Serpentine Incident

Chapter Two

"I'm a WHAT!" Harry hissed, "You mean I'm a real snake."

"Well not a true snake really," Serenity lifted her head higher to examine the boy, "You still look sort of human. It's quite funny actually."

Harry crossed his arms in a pout and stuck his tongue out.

"Now you are truly and Parseltongue little one," the garden snake laughed.

"Huh?" Harry looked confused.

"You're tongue, its forked."

"No way." Serenity just nodded her head.

Harry stuck his tongue out once more and tried to look down at it. He looked as if he was trying to make some kind of cross-eyed funny face. He looked down at his hands and realized that they were so pale he could see the colored lines underneath (remember he's four). When he twisted them sometimes he could see dark green and silver scales. He checked his head and sighed happily when he felt the messy strands.

"Still there," he whispered.

"Maybe you should look in a mirror Harry," Serenity hissed when he looked back at her.

"I can't. Uncle Vernon would never let me in looking like this."

"Well how did you turn into a snake in the first place?"

"I don't know. At first I wished I was a snake and then Uncle Vernon came and grabbed me." Harry shivered at the memory.

"Maybe if you wish you to be a human again, then you'll change back."

"Okay." Harry then closed his eyes and scrunched up his face in concentration. He balled up his fists then though about being human again.

"I wish I was a human again." Harry and Serenity waited silently for a few seconds. "Did I do it. Am I human again."

"Umm," Serenity looked at Harry hard, "Sorry little one you don't look any different to me."

Harry pulled up his knees to his chest and began to cry.

"What if I can't change back Serenity? Everyone already says I'm a freak. What am I going too do?" He began to shake with sobs and Serenity tried her best to comfort him.

"Don't worry little one. We can try again tomorrow and every day after that until you change back. You won't be like this forever. In the meantime you can help me take of the hatchlings that stayed behind."

Harry perked up when one of the baby snakes slithered up his legs and flicked out its tongue. He wiped his tears away and petted he hatchling's scales.

"Okay. I guess we can try tomorrow."

And they did. Harry and Serenity tried everything they could think of to turn him back into a human. Of course they didn't try much seeing as Serenity was a three year old garden snake and Harry was four going on five.

The tried the entire summer. Serenity and a few of the hatchlings hunted for food for themselves and Harry whilst the boy stayed hidden in the back yard of the Dursleys. Sometimes Uncle Vernon would give him trash bags and make him take them to the garbage bins. Aunt Petunia yelled at him to weed out the garden and Dudley came outside every once in a while and beat him up. They still never let him in the house. He was forced to use the water hose to clean himself and sometimes Serenity would steal him some old clothes that were thrown away by the neighbors.

One day Dudley came out in what looked like his finest clothes. He smiled down at Harry while the younger boy tried to blend into the bushes.

"Hey freak," he yelled, "guess what. I'm going to school today and you're not. Mommy says I'm going to be the handsomest boy there and I'm going to have lots of fun while you sat here being a freak with your stupid snakes."

"Go away Dudley," Harry hissed.

"See what I mean. You such a freak. I'm going to school with normal people."

"Oh Duddykins. Its time to go." Harry heard his Aunt Petunia call sweetly.

"See ya, freak," Dudley kicked the boy just for good measure.

The smiling fat boy ran around the house to the front where his an father mother were waiting for him at the car.

Harry looked longingly at the happy family then turned to Serenity who had just returned from her hunt.

"Little I brought some food for you and -"

"I want to go to school," Harry interrupted the snake.

"Excuse me?"

"I want to go school," Harry repeated.

"And how to plan on getting there. You don't even know where school is. Besides I can teach you all you need to know."

"Please Serenity," Harry begged, "I want to go school with normal kids."

"You may have not noticed little one, but you are not normal."

Harry began to pout and tears welled up in his eyes. He gave Serenity one of the saddest looks he could muster.

"Fine," the snake hissed, "but eat first and take one of my hatchlings with you."

Harry smiled and ate the rat the Serenity offered him. After living outside for months in his unusual form, Harry had developed a snake's appetite. This made it easier for Serenity to hunt for food for the boy.

After eating, Harry took Perseus, one of the hatchlings, and sneaked to the front of the house. He used as much hair as he could to cover his face and kept near the bushes. It wasn't long before an police officer rolled by and spotted him.

"You there boy," he yelled out to the five year old, "What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be in school?"

Harry kept his head down and held on tightly onto Perseus.

"I'm talking to you boy. Where are your parents?" Harry shrugged. "Don't you know you're supposed to be in school now." He nodded. "Well do you know where you're school is?" He shook his head 'no'. "I guess I'll have to take you then. Come on."

