Chapter 6 - They Knew Each Other 1.4.06 and. . 06

After lunch, Tomoyo and Hideki drove back to school and finished the rest of the afternoon in a pleasing mood. When the last bell rung, indicating the end of the lesson and the end of the school, Tomoyo took the bus home. Although, she was capable enough to drive a car, she did not manage the time to get her driver's license; after all, she still needed to study for college and design clothes for her mother's fashion line. Her mother could not help but make one, because he daughter's gift of designing clothes was excellent. Not because Sonomi was Tomoyo's mother, but because Tomoyo does have the gift to put the imagination of unique and beautiful garments on a piece of paper, allowing people to analyse it and bring it into reality, for the world to admire.

When she arrived home, she ran to the phone and called up Sakura, while throwing her satchel on her sofa. She waited for Sakura to pick up. After a few rings, her wait is over, Sakura picked up the phone to answer.

"Kinomoto Residence, Sakura speaking," spoke Sakura.

"Sakura! It's me Tomoyo," exclaimed Tomoyo, she could not wait to tell Sakura about her date.

"Tomoyo! What's up? Something happened?" questioned Sakura, curious to why her sharp friend would be calling her. After all, she thought Tomoyo would prefer finishing her homework, first, before socialising with her friends.

"I've got something to tell you," Tomoyo said mysteriously. It made Sakura perk up and wanting to know what Tomoyo was going to say, and that was what Tomoyo was going at. Sakura did not like surprises, she never really did. I wonder how long she could take. "But I'm not sure how to tell you…"

"You've got something to tell me?" asked Sakura, curiously. "You can tell me Tomoyo, I'm your best friend, so it's alright."

"I don't know Sakura…" Tomoyo faked hesitation, "you might go crazy or something… no, I don't think I should tell you…"

"What!" exclaimed Sakura, "Tomoyo! Don't you trust me? I mean, I … I thought I was your friend… if you don't want to tell me… its okay… I'm sorry for asking…"

"Do you really want to know?" asked Tomoyo. She could feel herself exploding inside. Sakura was just too easy to tease. "I mean, how would I know you wouldn't go tell other people, or tease me, or something similar to that?"

"Tomoyo!" exclaimed Sakura, "you know I'm not like that, you're my best friend! I would never do anything to hurt you in anyway. Well, if I did, not intentionally."

Tomoyo couldn't take it any more. Not only did she felt guilty for teasing her friend, but also she was having a hard time suppressing her mirth inside her.

"AHAHAH!" laughed Tomoyo, she could not help it. She just had the urge to tease her. Sakura was too easy to tease, "Don't worry Sakura, I'll always tell you, even if you didn't ask me!"

"Hoe?" queried Sakura, feeling awkward from Tomoyo's laughter. She did not know if she should laugh with Tomoyo, or get mad at her. "Ehehe… so, ano… what happened?"

"Hehehe, you know Igarashi-kun?" asked Tomoyo, as her laughter eased down.

"Yes, what about him?" Sakura asked back.

"Well, ano… he, eto…" now Tomoyo was truly hesitating, unsure as how to explain. Every day people had asked Tomoyo, but this was the first she had actually said yes. Oh, the mortification. "He asked me out…"

"Oh! That's great Tomoyo," exclaimed Sakura, "and what did you say?"

"I…I said yes…" Tomoyo allowed her answer to drift. She was too embarrassed to face Sakura's excitement. She could feel a blush painted upon her, once, pink cheeks. She felt like a tomato.

"You did?" asked Sakura. She could hardly believe her own ears. Tomoyo had always been fussy with going out with people. Not because she did not like them, and not because she expected a lot from them, but because she just did not find the right feelings, she wanted to find, when with them. Therefore, Tomoyo had been quite lonely for a long time already. Sakura had desperately tried helping look for the perfect person for Tomoyo, but every attempt was a failure. She could have continued if Tomoyo had not asked her to stop, and allow her to find her own Prince Charming. Sakura can feel a weigh lifted off her shoulders. She wanted to feel happy for her friend, but she could not help but think something was wrong. Her instincts were telling her something. That this person just was not the person Tomoyo was suppose to be with. However, seeing Tomoyo looking so happy with this person, she pushed the though aside. Maybe I'm just paranoid, that I'm scared he is going to hurt her in one way, or another.

"I'm glad you've found someone Tomoyo," congratulated Sakura, desperately hiding her concern for her friend. Yet, for knowing Sakura for so long, Tomoyo could see right through her. All her excitement and happiness died down.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" asked Tomoyo. She was afraid something was wrong with Sakura. That was what her instincts were telling her, anyway.

