare her! Even though Eriol was known to be a gentleman, he had a huge ego. Hence, he was not going to let this - this - this girl injure it!

"Hey, hey!" he raged, "why are you blaming this all on me! This is your fault too! Moreover, this is not only a pair of glasses, these are important to me! So do not just go saying it like its some kind of repulsive object! You know what? You are nothing but a stupid, inconsiderate annoying, little dimwit! And I don't need your stinking money, because I'm not a low-life idiot like you!"

And with that, he walked off, not even giving the girl a second glance. He had enough. He needs to go and see the optometrist to fix his glasses.

Tomoyo was shocked. Me! A stupid, inconsiderate, annoying, little dimwit! What is his problem! I am not stupid! I am even going into my 3rd degree of university. Inconsiderate! I am always thinking of others before me! I am not annoying and I am hell not little! I may be short, but I am definitely not little! And I am so not a low-life idiot! The nerves of that guy! Sheesh that is the most stupid insult I have ever heard! Hmpf! If he does not want the money then fine by me! I could use the money to go shopping for myself!

However, before she could think any more about what he just insulted her, she was running late. Once again she was running. While running, she was thinking that she would wish that she did not have to see such an infuriating man again!

What she does not know is that fate had placed itself upon her.