A rainy meeting

chapter 3

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-At school-

"-sigh-" 'school is sooo boring I feel like Im gunna die!' she thought "-sigh-" Kagome looked out the class room window at the cloudy and rainy sky.

-Bell Rings- "ohhhh I just wanna go to sleep..." said Kagome walking to her locker.

"Hey Higurashi!" yelld a girl that looked semi-similar to Kagome


"huh? uhh yes..." "You're the new girl whos going out with Inuyasha aren't you?"

'oh great why do I have a feeling that this girl, is one of those girls who's still all hung over their ex and get mad when any other girl gets near him.' "uhh new girl yes going out with Inuyasha not realy."

"oh well it dosnt matter then..." she turnd around to leave "...just ...becarful...ok." and with that she left. "uhhh ooook that was akward..."

-lightning- -thunder-

"God why am I -yawn- so tierd? I bet its cuz I woke up early today." said Kagome trying to stay awake.

Then someone tapped her on the shoulder. "huh?" "Hey Kag." said Inuyasha smileing at her

"oh Inuyasha Its you." she said dully "aww whats wrong not happy to see me?"

"No, its just -yawn- I feel so tired." she yawned again and he laughed a bit.

"oh I see, well lets head to the cafiteria, shall we?" he asked "Yeah ok."

-after lunch- and -last class of the day-

-lightning-thunder x2

Kagome was in class lucky for her Inuyasha had the same class and then, the power went out, and what happens when the power gose out duning school? Yep you got it everyone panics and yells.

"Now class, class callm down!" yelled the teacher. It was pich black outside it almost looked like it was night time. (that happend to me at school in 2nd grade it was kinda cool n.n)
Kagome walked to a corner at the back of the class room to try and get away from her panicing class-mates. "You scared?" asked Inuyasha. "No, you?" "feh, yeah right." he said sitting next to her on the floor. "So it looks like were not getting out of her any time soon, and when we do dont worry I'll drive you home k." "No thats ok I can walk." (is she crazy!) "Yeah if you have a death wish."

"hahaha very funny." she said and laid he head on his shoulder, then closed her eyes for a while.
He flushed a bit but then he just smiled.

The lights came back on and everyone calmed down a bit but as soon as they did the light began so spark and blew up.(lol cool) Now everyone was realy freaking out! All the teachers motioned the students to go into the gymnasium were it was "safe".

"ok now you gotta be scared." "nope just tired, you?" "no of corse not." In the gymnasium it was cold and dark and filled with panicing high schoolers. "I'd wish they shut up!" said Kagome geting annoyed, he laughed.

-An hour or so later the power was back on and everyone was on their way home.-

"Hey Kag, need a ride? I think so." "uh no thats ok I've got my umbrealla dont worry I'll be fine."

"Over My Dead Body!" he yelld "Dont yell me!" she yelled back. "Look I'll be fine ok." and with that she began to walk off.

-on her way home-

"Dang! Its like trying to walk in a pool of mud!" she yeld to her self tip toeing on the sidewalk flooded with water trying not to get her shoes and socks too wet. The wind was blowing so hard her umbrella felt like it was gunna fly away sending her falling into the water. "oh great now I wish I did take up on Inuyashas offer -sigh- ohweEELL! ahhh!" -splash!- "arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!GREAT! JUST GREAT! ow ow ow OW uhhhhhhh this sucks!" she comlained sitting in the freezing cold water! She got up and sliped and fell again and again at least 4 times. By this time she was just lying there soaking wet, cold and to top it all of she just reliezed it but she was lost again, and not to menchen but in pian from falling so many times.

"See now this is what happens whe you dont listen to me." said a familiar voice. "Go away Inuyasha." "What did I do!" "You were right thats what you did!" he started to laugh "What's so Funny!" she yelld siting up. "You my sweet, and what are you doing here your soo far away from your house? Don't tell me you got lost again." "Fine I wont!"

Turns out Inuyasha had found her 'walking home' while heading uhh dont know were he was heading accualy.

"uhh Inuyasha..." "yeah what is it?" " do you know what time it is?" she asked him. "uhh almost 5:30 why?" she layed back down on the side walk filld with water again leting the rain fall down on her not caring very much since she was already soaking wet. "I hate my life..." she said closing her eyes.

Inuyasha had gotten his umbrella and gotten out of the car and walked over to her.

She heard Inuyasha laugh again and then sudenly stop. "uhhhh Ka...gome." "Yeah" she responded looking at him in the corner of her eye he was blushing a bit."uhh what is it Inuyasha?" she asked sitting up again. "uhhm you're kinda wet..." "No duh Sherlock." "un yeah and your shirt is white and...um kinda no um realy see-throuhg." he said blushing quite a lot trying not to look at her wet and now see-through shirt. It took Kagome a minute for this information to register in her mind.

"oh well...uh...Then Stop Looking You Pervert!" yelled kagome turning her back to him.
"Its not my fault! They're kinda just there..." he said now blushing like crazy. "Shut Up You Perv!"

They went on like that for almost half an hour.

"OK Thats Enough! Now can you tell me where am I?" "uhh ok um you almost at down town it'll take about 4 hours by walk and 2 by car to get to your place." "What! aww come on!"

He helped her up, the wind began to pick up speed and it began to rain harder and harder. If you looked up in to the sky all you would see are pich black clouds and lightning and all you could realy her was the thunder and the howls of the wind. "Its Freezing!" yelled Kagome "Come on get in." they got in the car and began to drive down the street.

"Look we're gunna head over to my place it'll only take 30 minutes you can call your mom and as soon as the rain calms down a bit I'll take you home ok." "Yeah ok but didnt you say you lived not to far from my place." (a/n uh i cant rember if i said that he said that he didnt live far from her house)
"uhh if I did well I lied." "What!" "Calm down you place is on my way to school anyways thats why it realy no problem taking to and from school." "oh -yawn o...k then..." she fell asleep.
He smiled and keped driving down the road.

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