"Don't worry Tomoyo," reassured Sakura, "I think I'm just paranoid. First, I try looking for a person that suits you so you will not feel lonely. Now that you have found one, I'm just scared that he might hurt you in some way."

"Oh, Sakura," Tomoyo said. She knew Sakura meant well, and she's grateful to have a friend like Sakura. She would not ask more. She knew that even if she was going to be lonely for the rest of her life, or if Hideki was not right for her, she knew Sakura would always be there for her. Even if she would have her own family and children. Tomoyo knew Sakura would try her best to help others, and that she does not like seeing the ones she cared about hurt or sad in any way. "It's okay; I know what I'm doing. Don't worry about me."

"I know, I know," said Sakura, "that's why I'm allowing you to go out with him! However, if he hurts you in any way, please tell me. "

"Who said you have the permission to allow me to go out with any one?" asked Tomoyo seriously, yet Sakura knew she was just joking.

"I did," laughed Sakura, "so you better tell me about that date of yours when it's all over!"

"Ha! As if I would!" exclaimed Tomoyo jokingly, "Even if you tie me up and tickle me to death, I still won't tell you!"

"Oh really?" asked Sakura, as though daring Tomoyo to say more.

"Yes, really," Tomoyo said, challenging Sakura, wondering what she would do if she disobeyed her orders.

"Then I've got nothing else to do but to actually tie you up and tickle you to death," said Sakura. Tomoyo was not impressed. She began to laugh, not intimidated. But it soon ended when Sakura said the next sentence. "While eating your most favourite chocolate, Fareroche, and slowly breaking your beloved video camera apart."

Sakura ended her threat with an evil laugh, which she had failed to do so.

"You won't dare!" said Tomoyo. Though insulted, that her chocolate was going to be eaten and her beloved camera could broken to pieces if she did not obey she just couldn't image Sakura in that cruel scenario. "How, on Earth, can you do that? You could not do three things, all at once! You only have one pair of hands, you know."

"I can to!" exclaimed Sakura.

"Oh really?" asked Tomoyo, doubting Sakura's confidence, "how, may I ask, are you suppose to tie me up and tickle me while eating MY chocolates and slowly take apart my video camera, all at the same time?"

"Yes I can," countered Sakura, "I'll get Syaoron to help me, if I have to."

And they continued arguing, laughing, and talking on the phone until they were forced to hang up and finish their piles of homework, which was due tomorrow.

The weeks had gone and pass with nothing exciting happening between it. Tomoyo's bad luck seemed to cease after that lunch she had with Hideki. Soon it was the Friday. Tomoyo thought nothing bad was going to happen. How badly mistaken, she was.

She was just exiting the school building when she saw Hideki. She was about to run to him but she saw he was talking to someone. She walked a bit closer to get a better look. To her surprise, Hideki was talking to someone Tomoyo truly despised. Hideki was talking to the man. The man who insulted her, who made her falls, who made her angry, and who have gave her bad luck through out her first week of starting Kotoyanu University. She wanted to go up to him and slap him across the face. But being the polite, understanding Tomoyo, she could see t hey were talking and did not want to interrupt them. After a few minutes of waiting, the chat ended when they said their goodbyes and the man walked away. Tomoyo took this change to ask Hideki who that man was. She took her time to walk up to him. She was still a bit embarrassed after the lunch they had shared, a few days ago.

"Hideki-kun?" asked Tomoyo. Hideki turned to see who had called him.

Tomoyo-san!" exclaimed Hideki, "what a pleasure seeing you here."

Hideki took Tomoyo's hand and kissed it gently, making Tomoyo's cheeks turn into a shade of hue.

"Are you going home now?" asked Hideki, still holding Tomoyo's hand.

"Yes, I am," replied Tomoyo. She noticed Hideki still holding her hand, but she is going to complain.

"Milady, would you give me the honour to you home?" queried Hideki. Tomoyo gave a giggle.

"Why, thank you for the offer, my Lord," answered Tomoyo, "I would love it if you would take me home, if it would not be a bother to you."

"Of course it wouldn't" replied Hideki, with a smile. "I shall take you home."

"Then lead the way, my Lord," said Tomoyo, while giggling. And with that, Hideki, still holding Tomoyo's hand, lead Tomoyo to his car and opened the door for her. He then went to the driver's seat and took his place, as Tomoyo's personal driver, and started the engine. The engine roar into life and Hideki pulled back and drove off.

