"The world seems full of good men- even if there are monsters in it."

- From Dracula by Bram Stoker

Darkness. The only word that can comfort me, the only word that I can truly understand. I'm not gothic or anything, it's just the way I feel. I see things, hear things that can break any man's soul, yet my voice refuses to speak of theses things; it freezes like the ice on a winter day, it chokes me like swallowing on a piece of food. But I have an idol, in a way, that I have known since childhood, one that could strike fear into a man, could probably turn a person insane. Dracula. I've watched countless movies on him since I was 5, stupid ones but entertaining none the less. Christpher Lee, Bela Lugosi. Names that run through Hollywood even today. No one really understands him. The way he thinks, the way he moves. He might be a gentleman with a trace of cad in him, maybe even dashing, but there is something even deeper inside of him. I heart that refuses to beat, one that is undead, one that is as black as Hell itself probably.

He's not a monster, he's just a man that was not ready to face death, one that made a pact with the devil, which is pretty brave to do; he's just a gentleman who made some dark decisions.

I'm quiet, reserved, but I'm a true artist. At 16, I have the world around my feet, or so I once thought. My father died when I was only 10, he was my hero, my knight in shinning armor, but every daughter thinks her father that. Every Halloween we would watch horror movies, side by side, popcorn in hand, and of course my favorite was Dracula. My father was truly great, he mastered at horse racing, a thing that was carried onto me. I love horses, the way their hooves beat the earth like drum sticks on drums or even thunder. Our farm was huge, beautiful, an eden green. My mother didn't like the idea of my brother Steve and I being around horses; she shunned my brother away, but I managed to go out and see them. Magnificient animals really.

One day my father was called to Iraq, and never returned. My mother quickly remarried, and that son of a bitch tried to rape me, but I held him off. My father was gone forever, the one thing I held dear besides the horses. My mother sold all of the horses except for my father's favorite : Dutchess. She was a golden chesnut, fiery and beautiful; she truly was my father's dream horse. I would not let her sell Dutchess, and I would fight to the death for her, but I didn't have to. My mother, brother, and step dad died in a car crash. I was alone, until my dad's friend took me in; his ex-girlfriend. We got along perfectly, but I hardly talked.

Dutchess stayed with us, pregnant by a rogue stallion, a thoroughbred stallion. I felt that I could finally have my own horse, my own dream horse, just like my father.( I was 14 at the time) The foal turned out to be black as night, and I named him : Eclipse Moon. This faol was strong, mean spirited just like it's father, fast as ligthning, and only responded to my touch, to my words; it responded to my voice, and to my name, Aurora.

Class was silent as the grave. Only the clock ticking was heard. It grew louder and louder, like a heart beating with adreniline. Finally school was over. My friend, Yvonne, was coming over to my house to watch Van Helsing with me after I rented it from Netflix. We had both been wanting to watch this movie together all alone in my home, with popcorn. I was looking forward to it, excited very much. As the doors opened her raven hair flew into the wind like a wild horse, and then it gently rested on her shoulders. Our blue eyes squinted in the sun but still twinkled. My brown hair was curled and in a pony tail with a gold clip. We bothed walked to my house, giggling and laughing.

Yvonne: "I can't wait to watch this movie!"

Aurora: "Same here. Ever wonder what Dracula was really like?"

Yvonne: "You know that I like werewolves better, but yea I do wonder."

Aurora: "Werewolves are mindless like zombies. You can't get rid of them that quickly."

Yvonne: "True. Now I guess everyone thinks we're weird?"

Aurora: "No one's listening, and we never talk about these things around other people."

We walked silently, my dad's ex, Indriel, was waiting for us. She was going out of town for a week for Spring Break. I told her I didn't mind, that it would just be me and Yvonne watching movies probably. It was 9 pm now, and it was dark with a possible thunderstorm. I didn't care really, I enjoyed them greatly. We put in the movie, and in the first scene was Dr. Frankenstein, and my idol, Dracula. I so wanted him to be real, to know what it's like. I turned off the lights as we watched it deeper. I felt a chill in the air, in the house. It was impossible, it was warm inside. A strange feeling came over me, like someone was watching us. As soon as the movie was over, and I was completly disgusted with Gabriel for killing Dracula, the lights went out. Screams came from both of us, and we saw an electric blue glint in the shadows, and when I turned around there he was.

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