-1What if Theresa and Jared knew each other before the show started. What if they were lovers and something happened between them and Theresa went home to Harmony and enver mention him again to anyone. Let's examine this in What if They had a past ?

Theresa looks at Jared and glares at him like he was the scum of the earth.

Jared: okay if she wants to play game s then lets play games

Chad: hey man

Jared: hi

Chad: so what's up witth you and Resa

Jared: you mean Tess

Chad: yeah

Jared: nothing

Chad: okay then why are you two glaring at each other

Jared: s he started it

Chad: its love man

Jared: no it isn't

Chad: oh yes it

Whitney: ah you love him or like him a lot

Theresa: no I don't

Whitney: you were like this with Ethan

Theresa: No I wasn't

Whitney: yes you were

Theresa: I didn't want to glare at him

Whitney: before you knew who he was you did

Theresa: ugh Whitney you could be wrong totally

Whitney: hm no I don't think so

Theresa: your wrong she goes and sits in the chair why does he have to be her and so dam sexy to oh no Sonny is going to kill me she bangs her head on the table and Whitney just laughs


Ethan: she hates him

Gwen: how do you know

Ethan: the way she looks at him

Gwen: ugh Ethan you don't know a thing

Ethan: what

Gwen: nothing

Ethan: no tell me

Gwen shakes her head not my place to tell

Ethan: ah Theresa said that to me once

Gwen: when

Ethan: when I asked her why she didn't tell me about the tabloid she said the exact same thing you said not her place to tell and I accused her of telling everyone else and she denied it

Gwen thought if only you knew Ethan

Gwen" you know her she's a liar

Ethan nods his head and thinks then why do I love her and fell like she was telling the truth

Jared : Hello

Nolen: dude Sonny is on h is way

Jared: when

Nolen: Now

Jared: shit I didn't do what I was suppose to do he's going to kill me

Nolen: yeah for being Theresa you know you're his top man

Jared: I know but still I couldn't

Nolen: don't get me in trouble I don't want to know

Jared: I'll get right on it

Nolen: good then get the hell out of there