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Serpentine Incident

Chapter One

Four year old Harry Potter crouched down in his Aunt Petunia's garden. To the casual observer it looked as if the young boy was tending to the garden and pulling out its weeds. In actuality, the scrawny raven haired boy was talking to his one and only friend.

"Hi Serenity how are you today," young Harry said to the two feet long garden snake.

"As good that can be expected," replied the snake, "but it seems I can't say the same for you. Those humans aren't starving you again are they?"

"Its ok Serenity I'm used to it." The boy replied meekly.

"Well you shouldn't be," she hissed, reprimanding the little boy.

Harry had first met Serenity when his Aunt Petunia had locked him outside for an entire summer day.


The brown and yellow checkered snake had passed by his crying form hissing about 'stupid humans with their stupid shovels' when the little boy stopped his sobbing to look at her.

"You can talk?" he sniffled to the snake which stopped in her tracks.

"So can you." She lifted her head stuck out her tongue to sniff the human.

"Of course I can. All people can talk"

"Not to me they can't," she hissed indignantly.

"Well not all snakes can talk to people. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon hates snakes."

"Do you hate snakes little one," she asked on the defensive.

"No, I think snakes are pretty,"

"Really," the garden snake slithered up his arm then nudged his face gently. "What is your name little snake speaker?"

"Harry," the boy replied "What's yours?"


"Its nice to meet you Serenity."

"Its nice to meet you Harry,"

((End Flashback))

From that day on, whenever Harry came outside to tend his Aunt's garden Serenity came by and spoke to him. Since Harry had no friends at school, he told Serenity everything about himself and considered her his only friend. When Harry told her that the humans he lived with rarely fed and made him work all day she was ready to go and bite every single one of them. Harry stopped her saying that they were his family and she couldn't hurt them. Of course that didn't stop her from slithering out of the bushes and scaring them every once in a while.

"Those humans have been so mean to you. You should just let me bite them and get it over with," Serenity hissed while she curled around his arm.

"I told you already, you can't kill them they're my family." He began to pet her scales absentmindedly.

"I could just bite the fat one. He would be sick, but he wouldn't die. I'm sure of it."

"No Serenity and that's final."

"Oh well. At least I offered. I have some wonderful news little one," she said excitedly. Harry just inclined his head and waited for the news. "I have found a mate and will be having hatchlings soon."

"That's wonderful Serenity. Does that mean there will be a lot more snakes around here." Harry asked, excited that he would have more friends to talk to soon.

"Maybe. My hatchlings won't stay with me after they are born."

"Oh," was all that Harry replied feelings his hopes dashed.

"Don't worry little one. A few of them might stay in the neighborhood." She tried to perk the boy up. After all he was the only snake speaker she had ever met.

"BOY!" Harry's head jerked up at the sound of his uncles voice. "Get in here and clean your Aunt Petunia's floors!"

"Bye Serenity," the boy hissed and ran inside to do his other chores.

Three months later, little Harry ran outside to find Serenity in the back garden surrounded by thirty-two hatchlings. Most of them had already started to slither away, but a few of them stayed close to their mother.

"They're beautiful Serenity," he said petting one of the snake babies, "Just like you."

If the snake could have she would have blushed.

"Thank You little one."

"I wish I was a snake," he whispered.

"BOY! Get in here!" for the first time in his life, Harry ignored his uncle and stayed outside to look at the new snakes.

"Harry you should go inside," Serenity hissed worriedly.

"No Serenity I want to be with the hatchlings." Harry didn't look up from the tiny snake he was petting and evidently he didn't hear the back door open and slam shut.

"Boy didn't you hear me?" Uncle Vernon grabbed Harry and shook him, which caused the snake fall out of his hand. "I said get inside now!" Vernon swung back his fist to hit Harry when in mid-punch he noticed something odd about the boy. While the boy had his eyes closed his skin began to change and become translucent and scales began to form on his body.

Vernon shook the boy roughly until he opened his eyes. When he did, Vernon noticed that he had green slits for pupils. At least the boy had stopped changing.

"What did you do, you…you FREAK!" Vernon nearly spit in the boys face.

"What do you mean?" the boy asked but all Vernon heard was series of hisses.

"Speak English boy."

"I am, Uncle," Harry hissed.

"Don't you dare come inside my house until you stop your freakishness." Vernon threw the boy down and charged into his home. He then proceeded to lock the back door, leaving Harry outside in the hot summer night air.

"I wonder what that was about," Harry turned to a shocked Serenity, "What?"

"Harry you're a snake!" she hissed loudly.

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