While in the car, Tomoyo could not help but think about how Hideki and that man were chatting, while they were close friends. I wonder how they knew each other… Maybe they are classmates. Oh no! What happens if that arrogant man tells Hideki to do not go out with me? What happens if that man tells Hideki all things about that aren't even true? Oh no! Tomoyo could not stop thinking about it. Yet, she knew thinking about it is not going to change anything. She'll just have to ask Hideki about it. Tomoyo gathered up all her courage to ask Hideki about that man. She was starting to fear what his answer was going to be.

"Hideki-kun," said Tomoyo.

"Yes Tomoyo-san?" asked Hideki, wondering what was on Tomoyo's mind.

"Earlier, I saw you talking to a person," began Tomoyo, "a guy with blue hair and glasses."

"Oh! Him?" asked Hideki, "he's a good friend of mine; I've met him when I started college. He is an intelligent man, I tell you. Yet, he has a mysterious character. He's good to talk to, but if you want to comprehend his personality, I advice you to don't even try, because you won't get any where with him."

"Tell me about it," mumbled Tomoyo. She could feel her anger rising.

"Pardon?" asked Hideki.

"Nothing!" said Tomoyo quickly.

"Okay then," Hideki said, "Eriol really isn't that bad. He's attractive, intelligent, polite, and charming. Yet, he doesn't have a girlfriend. Not that I know of anyway. Lots of girls like him, but I guess he's not interested in them."

Tomoyo sat still. Did she imagine what she had just heard? Did she just hear a name she did not expect to hear from Hideki's mouth?

"What was your friend's name again?" asked Tomoyo. She could feel herself being tensed up. She really wanted to know. If it was really the same person, she had actually wanted to see, from so long ago.

"Hiiragizawa Eriol," replied Hideki, curious to why Tomoyo wanting to know his friend's name.

Tomoyo froze. She felt her heart beating faster than necessary, unsure if she was hearing things right. Did Igarashi just say his name? The last name she wanted to hear at that moment. She needed to know if she heard it right.

"Pardon? Did you just say Hiiragizawa Eriol?" asked Tomoyo, uncertainly, "or was I just hearing it incorrectly?"

"Oh no," replied Hideki, "I did say his name is Hiiragizawa Eriol. Do you know him?"

The image of that rude man came into her mind. It was hard for her to believe that was actually Hiiragizawa Eriol. No wonder he seemed familiar. But he had changed so much through these years. He became so rude that I did not recognize him. I wonder why? Why did he come back to Tomodea? Why…

"I thought I did," say Tomoyo quietly, "but I guess he is just a stranger to me now."

"Pardon?" asked Hideki. He did not quite fathom what Tomoyo was trying to imply to him.

"Oh, nothing," replied Tomoyo, while more questions were conjuring up in her heard. She began to have a headache. Hideki noticed she didn't want to talk about it any more, and since he wasn't a prying man, he left the conversation, with nothing else to be said about it.

When Hideki felt the uncomfortable tension, between him and Tomoyo, he turned on the radio, which was playing the song called 'Photograph' by Nickleback now, to ease the atmosphere a bit.

Tomoyo was pleased when they arrived at her apartment. Hideki got out of his car and opened Tomoyo's door for her. Tomoyo got out of the car and thanked Hideki for his courteous manner and was about to walk away, to her apartment, when a hand grabbed her from behind. The hand belonged to Hideki.

"Tomoyo-san," began Hideki, "is our date still on?"

Tomoyo was temporary confused now, when he mentioned about their date. Then she remembers how she said she would go on a date with him. The thought of Hiiragizawa being back, in Tomodea, had given her a temporary memory loss.

"Oh yes," replied Tomoyo, "when, where, and what time, may I ask, would the date be on?"

"Oh good," said Hideki, "did you know about the Autumn Carnival that's going to be held at the city?"

"Yes," replied Tomoyo recalling on a vague memory of a poster about a carnival in town.

"Why don't we go to the carnival?" asked Hideki, hoping she would say yes.

"Sure, if you want," replied Tomoyo. A carnival would be a great place to get distracted.

"Great," exclaimed Hideki, "Then the Autumn Carnival shall it is! And what about this Sunday, at 5.00 P.M?"

"Sounds great," said Tomoyo cheerful. She could not wait.

"I'll be off now," said Hideki, as he began to head towards the driver's side of the car. "I'll see you on Sunday, at 5.00, in front of your apartment."

"Okay, I'll be waiting," said Tomoyo.

And with a final wave, Hideki drove up the street and turned left, leaving Tomoyo standing in front of the building.

"Okay," said Tomoyo, "I really need to refresh my head and forget about that. Heck, I still need to start on the autumn fashion clothes for my mother."

And with that, Tomoyo walked up to the building, pushed the glass door open, and went straight to her apartment. Not before greeting the guard and a few people, who existed the building. She really needed space to think.