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24. Punishments, Demands, News and Commitments

"So… do I really have to eat this?" Jess asked, his expression disbelieving.

"Yep" she smiled. "You at least have to taste everything" she added at his look of misery.

"You are a mean lady" he pouted.

"I have to do something to get back at you all for ganging up on me like that before" she explained as if it was completely obvious.

"But that's not fair, you're just punishing me!" he complained.

"Well, yeah. You are my boyfriend and therefore should not participate in those things"

"I bet there also is some kind of rule that forbids girlfriends from feeding you with crap" he muttered.

"Actually no. There is however a rule that gives the girlfriend right to punish the boyfriend if he breaks the rules in which ways she finds necessary"

"Oh and where is this coming from? The Rory Rule Book?" he asked sarcastically.

"No" she chuckled. "But kind of close. The Relationship Guide For And By The Gilmore Girls"

"There is such a book?" he asked disbelieving.

"Yep. My mom and I decided to write it a couple of years ago. Rules are added when we come up with something new. It's really good actually. With most guys you can just refer to The Rule Book and they listen, they think it's something official"

"Well, most guys don't have such brilliant intellectual capacities as myself…" he smirked.

"Most guys aren't as suspicious as you. Or as self-important for that matter" she teased.

"Hey" he said, offended. "You should be lucky to have a boyfriend who is both smart and aware of it. We are a rare kind, you know"

"Yes, I know. I consider myself privileged" she laughed.

Luke didn't look up as Lorelai entered the empty diner.

"You disappeared" she pointed out, sitting down at the counter in front of him.

"I guess" he muttered.

"You just left"

"Yeah, well, didn't think you'd want me there" he murmured.

"Why not?" she asked even though she kind of knew.

"He came. You didn't think you'd have someone to buy your basket, so you asked me. He shows up and you're with him instead. It's fine, I get it" he said, still not meeting her gaze.

"Whoa, I'm not with him. It was lunch" she defended herself.

"For now yeah"

"No. Nothing more. Ever" she said and he finally looked up. "His girlfriend is pregnant. They're getting married. Chris and I are over – for good now" she explained.

"Wow" he said, amazed. "Eh… sorry? I mean, you two were always…"

"No, we haven't been in a long time" she interrupted him. "Don't be sorry, I'm completely fine about that. If you're sorry about anything it should be that you bailed on me after making a promise"

"Yeah. Sorry" he said, looking sheepish. "I just thought…"

"I know. And it's okay, Chris and I sort of did need to talk about this stuff, it's just that… I asked you" she said, emphasising the 'you'.

"But I thought you only did that cause you didn't have anyone else" he said quietly.

"No, I asked you because I wanted you there" she chuckled. "Remember last year, that was fun, right?"

"I guess" he muttered.

"So… you'll buy mine next year?" she asked leadingly.

"I don't know, if you want me to…" he said, his eyes on the floor.

"It's a demand!" she beamed.

He looked up and gave her a small smile back, which made her smile even wider.

"So… how was lunch?" Rory asked Lorelai as she entered the living room where she sat, reading.

"It was… interesting" Lorelai said after a while of thinking.

"Interesting? That bad, huh?" she asked sympathetically.

"No, no, not really bad. Just… eventful"

"I'm intrigued!"

"Well, first of all, Luke didn't buy my basket"

"Who did? Was it Kirk?" she asked enthusiastically.

"No, it wasn't Kirk. Surprisingly… it was your dad"

"Dad? Wow, we haven't seen him in a long time"

"I know, hon."

"What was he doing here?"

"He came bringing some news"

"Good news, bad news?"

"Don't really know. You'll have to see for yourself. We can just call it news"

"Okay. News. Let's hear them"

"Alright. Here we go. Sherry's pregnant"

"His girlfriend Sherry?"



"Yeah. So… how do you feel about this?" Lorelai asked hesitantly.

"I'm not sure. How should I feel about this?"

"Can't tell you that, sweetie. I mean, he is your dad and now he's gonna be somebody else's dad too, but he made sure I'd let you know he's still gonna be there"

"Yeah, I don't know if it's gonna make much difference. I mean, it's not like he was always here"

"No. But it might still be weird for you. Is it?"

"I don't think so" she said thoughtfully. "Did he seem happy about it?"

"Yeah" Lorelai smiled. "He was a bit worried about how I'd take it, but when I was fine you could totally see it on him. He's gonna be a daddy and he loves it"

"Oh, good for him"


"And you really are okay with this, I mean, you and dad were never truly over and now… you are" Rory asked, looking worriedly at her mother.

"I'm fine"


"Yes. If he is happy then I am happy for him"


"So… did you get Jess to eat all of your disgusting stuff?" Lorelai asked after a while.

"No, not all of them" she said, faking deep disappointment.

"See, hon, it's not just me, we're both loosing touch"

"Hey, speak for yourself. I didn't get Jess to eat ALL of it. I did however get him to get a little taste out of everything"

"Even that thing that we couldn't figure out what it was or when it was from?" she asked, disbelieving.

"A very small taste and with lots of complaining, but yeah" she smiled proudly.

"Wow. That's my daughter, ladies and gentlemen"

"Didn't get dad to eat any, huh?" she asked sympathetically.

Lorelai shook her head sadly.

"Well, you would've had a better chance with Luke. Wait, did you two have a fight or something when dad showed up and bought your basket?" she asked looking worried.

"No, why would we?"

"He got jealous" she said as though it was obvious.

"Luke is not secretly in love with me" Lorelai sighed.

"No" she said to Lorelai's astonishment. "It isn't secretly since everybody knows it but you" she added with a playful smile.

Lorelai threw a pillow at her daughter and stuck her tongue out at her.

"Now that is maturity" Rory said teasingly. "But you're okay?"

"Yes. I went to talk to him afterwards. He's gonna buy my basket next year" she said happily.

"Wow, that's a commitment"

"No, it's not. It is two friends who are just very planned ahead and…" she defended herself.

"Okay, okay" Rory interrupted her. "Don't get why you're fighting this so hard when it is totally obvious, but sure. I'm just glad we can still get our coffee"

"We can"

"Well, good then"

"Yeah. Good" she said thoughtfully.

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