Harry kept his head down with his face covered. He considered himself lucky enough to have someone take him to school. He didn't want to ruin things by showing what he really looked like.

"You don't have a uniform boy." Harry shook his head. "Do you speak?" He shook it again.

"Well I think we could find a spare uniform somewhere at the school. Miss Morgan should have one. She teaches the five year olds. A nice teacher she is. All of the little kids like her. She always knows what the want."

"This one talks a lot," Perseus hissed and Harry giggled.

"You say something kid," the officer looked over and tried to see Harry's face, but the boy's hair covered most of it. When Harry shook his head though he did what looked like scales. The officer shrugged it off as just a trick of the light and turned his eyes to the road.

Harry snuck a glimpse at the man and noticed that he looked like a nicer version of Uncle Vernon. He was a little on the fat side with short baling brown hair and a thick mustache. His stomach hung slightly over his belt and his face looked like a cream colored balloon. The officer turned his head and Harry looked down quickly.

"Well here we are boy." The officer stopped the car and let Harry out. The boy followed the large man through the halls of the school where they stopped at a door with colorful poster that he couldn't read. The officer knocked on the door and waited for a woman to come out.

She was a tall and beautiful women. She had light brown hair that was put in a bun. She was skinny, but not like Aunt Petunia. She had a slim figure that was perfectly accented by her beige sundress.

"Hello there little one," she said in a sweet voice while bending down to have a good look at Harry. The boy just kept his head down. "Don't be shy."

"Hi Miss Morgan. I found this one walking the streets. Thought he might be in your class." The officer puffed himself up and smiled at the teacher.

"Well I've never seen him before. I don't think he's in my class. What's your name little one."

"Harry," the boy answered in a hiss.

"What was that. I didn't understand you."

"He said its Harry," Persues' head popped up, and he glared at the teacher.

"Oh so you have a snake," the teacher reached for the garden snake, but Harry pulled Perseus to his chest. "Oh I see. He's your friend so you let him do the talking." Harry nodded.

"The boy doesn't talk. I think he might be mute."

"Okay. I don't think he's in my class, but I'll take care of him for now." Miss Morgan straightened herself and spoke to the officer. "Where are his parents?"

"Said he doesn't' know. I'll see if I can find out if someone's missing a child."

"Thank you Officer Whitman." She turned to Harry. "Come on inside little one. You might as well get to know the others."

Miss Morgan took hold of his hand, but Harry shook his head. He couldn't let the other kids see his face. If they tried to talk to him, one of them were surely going to find out he wasn't normal.

"What's wrong little one, are you shy?" Harry nodded. "Well if you want you can sit by my desk." He nodded once more. "Okay then. Sit right here until you're ready." She guided Harry to a small chair where he sat down.

Harry sat and watched all of the kids have fun. It was enough for him to watch though. Perseus scared away most of the children who tried to talk to Harry even made comments about those that caught his eye. Harry would hiss giggles and sometimes Miss Morgan would look oddly at him.

When in came time for lunch, Harry stayed as close as he could to Miss Morgan and far from the others. After lunch, they finger-painted, something Harry didn't mind doing. He even used some paints to cover his face. When the teacher tried to wash it off, Perseus reared his head.

"Quite protective isn't he." Miss Morgan laughed when Harry nodded his head vigorously. Even at nap time while Harry slept on a cot, Perseus made sure no one saw his face.

When it was time to go, Harry sat by the teacher's desk patiently. He didn't expect the Dursley's to come pick him up, but Miss Morgan wouldn't let Harry leave without a parent or guardian.

"I don't want you get lost on the streets again," she had said to him with a smile.

Harry decided that he liked Miss Morgan, and Perseus did too. After all she never really pushed him to speak or show his face. Besides he really needed to get the finger-paint off; it was starting to itch.

He waited for all of the children to leave and then pulled on his teacher's dress.

"Yes, little one," she said sweetly.

Harry lifted his hair from his face and began to rub it.

"Oh so you finally want to get the paint off?" Harry nodded. "Okay sit right there and I'll wipe it off." She went to a small sink in the back of the classroom where Harry saw the kids wash their hand and came back with a damp cloth. "Let's see what we have under here, shall we?"

Harry smile as the teacher gently cleaned his face. No one had ever treat him like this before except Serenity and he found that it was a lot better getting cleaned by a human. Harry was surprised that Perseus let her touch him, but the little snake just kept a careful eye on her.

When the teacher finished she stepped back to get a good look at Harry's face. Her eyebrows immediately shot up.

"Oh my."

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