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Chapter 1

The day at the Gold Saucer! Yuffie's confession

It has been a few weeks since the defeat of Sephiroth, and the end of Kadaj and his gang. Everyone was aboard the Highwind as it headed for the Gold Saucer. It was time for a chance to relax after a hard fight. Cloud thought the amusement park was the best place to go to. As the ship continued on, a certain black haired ninja was sitting in her room fiddling with ideas about a great thing to do for all Cloud has done for her, his friends and the world. "What should I do?" she asked herself quietly. Ever since the first day they met two years ago, Yuffie was gaining feelings for the spiky haired man. She was scared to tell him because she didn't know how he felt. "I guess I could tell him," she muttered. She heard a knock at the door and headed over to greet the person. When she opened it, she saw Tifa standing there with a smile. "Hi Tifa," Yuffie said with a smile.

"Hi yourself," Tifa smiled. "What are you up too today?"

"Getting ideas for something special for Cloud," Yuffie replied.

"Got any ones yet?" Tifa asked as she sat down on the couch and watched Yuffie come over.

"I was thinking about a play, then maybe a nice dinner," Yuffie answered.

"That would probably be nice," Tifa nodded. "Maybe a ride on the Gondola might not be bad."

"Why that?" Yuffie asked.

"I know how you feel about Cloud," Tifa answered. "And when on the Gondola, you can tell him how you feel."

"But, I don't know if he has feelings for me as I do for him," Yuffie said with a sigh.

"I think he thinks the same. I can tell that he cares for you the same way as you do to him," Tifa said with a smile.

"You sure?" Yuffie asked.

"Positive," Tifa replied with another smile.

"Thanks Tifa," Yuffie said as she got up. "Tomorrow at the gold saucer is going to be the best day of my life. I hope."

"No problem Yuffie," Tifa nodded. "Good luck." She bid her ninja friend goodbye as she walked into the hallway, leaving Yuffie behind to get ready for the big day.


The next day, Cloud was standing on the bridge with Denzel and Marlene who wanted to watch the arrival into the Gold Saucer. "It's so big," Denzel said with a smile.

"Yeah, can't wait to look around," Marlene said with the same big smile as Denzel.

"You too will have fun here," Cloud said with a smile as he looked down at the two children. They looked up at Cloud and gave him a big hug.

"Thanks for bringing us with you guys," they both said.

"No problem," Cloud said while returning the hug. "How does it look Cid?"

"Damn the Gold Saucer!" Cid hollered. "Can't fly in to park here, they say that my ship is just way too big. The hell with that, and I don't give a shit if it is too big. I'm parking here!" Cloud could picture the guys standing ready to park the airships or planes.

"Their faces must be petrified," Cloud muttered to the kids.

"Yeah," Denzel said.

"Cid is really scary," Marlene shivered. Cloud heard footsteps approach and turned his head to look at Yuffie who was now entering the bridge.

"Hey Yuffie," Cloud smiled. "Why are you up here, what about air sickness?"

"I'm fine," Yuffie smiled. "Brought some tranquilizers with me this time."

"Oh," Cloud said. "What do you plan on doing at the Gold Saucer?"

"I'm going to take you somewhere Cloud," Yuffie said with a smile.

"Okay, but, what for?" Cloud asked.

"Just a thank you," Yuffie replied.

"Sit in your Damn seats!" called out Cid. "We are entering the Gold Saucer now!" The Highwind moved on into the amusement park.


Cloud paid for everyone's tickets and they all headed inside. "Alright guys, today is free," Cloud said. "There are reservations at the inn. So head there when you are done with your fun. Understand?" Everyone nodded and moved on into the different areas. Marlene went with Barret and Red XIII to the battle arena, while Vincent, Tifa, and Denzel head for the chocobo races. Cid went with Reeve to get a drink at the bar. Yuffie hugged Cloud's arm and pulled him to where the play would be.

"First stop on our fun day," Yuffie smiled.

"Okay," Cloud said with a smile. They entered the play area and took their seats. The play was romantic and very funny, in Cloud's opinion. When the play was over Yuffie took Cloud to a restaurant where they had reservations. They sat together and talked about different things. Like how was Wutai doing and what they were both up to now. They finished their dinner and headed outside.

"Time for the Gondola," Yuffie said excitedly. "Last stop this night."

"What," Cloud asked, "why the Gondola?"

"I need to tell you something important," Yuffie said. Cloud began to think of what it could be, but Yuffie disturbed his thoughts as she dragged him towards the ticket counter for the ride. They both got their tickets and entered the Gondola. They sat down opposite each other and waited for the car to begin moving. When it did, Yuffie got up and looked out the window. "It's so beautiful," Yuffie said with a huge grin. She turned to Cloud and walked over to him. "How are you doing?"

"Good," Cloud replied. "This has been a great day for me."

"I'm glad you are enjoying yourself Cloud," Yuffie said with a smile. She bent over to kiss him quickly on the lips.

"W-what was that for?" Cloud asked with wide eyes and blushing also.

"The thing I need to tell you," Yuffie blushed. "I…I…I love you. I've always loved you, ever since that first meeting. I didn't know how to tell you, so, I kept inside all this time."

"I wish you told me Yuffie," Cloud said. "Because I've always loved you too."

"Why would you love a kid?" asked Yuffie.

"You're not a kid to me," Cloud replied with a smile. He lend over and kissed her passionately on the lips. They stayed like that for a whole minute not wanting it to end. When they broke for air they looked at each other with gleaming eyes. "I love you Yuffie," Cloud managed.

"I love you too Cloudy," Yuffie smiled. They kissed again, not aware that the Gondola stopped. When they realized it they looked around and saw a dark vapor appearing. "What the hell?" Yuffie asked with a scared looked.

"It can't be," Cloud said with clenched teeth. "I killed him not once but two times."

"Are you saying that this vapor is him?" Yuffie asked.

"I think so," Cloud said. He backed up and drew his sword while Yuffie pulled out her shuriken. "I will make sure he doesn't return this time," Cloud growled.

"I'm right beside you," Yuffie said with the same growl. The figure slowly began to form as the lights of the Gold Saucer died down.

To be continued….

End chapter.

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