A/N: Hi ok this is my second story. I had to start a new one because my friends were getting mad that I was only doing Gundam so yeah... Here's my try at a totally random crossover that no one has tried before... Zelda and Star Wars... I'm pretty sure that this will end up being a little weird at times becase my friend is writing every other chapter for me but it'll be cool. Enjoy my randomness...

Chapter One

Ah, Peace at last. Link thought to himself as he sat on a rock in nowhere particular. Navi flitted silently over Link's shoulder. I don't have to run around and save Zelda's butt every two seconds!

Link reached into his tunic and pulled out his ocarina. He started playing. Unlike the usual four note song you hear this was a happy and long melody. Navi flitted nervously above Link's shoulder as their surroundings began to change. Link didn't look up until he heard someone whistling the Liberty Bell March.

The first thing he noticed about where he was, was that the rock he was sitting on had disappeared. Link fell promptly on his butt. The second thing he noticed was that everything was made of metal. Link looked around wildly, then looked down at his ocarina, mouth gaping.

"Never. Again." He said, flinging it over his shoulder. It struck a wall and broke.

"Link, I don't think you should have done that," Navi said quietly.

Link looked over at her. "What do you know, you stupid fairy?"

"Hey! I heal you; I can leave and find someone else. Besides, that was probably the only way to get home…"

Link's eyes got really big. He turned and looked at the pieces of his ocarina. He dove on it and started trying to piece it back together.


At that moment the whistling got louder as the person whistling got closer. Link looked around and couldn't find anywhere to hide. Someone, specifically a storm trooper carrying a mop, walked around the corner of the nearby corridor. Link stepped back and flattened against the wall. The storm trooper didn't look over.

"How's it going?" the storm trooper said as he walked by.

Link's mouth dropped open and he replied shakily, "Good..." The storm trooper continued down the hall and disappeared around a corner, still whistling.

Link stepped away from the wall and looked at Navi. Navi did something that I guess you could count as a shrug.

"You know, you are absolutely no help in this situation."

Navi shot him a look he couldn't see because of her glow. Just wait until you die… Ha! Navi snickered to herself. Just wait. Link scooped up the fragments of his shattered ocarina. He lifted up the "brim" of his hat and stuffed them in. Navi shuddered; she had seen him put so many things in that hat.

"You know, Link, that hat of yours probably can't hold much more…"

"Maybe we should empty it out. Not right now, though. We have to find out where we are."

Navi sighed and followed him; Link had walked over to the corridor that the storm trooper janitor had come from.

A/N: I know I'm notorious for short chapters but its not my fault. I have a short attention span...