"I hope this is the right place..." said a girl standing outside Kiabara High School. She had black hair cascading down her back that was down to her mid thigh in a tight, messy braid. Her figure was nothing above average just slightly curvyer than most girls her age. She had enticing blue eyes that you could get lost in. The delicate features of her face gave off an angelic look. She was wearing the normal Kaibara school uniform but she made it look a lot better. In one word she was... gorgeous.

Her name is Mai Sohma. She and thirteen other members of her family are cursed by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. She is the wolf that dwells in myths that are only bedtime stories to others. But to her and the other Sohmas it is all to real. The wolf and the cat... they were tricked by the rat and because of that they are not officially part of the zodiac. They are cursed with a true form. They are looked upon as monsters. '2-a, 2-b, 2-c , ahh here it is 2-d.' she thought as she slid open the door to the classroom.


The door slid open interrupting the talk I was having with Yuki. Murmurs started going around the class like...

' who is she'

'wow she is really pretty'

' is she related to prince yuki'

'I bet she is'

I turned my head to look at the front of the classroom and I saw a girl about 16 standing by the door. She had long black hair tied in a braid. "Oh, you must be the new student I was told about. C'mere and tell the class about yourself." said the teacher in a exited type of way. I glanced at Yuki and Kyou, they both had a look of confusion on their faces like they were trying to remember something. "Hello, my name is Mai Sohma and I am 16 years old until now I was always home schooled so im not that good around people..." said Mai as a slight blush appeared on her cheeks. 'Wow I wonder if she is from the zodiac.' Tohru thought. Yes, Tohru Honda knew about the curse though she was the only one out side the Sohma family that did. "Wow another Sohma!" exclaimed the teacher. "Ummm, another Sohma?" Mai murmured. Once again I looked at Yuki and Kyou. They both had a look of shock adoring their faces. "Mai..." Kyou whispered in an almost inaudible voice. "Oh yes Yuki and Kyou Sohma are also in this class." replied the teacher. This time it was Mai's turn to be shocked.


" Yuki and Kyou are here as well!" I exclaimed never taking my eyes off hers. The teacher nods yes "there right in the back" says the teacher a little unnerved by the sudden stare. I glanced to the back of the class room until my eyes met some familiar faces. I smiled my brightest smile I was so happy to see them. 'Yuki and Kyou are in this class!' I exclaimed in my head 'I wonder why Akito or Hatori didn't tell me?' "You may go take a seat next to Hanajima" said the teacher making me jump I could swear I heard a couple people chuckle. "Raise your hand Saki." said the teacher. The girl I guessed was Saki Hanajima raised her pale hand slowly. With a last glance at my cousins and a small smile I made my way to my seat. The girl named Hanajima leaned close to me and said "your electric signals are almost exactly like Kyou." This startled me a bit 'can she sense peoples waves?' I asked myself.


I am putting my math book into my bag when I feel someone come up behind me. Suddenly im pulled into the warm embrace of my older cousin Yuki. "I have not seen you since we were seven years old" Yuki claimed in a sad sort of voice not letting go of me. "I know I have missed you so much Yuki, you know Akito once he likes something he rarely lets go of it" I replied in the same tone. It was true once Akito, the head of the family, took a liking to something he always kept it protected. And one of his likings is me, he hates Kyou because he is a monster but I am to and he chooses to keep me protected. Why you ask, I don't know. "I guess your right but still." Said Yuki a little more cheerfully "Hurry up there are some people that want to see you other than me." He said as he started pulling me out of the classroom to the school gates.


I walked out of the school with Yuki and I feel heavy weight jump on my back. "Mai!" said the person in a sing songy voice. "Hehe Momiji I missed you!" I exclaimed as I pulled my younger towheaded cousin into a bear hug. "How are you Momiji?" I asked to mach his tone. "Oh, oh Im fine how are you I missed you so muucchh!"replied an overexcited 15 year old. "It is nice to see you again Mai." said a monotone voice from behind me. I swirled around Momiji still in my arms causing him to squeal in delight. When I saw the face of the intruder I imeadiatly stopped in my tracks. "Why hello Haru it is good to see you to." I replied my voice in the same monotone as his. Then we just kinda stared at each other for about five minutes. No one dared to step in because the knew what was going to happen. "HARU!""MAI!" Haru and I said at the same time as we both hugged each other. Haru is like a little brother to me and since I was confined when he was six we both missed each other terribly. " Its been so long Haru... your taller than me now, when did that happen?" I stated. It's true he has grown so much he only used to be up to my chin now im up to his! "It's not fair everyone is taller than me now." I grumbled in a childish voice that has not been used in so long. "Its good to see you to Mai, Im fine thanks for asking." he said. I swear he is the most sarcastic person I know, well except for Kyou. 'Kyou...' I mumbled. How I miss him. "Ummm... hello my name is umm...Tohru Honda im pleased to meet your acquittance, Sohma-san..." said a nervous blushing girl standing behind the ever so jubilant Momiji. "Oh, so you're the Tohru Honda I have been hearing so much about. The pleasure is all mine Honda-san, and please call me Mai, Sohma-san makes me sound so old!" I replied it was so nice to finally meet her, anyone who is attempting to break the curse is on my good side. "Mai..." said a quiet voice from the back. Wait I know that voice my eyes watered up but I refused to let the tears of my past fall. "Kyo..." slowly almost reluctantly I turned to face him. "Its nice to see you again Kyo." I replied with a quivering voice I hoped noone heard but Yuki did. "Ummmm...lets go pick up Kisa-chan and Hiro.."Yuki said breaking the awkwardly uncomfotable silence.

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