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Lightning flashed, thunder roared, winds howled, and the rain continued to fall-

"Kagome-wake up." She opended her eyes to find her silver haired friend - Inuyasha.

"-W-where am...I?" the teenaged girl said still half asleep. "My place, come on."

He lead her into a two story house. It was dark and no one seemed to be home- wich as nice as Inuyasha seemed- still made Kagome a bit nerveous.

"uhm...Inuyasha...where is everyone?" she asked sounding a bit timmid "Uh- I dont think they're home yet." he replied scratching the back of his head.

"oh...so uhm- hey wheres your phone?"

"In the kitchen- follow me." He lead her to to where the kitchen -and phone- was, wich was in the center of the house. ' wow...his house is so...big...I would have never thought...' "Here." he handed her the phone and she nodded in thanks, and began to dial her home number.

0000At the Higurashi's house0000

"Higurashi residence -(its kag's mom)- oh Kagome! Where are you? We've been worried - oh I see well are you ok? - all -all right dear as long as your all right try not to come home too late ok - ok becarful - bye."

Kagome hung up the phone puting it back on the resever, then walking to where Inuyasha went while she was on the phone. She came to what seemed like the living room where she saw Inuyasha on the sofa watching tv -the weather channel (a/n anyone know what day is it?! oh well you know what its friday cuz you known why? cuz today is friday and rainy so XP)


"It dosnt look so good- fromwhat theys people are saying its gonna be like this for quite a long time. Rain-rain and more rain."

"oh..."she sat donw next to him"...so- who lives with you?"

"Well both of my paretns did but my father left for a few years on a 'buisness trip' so now its just me and my mother. " "Hey what about me?" said an unknown voice. (well to kag at least) The two teens turned arouned at find "Oh yeah and my older brother- Sesshomaru" Inuyasha rolled his eyes at his brothers name

'Oh-my-gosh' Kagome stared in aw at the sight of the beautiful (and/or pretty ) young man infront of her.(a/n yeay! fluffy ) He had the same long silver hair and brilliant golden eyes as Inuyasha but no puppy dog ear's but heck! he dont need them. He had two scratch looking marck on both sides of his face and a cresant moon on his fourhead hidden behing his bangs. And well he pretty much looked like well one heck of a GOD! (a/n im sorry but fluffy is just so pretty )

Sesshomaru looked around then asked "Is Izayoi not home yet?"

"No, she's not." Inuyasha simply answered.

"Have you tried calling her?" Inuyasha said nothing and returned his attention to the T.V, and Sesshomaru no longer felt like wasting his time on his 'foolish little brother' so he went up to his room.

'awwww hes leaving?' "Hey Inuyasha, who's Izayoi?"

"huh? oh thats just my mom."

"Realy, but then why did he-"

"Call her by her name?-" he began while cuttering her off "-You see, Sesshomaru's my half brother and since my mom isn't realy his mom he refuses to call her by anything but her name."

"Oh...sooo, whats he like?" Kagome asked looking a bit too interested

"Who? my brother?! Why do you want to know?" Inuyasha said a lil annoyed.

"Yeah, he seems quite interesting." she smiled at him hoping that he would say some thing about his brother.

"Well he's a jerk for starters-" he crossed his arms, and looked the other way. "-he's concited, agnorant, snobby, annoying!-"

"OK DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT HIM?" Kagome said quickly cutting him off. She didnt want to known his bad points, she wanted to known his good ones wich she was sure he had.

"Anything good to say...hmm let-me-think...nope nothing!" He replied smiling a fake/happy smile.

"Inuyasha! Shurly there must be something good about him."

"Well Sesshomaru, is smart, brave, and strong. And he's quiet an artist, when it comes to the acidemics and most of the fine arts he always exells." A sudden female voice said from behind the two fifteen year olds, they turned around to find-

"Hello dear, who's your friend." It was Izayoi, she has just arrived home and was smiling warmly at her unknown guest.

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