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Chapter 1!

'Finally…I'm back…' thought a pink haired female. Two people stood at the gates of Konoha.

"So mom I'm guessing this is where you grew up?" Sakura looked down at the girl and stared at those same jade eyes that she had.

"Yep, this is my home." And with that the both walked at the gates , but suddenly a ABNU appeared before them.

"State you're purpose." The Masked ANBU demanded. Sakura stared at ANBU while her daughter hid behind her.

"U-Uh umm well…" Sakura started running her hand through her pink hair. 'Wait pink hair?' thought the ANBU.

"Wait a sec…would you're last name happen to be Haruno?" The ANBU asked with a hint of hopefulliness in his voice (I doubt that's a word.).

"Um… yes…yes it is," Sakura replied with her face filled with confusion.

"SAKURA?" The ANBU yelled while bringing her into an embrace. Sakura stayed still for a second but then pushed him off of her.

"Not to be rude of anything…But who are you."

"Oh…yeah," The ANBU said as he removed his mask revealing a goofy grin, cat like marks, piercing blue eyes, and spiky blonde hair.

" O MY GAWD!" Sakura gasped. While her daughter just stared. "N-Naruto?"

"Believe it!" Naruto said with thumbs up. Sakura ran and hugged him as hard as she could.

"I missed you sooo much do you know that?" Sakura said tears starting to form in her eyes. Naruto hugged her back.

"I've missed you too…Everyone's missed you…some more than others " Naruto whispered in her ear.

"Mom whose this you're old boyfriend…not bad he is pretty cute." Naruto looked at the girl who was standing there with a smirk on her face.

"IDIOT!" Sakura shouted, while lightly smacking the kids head.

"OWW! Mom jeez it was just a question, I mean you guys seemed so close that's all," The girl said while clutching her head, but the smirk still stayed. 'Wait…the girl just called her Mom that means…'

"That's her isn't it?" Naruto asked his voice barely above a whisper. Sakura and the girl looked at him. Sakura swallowed hard.

"Y-yeah that's her…this is my daughter, Kira." Kira took out her hand.

"How do you do, ." Naruto smiled and grabbed her hand pulling her into yet another hug (I know they hug a lot).

"Call me Naruto." Sakura looked at the two, and smiled. 'Well at least he's taking it well,' sakura thought.

'Yeah and im pretty sure the others will too…except…'

'sasuke' sakura thought with a sigh.

"Hello! Mom!" Kira said waving a hand in front of sakura's face. Sakura snapped her eyes opened and stared at her daughter.

"W-what is it?"

"Naruto said he'd treat us to ramen!" Sakura giggled.

"Alright lets go."

At the ramen shop…

"So, Naruto what's going on with the others?" Sakura asked while eating her ramen. Naruto looked up his mouth full of ramen. "Well Me and hinata are…" Naruto looked back at his ramen and blushed.


"We're engaged." Sakura eyes jade eyes got big and watery.

"Are you serious?" Naruto nodded. Sakura smile got even bigger. "o my god im so happy for both of you!" Naruto looked up from his food and smiled. Kira sighed.

"Well im finished. Mom can I go look around?" Kira asked.

"Huh? Oh sure, just don't go to far," Sakura said still dazed by what Naruto just told her. Kira smiled and left. "Ok so Naruto tell me about everyone else."

"Um…Neji and tenten are married with a kid around the age of one. Lee, Kiba, and Shino are on a mission in the sand village, but if you ask me I think the got a little something going on if you know what I mean…" Naruto smiled and nudged sakura. Sakura sighed and hit him in the head. 'sigh same old naruto' "…Ow…ok shikamaru also moved to the sand village to be with Temari…and um well…Ino…I don't know how to say this…" Naruto took in a deep breath. "INO AND SASUKE ARE GOING OUT!"

Sakura spit out her ramen. And looked up at Naruto.

"Are you serious?" Naruto nodded his head.

'Wow…never saw that coming." Sakura said with a small smile.

"He missed you…you know." Naruto looked at her and smiled.

"He missed you a lot…he went weeks without talking to anyone…well not like he's a regular jolly rancher…but he was much more quiet than usual." Sakura smile grew.

"Thanks, Naruto. I got to go check on Kira and find someplace to stay for the night." Sakura smiled and got up from her seat and left. Naruto looked at his former teammate.


Naruto gave Sasuke the note . After 2 minutes he noticed Sasuke's eyes get bigger.

"Well? What does it say?" Naruto asked getting impatient. Naruto walked closer to his friend, seeing how quiet he was being.

"Um…Sasuke…?" Naruto leaned in closer and looked closer at his face. And he let out a small gasp. The great Uchiha was crying. "O my god sasuke do you know that you're crying?" Naruto asked unsure of what to do in a situation like this.

"S-She's gone…" Sasuke whispered, tears still rolling down his face.

"Whose gone?"

"Sakura…she left…she left before…"

"She LEFT? Wait she left before what…"

"…Before I-I told her that…I love her"


'You have no idea how much he missed you…'


Meanwhile with kira…

'So this is where Mom grew up? I can't believe she gave this all up for me.' Kira turned the corner, running into this big tall figure. "O…sorry I wasn't looking," Kira said looking up at him. Her jade eyes met up into his dark onyx eyes. His hair the same raven color as him. His eyes were so cold, she unconsciously took a step back. 'That guy I've seen him somewhere.'

"Hn." 'Those eyes…they remind me so much of her' thought sasuke.

"YOU'RE A NINJA!" exclaimed Kira her eyes filled with admiration. She seemed to be staring at the headband (can some1 tell me what that's called) around his forehead. "I Always wanted to be ninja! But my mom won't let me."

'Hn.' And with that he started to walk past the girl. 'whats his problem?' Kira thought.

"SASUKE-HUN!" Sasuke stopped in place as a blonde girl with blue eyes clutched onto his arm. Sasuke flinched as his 'girlfriend' hugged him.

"I told you not to call me that.'

'o but sasuke-hun it fits you so well!" Ino looked down at Kira. "O whose this little cutie?"

"My names Kira, me and my mom just came here from Sunshine town (lol couldn't think of a name)."

"O really, wow that pretty far, my names Ino and this is my boyfriend sas-"

"KIRA!" Sasuke and Ino turned around. Sasuke eyes got big. "Kira I told you not to go to far, let alone talk to strangers," Sakura said not noticing Ino and Sasuke.

"sorry, but I met this guy…GET THIS HE'S A NINJA!" Sakura smiled and petted her head turning around to look at the ninja she was talking about. Her breath stopped.



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