"The world seems full of good men-even if there are monsters in it."

from Dracula by Bram Stoker

This chapter is for Jackie's birthday!

We all stood there; staring at each other in silence which was very awkward. Indriel was confused; Yvonne passive. Dracula looked sad, depressed; as me for, well let's just say I was hurt myself as well as confused. Then in that moment, Yvonne spoke.

Yvonne: " Look, I know that this was a very productive night, but you must go back."

Oh shit. Dracula did not take orders from anyone, ANYONE! He looked at her, and tilted his head to the left, smirking evily, angrily. He was mocking her in a way, maybe reading her thoughts. He smiled, his eyes distant from us. Then he looked at her, and frowned.

Dracula: "Well, just like everyone else, you want me to go to hell, and for only one reason! You envy her! She actually feels, actually wants me for me! You are just like Aleera in so many ways in which you cannot comprehend! Alas, I am yet again alone in the world, no one by my side, no one to love me. Do you know what it is like to not feel any emotion but hate, lust, jealousy, anger? No of course not."

Yvonne: "Lies! All of it!"

Dracula: "I beg to differ my dear."

I was anxious and tired of this bickering which seemed to go on forever. I wanted to speak, wanted to say that they were both wrong; to say that I was worthless and to just leave me the hell alone. But I couldn't. Indriel hugged me, trying to comfort me even though it was useless. Those two kept going at it, screaming yelling. Then I realized…They were meant for each other. I was not. I had only been a pawn in this game, when the real players stood before me. I stepped forward, the two yelling at each other.

Aurora: "Please stop. This is stupid, childish. I am not meant for you Count. She is. She is in so many ways like you, your equal, and I …I am just a teenager with a past that hurts me, and stops me from every pleasure that I used to enjoy. Now please, just go away."

I walked up to my room, and locked the door behind me. I slid to the floor, crying my heart out. I did love him, oh how I did! But it hurt me to remember all I had been through. I heard a knock on my door. I sniffled a little, and I tried to cover my sobbs and tears.

Aurora: "Leave me in peace, please! Is there nothing I can have in this world?"

Dracula: "Darling, please come out."

Yvonne: "We are so sorry for everything. Don't cry, you know I hate it when you do."

Indriel: "Honey, can I at least come in if they can't?"

I sighed, and opened the door for Indriel alone. We both sat on the bed, and she put her hand on my shoulder.

Indriel: "You really do love him even if you resist and tell him to go to hell?"

Aurora: "Yes, I jst realized that I…"

Indriel : " You do deserve everything your heart wishes. That damn family of yours never really cared, except for your father. It was a mistake that he left you alone with them, those heartless brutes."

Aurora: "I miss him."

Indriel : "He'll always love you, and so will Dracula even if he is heartless."

Aurora: "He's not heartless. He just thinks he is when he really does have a heart. No one notices."

I hadn't noticed Dracula hanging on the ceiling until he came down. I was embarrassed, my cheeks were blushing red. He hugged me, and kissed the side of my neck that wasn't covered in blood.

Dracula: "No one has ever said about me, no one. You are the one."