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chapter 2


After three days he couldn't take it any longer. Yes, he admitted that less than a week had passed by. But the urge to see her since that last encounterhad become overwhelming.

"This is bad, Wally. Go back, Wally." He recited over and over again as he passed by the HIVE's secret headquarters for the millionth time, "Go back, go back. Go now!"

He slipped passed the security system without a cinch but stopped directly outside her bedroom door. He knocked. Silence. He knocked some more. Last time, he told himself. Her voice rang out to him, "WHAT?"

He cautiously opened the door and closed it as quietly as possible.

She was sitting on her desk with a cup held between of her hands. "What are you doing here?"

The teen superhero felt the tension rise immediately once he stepped closer to her. "Is that the only way you're gonna treat me everytime we meet?"

Her fingers tightly clutched the ear of the cup and decided to place it down before it exploded. She warily looked at the boy advancing on her with his cocky smile, damn here she was finally able to keep that certain heartwrenching grin of his out of her mind and instead fill it with random recipes of potions she had obtained from her short 'vacation', and now he was back. And just like that a week full of studying hundreds of potions and charms had gone out her brain and into the golden depths of the liquid that her cup held. She glanced at the contents of the tea before the corners of her mouth twitched in an arising smile. A brilliant idea popped into her brain but for it to work she couldn't hint with anything unusual as her mad grin.

Before she had realized he was directly infront of her. His smile had become hesitant and his eyes sparkled with hope.

'Poor fool.'

Unfortunately her eyes didn't subdue as well as her lips being that they shone across to the young man, making him fidget under her gaze. An image popped into her mind caused by his expression for he simulated a like stance of a flustered schoolboy. A rather adorable image of him in a school uniform made its way into the corners of her imagination.'Damn...,' now he was definately back into her brain. Luckily for her, she had the potio-medicine for that problem or how she liked to refer to it -the disease.

Could she render love as a disease? Yes. Could she render infatuation as a disease?It fit more under the category of a condition, she thought. A condition she was soon to get over.

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