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chapter 2

The young woman twirled the fresh cut rose between her forefinger and thumb as she flopped down at the edge of her bed. She leaned back into her burgundy comforter, her legs dangling at the edge. Her feet created soft scratching sound as her wedge boots skimmed the plush carpet below. She stretched out her arms to either side of her,craning her neck to one side to stare at the red rose on her hand. Her look hardened and her nails dug into the stem of the bloody red rose.

Jinx, herself,had bought it on her way back to headquartes. She didn't even know why she had even bothered to stop in front of the poorly constucted "flower shop" situated at the long, and desert like road to Jump City. She could have chosen to travel with every other communer on paved highway but noooooooo she did not. Instead she had bought a bouquet of least favorite kind, red roses. She kept one for herself and placed the rest of them in the entrance of an old cementary. She couldn'ved dumped them in a trash bin outside of close by restaurant but again noooooooo she didn't.

Her pink tresses were strewn across her bed as she shook her head to erase the images of the sparse stone boulders standing erect and peaceful on the large lot. She would have taken the time to place a rose to each stone yet she was already behind schedule as it was.

She gently bent the botton of the stem allowing the abused end to hang. She had a tendency to abuse flowers, red flowers in particular. Since she had a couple of lilies scattered in her room along with dried pink roses. She used to like red roses, their vivid color and musky fresh scent pleased her, what didn't please her was the giver.

The first token was taken and appreciated in a sense. Yet after having to deal with the confusion and frustration that ensued after his appearance caused her to despise the ruby red beauty. Perhaps she still had that first rose, she was positive she didn't have the second, third, fourth, fifth and up to the many more that followed them.

Her long slender fingers took pity upon the flowers andcompletely cut the end before bringing it beneath her nose; its soft, velvety petals gently tickling her upper lip.

"Oh, so you like the rose you buy but you murder the roses I give you," a male voice called out.

Jinx immediately sat up and met with the cocky stance of Kid Flash. She arched her eyebrow questionably, "Your point? And whoever said I bought it for myself?"

In less than a millisecond, his face was right in front of hers. Their nose tips barely touching, his stunning ocean-blue eyes boring into hers.

She didn't flinch she was prepared for him. After all, the previous weeks were hell all because of him.

After releasing her hold on him, standing up to Madam Rouge and parting from See-More, when she pondered would be the last time; she took a long walk until the city limit, unsure of what to do next. Should she leave the HIVE Five? Should she go teen superhero? Should she take on a normal life?

In the end, she reasoned it would be pointless to leave her group unexpectedly. It was obvious that they needed her. Moreover, it wouldn't do her any good to leave without preparing. Sure, she had money, it was no object yet she wasn't ready to transcend from evil to good. Therefore, she stayed.

However, she couldn't concentrate. Everything frustrated her. She would get awful headaches so she would try to lie down on her bed, the hammock, the couch, the kitchen table, the rook yet it seemed like he was always there. All around her, she couldn't stand it so after a week she made up her mind and decided on taking a break. She packed up some of her belonging and drove away leaving only a note with a short explanation. She wasn't planning to leave permanently, she just needed a change of scene.

"Did someone else buy it for you?" His look set on a stare.

"Does it matter?"

He stepped back and looked down at her, his eyes sparkling with mischief, "Yes."

Jinx rolled her eyes at his cockiness, "You need to grow up."

He sauntered to her dresser and held a simple vase containing two white lilies, "Never thought of you as a lily person," he carefully touched the fragile petals, "perhaps I should change the rose for these simple beauties."

Jinx bit the inside of her neck as an attempt to not retort.

"I'm taking your silence as a 'yes'."

She glared icy daggers at his back as he returned the vase to its place, "Why are you here?"

Jinx felft a gust of wind pass her and frowned at the sudden absence of a certain hero. Before a curse could escape her lips another gust of wind whisked her hair and a lily was placed infront of her.

Her eyes began to twitch as her they folllwed the hand holding the flower, then the arm, up the shoulder, the neck, chin, mouth, nose and finally resting at his striking eyes, "What are you doing?"

Kneeling on one leg Kid Flash smiled brightly, "Offering you this beauty."

Jinx's heart picked up its beating pace as he looked up ingeniously at her. She couldn't take it anymore, she sighed heavily and regarded him with clouded eyes, "Why?"

Kid Flash's eyes softened at the openness of her question, "Why not?" He gently brushed a rose down her cheekbone.

Her stunning eyes widened at the unexpected appearance of the red rose by her face, "How...?"

He flashed her a sweet, flirtatious grin, "Surprise."

Jinx wrapped her own hand over his and slowly took the rose. "Why are you here?" She stared at his quizzical look. 'He's only playing with you, Jinx, you're another hero job he has to get done for the good of his city,' she told herself. "What is it you want from me?"

Blue eyes widened as they witnessed the execution of the delicate gift. Jinx shred it with one hand and allowed to velvet petals to fall vulnerably on the carpeted floor.

He stood up and stared into the bewitching eyes that plagued his dreams and fantasies, "You really want to know?"

Jinx took a few steps back andfocused on the freckles that were speckled accross his nose, "No."


"Go away!" She bumped into her bed, "Please!"

"Jinx, you have to-"

"Leave before I call for them!"

"You know they don't stand a chance against me."

It was kind of sadhow wellhe knew her buffoons, "Fine, fine..." She looked sorrowfully at him, "Then do it for me."

He walked slowly towards her," Why?"

His soothing voice ran angry electricity throughtout her body and into her heart, "I don't want you here."

A hurt frown passed over his confused facade and her traitorous heart took pity, "...at least...for now...please..."

He heard the plea in her voice and decided it was best for him to go at the current situation, "For now." In an instant he was gone from the H.I.V.E. Headquarters.

Jinx sighed deeply before collapsing to the was going to get over him, no matter what she had to do to get it.

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