A rainy meeting

Kagome got dressed and quickly headed down stairs, it was almost 7:30 and Inuyasha will be there any minute to pick her up. She ran downstairs to the kitchen where her family was.

"Hey sis what are you doing up so early?" asked a still half asleep Souta.

"Yeah Kagome you usally wont be up for another half an hour." asked Miss Higurashi.

"Oh uhm I'm meeting someone befor school today."

"And who may this someone be?" asked gramps


"Oh is it that boy you told us about last night?" asked Miss H.

"ooooOOOOoooo, Kagomes got a boy friend, Kagomes got a boy friend!" sang Souta.

"Shut Up Souta! I Do NOT!" yelled Kagome to her lil brother, blushing.

"Sure you doooon't!" "I agre with Souta." said their mom with a smile "As do I."

"Guuuuuyyyys! Stoooooop! I Do NOT!" yelld Kagome blushing like 10 shades or red (a/n, if thats even posible! lol)


"Thats him! I gotta go!" ,then Souta , started making kissy sounds. (lol XD)

"SOUTA!" and she ran out the door,blushing like crazy! and then slamed it.

"Hey Kags! You ready?" Asked Inuyasha.

"uhh yeah...!"

"Hey why you blushing?" he asked with a curious smile.

"uhhh no reason, come on lets go..." she said walking down the front entrance stairs.

"yeah ok, but first." he said and quicklytook hold of her hand, and kissing her slightly below her neck.

"-gasp-" and turned 20 shades or red (a/n like I said b4 if thats even possible,lol)

"Ok now we can go!" he said trying to prevent himself from cracking up!

"uhhhh..." "come on Kags-baby!"

"Kags-baby! what did I tell you about those stupid nick-names!" (a/n aww come on I like those lil nick-names, don't you?)

"Yeah and I said deal with it, beside its not like you've got boyfriend 'yet'or anything so whats the problem?" hes said with an semi-evil lil smile (a/n awww)

"And this time I made sure to bring my car -wink- come on, get in."


he gave a small laugh, "Get away with what, what I did befor?" "NO THAT STUPID 'DEAL WITH IT' COMMENT!"

He gave her another lil laugh (a/n wow he laughs alot!lol) "ooook, now come on get in..."

Kagome decided to give in and get into his car , it was a jet black Jaguar convertible, and looked brand new.

.:.:On the road:.:.

"So I thought that wehead to a small cafe' not to far from our school, this way we dont realy have to worry to much about being late for class. That ok with you?" he asked looking at her real quick.

"..." "Ka...gome?" "hu? oh yeah ok thats fine."

"You ok? You're not still mad are you?" "...no I okjust...-yawn-...a little tired, thats all, Im not used togetting up so early." she said with a small tired smile.

"Ok...just dont fall asleep while you're eating k." he said while jokeing around with her.

"ha ha ha very funny..." "Well we're here..."

The End...lol jk
.:.:At school:.:.

"You know I was willing to pay halfe, back at the cafe'...Inuyasha..."

"Yeah I know but I didn't want you to...a lady such as your self should never have to pay." he said in a strange way. (a/n ok is it just me or is he starting to soud like Miroku! lol)

"oh what ever..." she said crossing her arms and lookingin away from him.

"Hey Inuyasha over here!" a boy about Inuyasha's age in a boy's uniform with dark brown hair pulled into a small pony tail,and dark blue eye's. (a/n everyone wears those school uniformslike inthe show-aww kawaii 4 inu-lol)

"uhh wait here ok Kagome."

"Yeah ok"

.:.:With the guys:.:.

"Yo what up Yasha?" asked Miroku "Not much you guys?" answer Inuyasha doing tose little guy hand shake thingies (a/n lol you all know what I mean, and if not well to bad lol)

"Same, so who's the girl?" asked Kouga "Yeah, she's HOT just look at her OWWW!"

"Don't even think about it pervert!" said Inuyasha hittin Miroku hard over the head.

"Hey what was that for Inuyasha!" "For thinking about her like that!" "But I didn' even finnish my sentence!" "Yeah but I KNEW what you were gunna say!"

"So who is she anyways?" asked Kouga.

"Yeah Inuyasha were did you pick this one up,at a stri-"

"Don't you even DARE finish the sentence!" Yelld Inuyasha after one of the guys dumb remarks.

"Yo calm down Yasha, just tell us who she is and where didya find her?"

"What do you mean 'find' her?" he said while he started twichingInu style

(a/n now hes acting normal -smile-)

"ok 1. her names Kagome 2. I 'found' her on my way home from detention yesterday and 3.
You Guys STAY Away From Her! Especialy YOU PERVERT!"

"HEY!" said all the guys at once.

"Now come on Inuyasha what do you think I'll do to her?" asked Mirouk with a (kawaii) perverted smile on his face.

All he did was growl at him. "huh hey it looks like, is she waering your favorite jacket Inuyasha?"
asked Kouga

.:.: with Kagome:.:.

'Are, are they t-talking about me?' thought Kagome to her self.

.:.:back with Inu:.:.

"Look i gotta go, I'll see ya guys later k." and with that he headed back to Kagome.

Kagome saw Inuyasha walking back to her and looked down to hid her slightly red face.

"Hey cutie sorry I took so long, you ok?"

"..." she said nothing "Hello earth to Kagome!" "..." "KAGOME!" "huh what!"

"Wellcome back...whats wrong are you ok?" "..." "Kagome..." he said in an angry tone.

"Kagome would you answer me...!" she looked up to him "For the 100th time, are you ok Kags?"

"..." "grrrr Why The HELL Wont You Answer ME!" "CUZ I DONT WANNA!" she yelled at him. "Kagome..." he said sadly. "-gasp-" after she saw the sadness in his eyes she quickly looked away. 'why did I yell at him?' thought Kagome. "Inuyasha Im..."

-School bell rings-

"Look I'll see you at later ok...bye." he gave her a quick kiss on her hand and ran through the school doors. Kagome looked down at her hand then headed inside.

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